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  1. I've been taking a break these last 10 days to reflect and absorb. In case you haven't figured all this out yet, everything about this so called pandemic stinks. We previously argued about whether reported numbers are accurate, now we find out hospitals are listing Covid19 as the cause of death even when other causes are present. News reporting mass hysteria and shortages at hospitals in the US, but citizen journalists filming empty waiting rooms and parking lots. Bill Gates first hosting an event in October that was a response exercise to just this type of outbreak - what a coincidence - and then it happens that he also owns vaccine companies that are working so hard on a cure. The real obvious tell, however, is the outright war going on to downplay hydroxychloraquine. We can see its astonishing effectiveness from those doing the testing, and at the same time all the calls for caution from the people who are committed to the vaccinating of the human race, such as the WHO. And good old Bill, who has only your best health on his mind, will be happy to develop a quantum dot tattoo for ya, which can be used as a digital health ID of sorts. Ain't it great? So thank the fraudulent media, the unelected bureaucrats, and various billionaires who all know better than us poor peons, for prolonging unnecessarily the virus. The added death toll, low as it is, will be on their shoulders. What could possibly be their motivation? I will proudly wear the tinfoil hat in the forum, to simply say that there are several agendas that have become attached to this outbreak. Notice all these pundits saying we need to get rid of cash, or vaccines by force, or how this is the new normal and we just better get used to it. Discussions of presidential debates being canceled, mail-in voting (one of their favorite fraud ploys), various limits on gun purchases (like WTF?), govt. choosing which businesses are and are not essential (like WTF?). It has become comical to try to follow all the conflicting advice about mask usage, social distancing, treatments, etc. as virtually everyone scrambles at once to try to figure out what the F is going on. The answer it seems, is NOBODY KNOWS....or if they do know, they have some agenda in mind. In many ways, a parallel can easily be drawn to the climate change debate: "We don't really know much, but if we don't act NOW we're all gonna die. So give us more power and more money, so we can control you better." I mean that seriously, it pretty much sums up both the climate debate and the virus debate. So even though H1N1 may have been far worse than Coronavirus, what the hell, lets just shut the whole economy down. Even though a cure is sitting right there on the shelf - which, by the way, also seems to work well on other flu strains - what the hell lets just keep people sick and dying until we develop a vaccine next year. Good Lord, it makes my head want to explode. As you can tell, I don't think much of governments or our enlightened overlords. Rather than raise my blood pressure reading all the virus debate here, and feeling like a lone voice in the wilderness, I'm just going to take a break. I'll reconnect with you guys after some semblance of sanity returns. All in all, I would STILL rather be here in PH than anywhere else. And I STILL say the Western world has lost its f*cking marbles. Remind me again, why the hell won't the sell me SM Pilsen at the local sari sari? It's inside the gate of our supposedly 'rich' neighborhood, I guess they don't want all us rich guys getting drunk and stealing each other's TV's?
  2. These have all been linked in other threads, maybe you didn't notice.
  3. You are joking with me right? Hydroxy chloroquine so far has been 100% effective. Intravenous vitamin C has been also highly affective, and is the treatment that NY hospitals, the country of China, and other countries are using until the 'approved' vaccine comes along. A few weeks ago we were talking about Vitamin D statistics on lowering the infection rate and death rate. Previously it had been reported that Indonesia and Viet Nam were treating patients very effectively with SARS and HIV regimens. No offense guys, but I hope you are not getting all your news from CNN. I hope you are not just taking the word of me or others on this forum without checking it out. There is ample information out there. If I was high risk, i'd be doping up on vitamin c and finding out which doctors would prescribe me the hydroxychloraquine. Crikey, this feels like the global warming discussion..
  4. I get it Tom, fear of the unknown. But when was the last time you were just randomly stricken with a virus and had to go to a hospital? My point is normally we go about our daily business being exposed to all kinds of things we don't know. Yes, those tend to have cures. But also, this one seems to have ample number of cures / treatments. I side with those who advocate that we do not grind the world to a halt, but rather take steps to isolate those most at risk. To me, thats the better way of managing risk...does not crashing the global economy carry its own risks? Risk management has multiple levels.
  5. Isn't it sad this is the world we live in. Guy can't take his own son on a trip without seeming suspicious.
  6. I only quoted the WHO numbers in that comment Dave, because I figured you wouldn't believe anything else, and that was last week. We've beat these numbers to death and I still think your math is misleading. The fact is way more people have the virus than they know about, making every number being reported skewed to the high end. Just in the last few days we are hearing Vitamin C is the standard treatment being used in Malaysia and China. If a 'flu shot' is what you guys are placing your hopes in, then be my guest.
  7. Sure it is. The young are frequent victims of flu and other viruses. Not to sound heartless, but makes this one unique is the extent to which it targets the old. Some of you may be more concerned about this one because of all the news it is making, but you'd be in just as much danger from Flu.
  8. -4 packs of noodles -2 canned meatloaf -a 10 pack of skyflakes -1 kilo rice I think it cost us 160P each and we gave about 30. Actually we just paid for them and the family put it together in the province. I didn't ask any questions about the choices included, mate. We must think alike!
  9. So far I was not able to find this option on Fmovies or 0123movies. If anyone knows a different or better streaming site, please post it up.
  10. I'm just telling you how it happened for me. Numerous phone calls, electronic initializations, etc. yet they just could not get it activated. My point is simply, cards can be glitchy and I would not want to rely on a bank half way around the world when it is so easy to have an account here.
  11. What happens when your bank changes owners, or they issue you a new card? Last time my home bank issued me a card, it took a few weeks to reach me. Then no matter what machine I tried it on, I could not get it to 'initialize' or whatever security measure they put on there. So F it, that account is unworkable until I can go there in person apparently, which is in the US so maybe never. Really glad I was not relying on it as my sole means of cash.
  12. IMO a balance can and should be what the goal is here. We don't shut down the entire global economy for other outbreaks. And NOTHING has convinced me this outbreak is any different. It is new and scary. So....protect those who need protection, but lets not all starve to death.
  13. And on THAT thought, here is an article from New York Post reporting how NY hospitals are treating this thing with good old Vitamin C. https://nypost.com/2020/03/24/new-york-hospitals-treating-coronavirus-patients-with-vitamin-c/
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