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  1. Don't know if you've reviewed the Crazy Hot Matrix video I posted, but it seems especially applicable to Filipina women! I met mine in Macau, oddly enough via a dating site. First time in my life I ever used one of those sites, and I struck gold as well. I guess I can agree with the notion that if you meet a Filipina abroad, at least you know she has drive and determination, and her life is already on an upward arc. Its not total protection from the 'gold digger' stereotype, but yeah one of the things that attracted me to her was that she wasn't on any mission to 'land a foreigner'. Most of her family thought it was too crazy and risky for her to get burned, but it all worked out beautifully. This week a dozen of us are in Cebu on a family trip. First time for most of them to leave their own island.
  2. Yeah we kind of ruled out normal cars after realizing we would need to use the Roro from time to time. Just today got to watch a Toyota coupe of some kind trying to negotiate the ramp and the thick ropes there. I fancy one of the Nissan Patrols eventually, but they are so damn large in our current neighborhood situation. A good compromise car seems to be the Isuzu Crosswind. It has good high clearance, but is narrower than most of the sport utilities. Rode in a few that were diesel taxis, quite nice.
  3. Sound like yours wins the prize for absurdity! On another Wilcon trip we had 12 sticks of 3-meter-long wire molding. Do you think she can just bleep the laser across the first one 12 times? Nope. She has to bleep e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e o-n-e. Then the guard is going to carefully count them one by one also. Amazing!
  4. On that subject: I had expected to see a lot more roof-mounted metal water tanks here. They do this in the Caribbean, and are quite effective at soaking up heat during the day. I would think it would cut down on electric usage at the very least, or give you some options that maybe not every faucet would need its own heater.
  5. I for one, think your reasons are quite sound, not that you need our approval. You have a lot of years ahead, and a nice financial cushion to try it for a while. There are 7,000 islands here, most of them with nice blue skies and a lot of natural beauty. As far as pollution and life span, heck just don't live in a big city.
  6. Mandatory viewing for any male. Seems especially applicable to Filipinas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbpGkrViOcE&frags=pl%2Cwn
  7. The one that chaps me is getting checked at the exit door for the receipt. Especially at the nicer stores like S&R where you need a member card just to enter. Just a few days ago at Wilcon, bought a big pile of flooring, which needed a stock receipt just to wheel it from the back of the store, then a sit down with the cashier lady, and THEN a manager to come sign off on it in front of the guard at the exit. Really guys?
  8. I think the premise of your question may be flawed, here is why: You amassed a large chunk already, and you are only 38. I suspect you won't be content just sitting around...rather, you will find something here to put your energy into, and you'll find that it will be profitable. Real estate, farming, merchandising, you name it. I propose that your 'retirement' cash-out won't just be a dwindling resource. Now would be the perfect opportunity to change things up and pursue a dream.
  9. ...which is why I said a Fiat or MG.... Yes IDK what people are thinking here with the exotic cars. Even the super bikes, its like, where would you ever enjoy it
  10. Do any of you have a sports car in PI? Although I'm longing to replace my Porsche, I know there is no point since when would I ever exceed about 80kph. An older Fiat or MG would fun though, in a slow kinda way.
  11. I am impressed at the amount of solar farms, wind farms, and even geothermal in PH. I wish there was some way for local users to benefit from the lower costs, but as far as I know the power is just sucked up by the grid, and anyone tied into it pays the same. Its been a sticking point with me for decades, the idea that you must pay a utility to survive, basically. Like the air we breathe and the water we can pump from the ground, I don't want to be reliant on a utility for electric. If only there was some kind of phone communicator that didn't need to rely on a network service :)
  12. Haha, the one chore I absolutely won't do is dishes. Give me laundry to wash, bathroom to clean, etc, but not dishes. Fortunately mine is a neat freak, and makes me leave the room when she gets in a cleaning mood. Does yours wash clothes in the shower naked? I guess this should be in a different thread haha.
  13. Actually I think Philippines doesn't recognize dual nationality. But at the same time, they aren't asking you to prove renunciation. At least that is my understanding. For those like me who essentially want to emigrate here, its a bit of a moot point. I think your understanding on it is opposite from mine. I was told a Filipino acquiring a foreign passport would need to give up their PI passport. But a US citizen at least, doesn't just 'give up' their passport so easily...its a process. So a US citizen may end up holding both passports, but I'm not sure it works the same in reverse. Maybe some of you with wives who emigrated to the US can add to the discussion.
  14. Funny you say that. Mine is sort of like the 'general' in her family. First to travel abroad (where we met), first to marry a foreigner, business minded, etc. When we want something done within the family, she coordinates with Mama and it gets done. Mama deflects the static from us, or else someone will need to take their chances approaching my wife with a frivolous idea! We are thinking of asking the family to coordinate the subcontracting, so that we can park someone onsite for the full duration of the build, and just try to manage the bigger decisions. Lets see if we can both keep from micro-managing...
  15. Oh man can I relate. When our landlord was having problems with the pressure tank and well, I had to draw him a sketch of how the system should be. When they ran a new electric line for it, it just drapes along the wall partially in front of one of our windows. I'm like WTF. Oh well, not my house...
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