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  1. I can understand they like to be frugal, but for heavens sake a man needs a fly in his underwear. I gotta pull my pants down to pee? WTF. But I guess they figure no one will buy the underwear with a fly built in, since it will cost 5 pesos more.
  2. I'm lucky in that its a $ conversion for me, which is easier math (50:1) approx. Most things, I just automatically think about in pesos. We put together a household budget after the first few months; that's what she gets, and there ain't no more. We use my account for savings.
  3. How about underwear that fit? I find the local ones a little 'lacking' in the package space area. Also most of the ones we can find don't have a fly.
  4. Ironically, as long as she's yelling about something, I know she is not angry. "OK you sleep on the couch, then!" Its when she is silent that I know she is really p*ssed off. Fortunately, even though she has a short fuse, her anger is often short as well. Now if you've seen the screaming match on Facebook with the lady in the mall arguing about her broken humidifier...THAT was some anger....
  5. I have some additional insight on this. Was discussing it with my soft little brown thing, and asking about reading, writing, etc: Did you read much as a kid? - No, we didn't have any books What about story books, did your Mom read to you? - Nope, there aren't any books in Hiligaynon But what about in school, they didn't have Hiligaynon books? - No, our school books were English or sometimes Tagalog So what language was being used by the teacher during class? - Mostly English, it depends What about assignments, like did you have to read English books and write a report? - No the teacher just taught in class, they didn't have a library or books like that unless they were shared But isn't Tagalog the official language? - Yes we learned it in school too But no one spoke it where you lived? - No (I can corroborate this, even when we visited Cebu, they were using English as the default between Hiligaynon and Visayan. IDK why Tagalog doesn't seem so prevalent) But outside of school, did you use English at all? - Never, until I started working later My observation here is that there is simply no reading habit or even access to books in the native tongue. At least not 'out in the province'. Teaching the kids English from an early age may be a good move, but no reading of books or WRITING it to back up the spoken usage. Tagalog seems to be a language they would never use unless they were watching the national news or visiting Manila. It seems to me the 'bright' kids kind of recognize the importance of English in their future, and try harder at it. I can't foresee any easy answers to this national literacy problem: The kids speak one language at home, learn another in school, but without access to many books, and without any occasion to use the English until after graduation.
  6. Wife and i have a good 'repartee' in the tense situations that often crop up. She usually defaults to her rather fiery nature...voice gets raised, starting to sense the anger....then I do something or say something that makes her laugh, and she realizes I'm calmly analyzing things instead of getting excited. Living here is an amazing experience, that's for sure.
  7. Yep its easy to imagine the confusion. Without a proper survey, or with just pencil notations on a xerox map. That's not even getting into the use of nick-names which is ever so common. So here are parcels A, B, C, D, E listing the inheritors....one is dead, one is a woman using her nickname who is now married and has a different last name, etc. Chaos reigns! Not to get off topic, but I also noticed when I was in China that Asians peoples are very....imprecise. It stems from the language itself I believe. For example, in Philippines the use of single pronouns. Or, often they may have a single noun for a certain concept, where in English we will have 5 different nouns depending on the nuance. Also someone had mentioned big families -- that is so true. We are working on the wife's family tree and there are 79 first cousins! Good Lord Almighty.
  8. Wow, looks like the genetic blend is working out just fine! She is lovely.
  9. I think we've all been there. My take on it is, at some point you begin to realize that your own intuition will probably be correct in most situations. Although I can't speak for all of us here, my wife has grown to appreciate that I'm just going to put my foot down on some things and we are going to follow my lead. You can expect that most filipino plans involving multiple people, and especially families, will often break down and get all chaotic before they are finally figured out. Learning to live with it and not be bothered is one option :) But I need to know what's happening and how to plan for things, ergo I find the need to assert myself into some situations.
  10. Yes, in effect a mother title is worthless to the potential buyer. The portion I'm buying must first be titled in the name of the actual supposed owner, which by now could mean even the kids of the guy who inherited it but is now dead, etc. Can't imagine trying to do this on the fly, or without any legal guidance! One of the checklist items from our meeting yesterday, believe it or not, is a family tree of the sellers!
  11. Yeah they wanted half the price up front before even sorting out the paperwork. Har-har what planet are you from again? I let 'em know that wasn't happening, period, until we are satisfied. In these situations, it is usually someone being hard up for cash, so at least I know they will be properly motivated.
  12. Yep, those are good points. Attorney will work first on securing a power of attorney for one family member to act on behalf of those involved, which I thought is a good time saving move. The risk of drawn out timing is why I'm pushing the go/no-go decision early to the principal players. No doubt there will be some back taxes owed, so we will need to determine how that impacts the price nego.
  13. Its still early days so I will keep my optimism for now lads. We had a productive meeting this afternoon with lawyer and agent to wrap our heads around which documents need to be gathered for us to make a Go / No-go decision. Thats the way I'm approaching this. Either we find out the sale CAN happen, in which case I put effort into making it happen. Or we find out it CANT happen, and we just keep looking. I'd say we should be able to make that determination by the end of the year. I discovered something I didn't know: Philippines has an Agrarian Reform law which limits any single owner to no more than 5 hectares of agricultural land. Because of this, it has been pretty common recently for family with more than 5 hectares to go ahead and subdivide land among their children, so the government won't seize it. But being Philippines, the motivation to actually go down and file the deed in their own names...well, lets say now its more clear to me why so many parcels have title or tax issues.
  14. The little lady and I have our eye on a piece of property. I would classify it as a 'farmette' in English vernacular, although it really just has a well and a philippine style house, no other improvements. Some crops and trees. We are already getting a glimpse of the nightmare that is Philippine land title paperwork. An agent with no idea how to structure a deal, a seller who doesn't want to travel or have a phone, a 'mother' deed that was inherited and divided by the children who never completed the processing..... etc... Fortunately our lawyer has told us there is an upcoming amnesty period, which should make things a little easier for the seller. Wish us luck!
  15. Hold on a sec. People are eating that with bits of bone and feathers? What am I missing?
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