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  1. Its sad but true that most of what we read or hear has to be checked and cross checked these days. Whether it is History Channel, Breitbart, CNN, Fox, hell even the WHO and the CDC have political connections that taint what they say. I don't know if that is obvious to some, or difficult for others to accept. I'll just lay it out there that my 'default' setting these days is skepticism, no matter who says it. But especially any of the mainstream news...with those guys you could probably get a more truthful picture by just going with the opposite of what they say.
  2. Ex wife got a ride in the back seat of an F-16 trainer one time. They give you a copy of the flight video recorder, which is pretty boring, with accompanying audio track. It sounded like she was having sex, all the ooooh's and aaaah's and heavy breathing, haha haha. We used to get a laugh about that every time she played it for someone. At least she told me it was the flight recorder....
  3. Update from our city. We are supposed to be following the neighborhood quarantine rules that some of you describe, i.e. one person per household allowed to leave, etc. Supposedly someone from the barangay should come around to each house to check if anyone has symptoms, and we should have a paper that whoever leaves the house must carry. But none of that has happened. This morning Mrs. Boggs and I needed to go to the bank. We knew masks were required. We both hopped in the little van, and left the neighborhood like normal. Saw two guys who might be from the barangay kind of casually hanging out on some chairs at the exit, but they didn't look at us. Didn't encounter any checkpoints on the way to the bank. While at the bank, gave the security guards there some extra N95 paper masks that we had, they were very grateful. Stopped at a money-sending shop on the way home, noticed that there seemed to be a lot of mom and pop shops still open. A lot of workmen still driving around in their white trucks, a lot of people going about their business on tricycles. Most people wearing masks, but not all. On the way back to the neighborhood passed one 'checkpoint' if you can call it that, which was just a sign and was unmanned. The two barangay dudes we had seen while leaving were no longer there when we re-entered. Waved hello to the two neighborhood security guards and gave them a few extra masks as well. Back to home and no issues. Our biggest trepidation is that Mrs. Boggs has a cold, and she was very careful not to cough around anyone in authority.
  4. Just that you seemed to think the History Channel settled the point, unless I misunderstood you.
  5. We sent money this morning, and we are in Iloilo. The ordinance I've seen allows money shops to be open (along with a lot of other businesses), but the issue seems to be a lot of shops don't want to stay open.
  6. Bastonjock didn't say what program he watched, but how do we know it was any less authoritative than History Channel? They are well known to take their own artistic license.
  7. Great movie. I hadn't thought of that but yes.
  8. Since we are just skipping stones, I'll add... I think a cure for this virus will be distributed in a few weeks time, and it will knock down the panic. Life will return to 'normal'. HOWever..... I think the powers that be, various evil forces, have discovered a new tool in their toolbox. Virus pandemic looks like a great way to erode personal freedoms, claim more powers for the state, push digital currency, push their vaccine agenda... You say it may mutate, but I think its darker than that. I think they LOOK for these things, and try to make them more deadly in labs. Then "oops it escaped". So I don't see a bright future in it at all. This round serves as a wake up call, and I for one will be a lot more prepared next time.
  9. Really Dave? I just checked the reported numbers on the WHO site and the death rate is 4.3% It seems like you are trying to spread fear, but feel free to correct me if you think I'm wrong. If you don't want to include unrecovered cases in your math that is up to you, but its highly misleading.
  10. Nahh, you are using logic. Think like a government -- the best solution to foreigners who have nowhere to go is to offer pricey "emergency extensions" or some such thing. Lets say 20,000 Pesos each for the privilege of not being arrested, renewable every 30 days!
  11. I just visited the local Hypermart. So far we don't have checkpoint control, at least not in the part of town where I live. The store was limiting the number of shoppers, so there was a short wait to go inside. I was doing a 2-week shop, turns out that at the checkout lane there was a list of which items were 'limited'. So in this shop, there was a 3-in-1 coffee limit per customer of one 'pack'. So the single package of Nescafe with 30 packets inside was OK. But the 3 packages of 10-packets was not OK. I had 4 bags of rice, which were 5 kilos each. The checkout girl was confused telling me "sir, there is a 50 kilo limit", and the helpers all laughed when I counted out for her 5, 10, 15, 20....patting each bag. The customers behind me in line got involved, helping me figure out what was a limit and what was not. They were very polite, and even apologized that the rules are changing every day. Upon leaving the store there were at least 75 people waiting to get inside. Go early I guess, in these weird times.
  12. I'd like to think in times like this a lot of people will re-examine their lives. Maybe it's cost of living, maybe it's just wanting to live more low-key, maybe it's wanting to be closer to the land, etc. As I've said in other threads, there is a lot to like about Philippines, as much we enjoy bitching about it Until Tom arranges a cruise to Patagonia, this is where I'll stay. I've encouraged several men my age from back home to explore their options. Maybe some are adventurous enough to opt for greener pastures. One of the goals we have here is to eventually live on a sustainable farm with room for and extra 8-10 people, should family or friends ever need a place to escape to. Still working on that
  13. Given the passage of the UK Coronavirus bill, maybe those tourists are better off staying in Peru....
  14. And yet, crime is actually down according to this morning's news. Not because of an alcohol ban, but because people are staying home. OK OK I get it, government knows best....
  15. Sure, so lets ban alcohol. Ayayay.... Funny how crime is way down, even without an alcohol ban! Methinks some politicians don't have enough to do....
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