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  1. Designed to be that way. The thrust available on one engine on all twin jet airliners is sufficient to safely get airborne after V1, even at max all up weight. Any competent pilot should be able to do what this chap did. Still, respect that he did it. In over 30 years of flying as a pilot, I only lost one of two engines 3 times in my career and none of those failures was on take off.
  2. My goodness, I thought that I had wrongly clicked onto my Thai Forum instead of this one. The responses sound just like every Thai lady I have ever had a relationship with.
  3. that's all very well, but on a 19 hour flight, what will you do for the other 18 hours 58 minutes?
  4. The aircraft is more than capable, but I doubt that humans are. I wouldn't risk my health on such a long flight, besides which, even in business class, it would' be monumentally boring. If you didn't die from DVT, you may well die of acute boredom.
  5. many thanks for this information. It is certainly true that Thailand is not as it was for anybody, tourists or long stayers.
  6. well thanks for that !! Just looked it up on google. Its up there with my wife's fried rice Beatles and locust soup. I prefer Burger King
  7. "Land of Smiles"; Thailand. Its a well worn phrase, and untrue, but lots of people still use it. I always get the 'i' and the 'a' the wrong way around when i type Thailand, so LOS is easier.
  8. ha, ha , not really, but as we live in the country here in LOS, its nice to be around the 'action' on rare occasions when we stay in a City.
  9. Hi people. I am coming over to Manilla for a few days next month. Any recommendations on locations to stay? Need a hotel near to all the nightlife, within walking distance if possible. Clubs, bars, restaurants shopping etc.
  10. That sounds like Thailand. where I live now, but with a much higher negativity rating. Perhaps all those who are contemplating relocating to the PI, (including me) need to read this. Sobering, so thank you.
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