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  1. Just read in local news that Phils has stopped all flights to and from Wuhan, thank God. Hopefully their containments hold on the ones that may have slipped through.
  2. I gather the 3 cases in Boracay were negative, but I didn't hear any final result of the kid in Cebu. Does anyone have updated info on that?
  3. Just saw a Twitter feed of a huge explosion in Wuhan. Trying to find out more. EDIT: Nope, turned out to be Tianjin 2015
  4. I'm almost positive that no will will agree with what I am going to post....This is an effective means of population control, along with other methods. I tend to think it was done on purpose.
  5. Well what do you know... Wuhan has a level-4 bio research lab that was studying.... Coronavirus.....imagine that.... https://www.nature.com/news/inside-the-chinese-lab-poised-to-study-world-s-most-dangerous-pathogens-1.21487 This article is from 2017. Its worth noting the SARS outbreaks in Beijing were from loss of containment at a different research facility. It begs the question....WHY THE HELL would they build these research facilities in populated areas???? I'm pretty sure they could build a nice isolated lab in, say, Antarctica if they want to tempt nature with these viruses.
  6. Pretty sure it started in Korea, but I don't have proof. They seem to have been pioneers of the whole posting pictures of food craze, which really took off in China. 5 years ago when I would visit there on business, just couldn't believe the amount of selfies and food pics people would post.
  7. Ahh, Austria. Probably one of the top two places I've ever visited. Just breathtaking. We stayed in Salzburg, but did not get a chance to see Vienna. Yes its amazing the ignorance most people have of basic geography. In the US I originally hail from Virginia, which is a totally distinct state from West Virginia. But in the western half of the US, no one knows the difference. "So you're from West Virginia?" "No" "Yeah I visited Norfolk once....." *Sigh
  8. City of Wuhan now under quarantine supposedly. Wish we weren't traveling abroad next week, I'd just as soon stay out of the airports!
  9. Up to 218 cases now, and 4 of those seem to be in Japan, Thailand, and South Korea according to SCMP. The World Health Organization has an emergency meeting this week about it.
  10. But if we get a washing machine, the Mrs. might be disinclined to hand wash her things in the bathroom...naked...I kind of enjoy wash days
  11. I'm following the news a little bit on this outbreak that is spreading in China. This morning's news reports three Chinese nationals with flu-like symptoms quarantined in Boracay as a precaution. I'm SO glad to read that, but wondering if the govt. will truly take some further protective measures such as a Chinese travel ban. In other words, treat it with the same seriousness they did the Swine Flu outbreak.
  12. My general observation on these topics is that the PH government is not nearly wary enough of the Chinese. I do believe PH islanders have been dealing with the Chinese for at least 1,000 years, so its hard to understand the collective short memory.
  13. I did find out when I paid my annual renewal, that the local office here cannot handle such cases. I only know him casually, no idea why he would want to push it this long or what the circumstances were. I gather it must be getting complicated, because it means he really can't travel, or get a driver's license, get a bank loan, or anything that would require someone reviewing his passport. If it was me, I'd be seeking the help of a legal advisor just to avoid putting myself in jeopardy by asking questions at the BI.
  14. Steve it never fails, there is going to be one tool that I need to complete a project, and it won't be available anywhere. Recent example are counter-sink drill bits. These are the ones you use after drilling a hole, to create the little bevel needed to seat a flat-head screw. As we had spent a lot of time on finding the hardware for our metal stair nosings, preparing and refinishing the stairs, etc. It needed to look perfect because customers are going to walk on them every day. It was hilarious trying to describe what kind of bit it was, and even showing the picture. Just complete bewilderment. "Sorry sir". Ordered from Shopee and had to wait a week, which is pretty much my story of the Philippines so far. I had a list of things that were difficult to find, when I first joined the forum. Anti-Seize grease was another one I never found, but ordered from Amazon.
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