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  1. 30km outside of Pattaya, in the countryside of Rayong Province.
  2. Hi everyone. Not sure if anyone will be particularly interested, but here is an update from us folk 'stuck' in Thailand. Actually being stuck here has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the Thai approach to Covid 19 has been , shall we say, pragmatic. The month long alcohol ban has now been lifted. Provided you wear a mask and keep 2m between you and other folk, life is slowly returning to normal. Internal travel restrictions have been eased and although the international borders are shut both ways, that is not too much of an inconvenience. Restaurants and coffee shop can open, with appropriate distancing measures in place. Bars are still shut, as are gyms, but all is easing off nicely. I must say that, in general, I'm impressed with the way that the Military government has dealt with this issue. Much better that being in the UK, which sounds like a nightmare. Perhaps staying here is not such a bad idea after all, we will see. Hope you folk in the PI are okay and coping well?
  3. HI from Thailand. How are you people doing in the East? We are now locked down under a State of Emergency. Can't leave Thailand, even if we had flights to do so. All foreigners banned from entering. Immigration in chaos due to the number of trapped people who need visa extensions. Road blocks on all major routes and a curfew in the offing. Naturally, all places of entertainment, including golf courses, gyms and parks, locked off. Can't even have my morning coffee with mates. all coffee shops closed too. Self isolating at home with a nice pool, plenty of food and booze in the house, so not too shabby, so long as it doesn't go on too long. The one bright spot in all this is that Mrs P was visiting her mother up north and now can't get home, so very nice and quiet and no chores to do. How are you there? Just as bad or not so much?
  4. The issue of 'face' in Asia is, in my view, a cop out. It has become an institutionalised method of lying, laziness, rudeness, for giving misinformation , or for just plain stupidity and it gets excused by saying, because its in Asia, it's a matter of 'face'. I just don't buy it. It drives me nuts in Thailand and it seems that parts of the PI suffer from the same phenomena?
  5. Saw a video yesterday of the UK in the early 1960s, all the kids playing outside and having little adventures, stuff modern kids never seem to experience, stuck as they are with modern electronics. Society, at least in some countries, has lost something really valuable that will never be replaced. Its sad really, but such is progress.
  6. Thank goodness for that. Perhaps the UK can now move on from the madness and incompetence of the last 3 years and actually move forward and get stuff done. Its done a bit of good for the bad exchange rate over the last few years, so all good. .
  7. Thailand never comes anywhere in these competitions, mainly because the best looking 'females' here are males.
  8. It's a burden I put up with, for in all other aspects, she is perfect.
  9. I was trying to make the point, unsuccessfully it seems, that despite it being in the tropics, at least in Thailand, it can get close to the definition of 'cold'.
  10. Normally at this time of the year, by the side of me, wrapped up in a thick quilt, socks, a thick onsey and maybe a second blanket. It's like getting near Fort Knox. Have to wait for March for her to ease up on the clothes, poor lass. You would think that after 20 years of living in the UK she would understand cold, but she has reverted to type since we moved here.
  11. yes, it was up there, see the weather report above. Thin ice covering static water in the north here is not that unusual.
  12. https://www.thaipbsworld.com/temperatures-to-drop-a-further-2-4oc-in-n-and-ne-tomorrow/
  13. it's all relative. When you are used to 33 to 36 degrees, nill wind and 80% humidity , for 10 months of the year, 28 degrees , low humidity and windy conditions can definitely feel 'cold'. At night, by any definition, in the tropics, 16 to 18 degrees is cold. Just ask anyone who is here right now. My wife's mother was chipping ice off a bowl of water this morning in North East Thailand and building a fire to keep warm. Government here issues free blankets to people living in that area and in the north of the country. I call that cold.
  14. 0f course, its one of the great pleasures of having a pet family. They are cleaned up before hand and they are only small.
  15. Right now, it's the only time that the dogs (x 2) and the cat seep on the bed together without fighting. It gets rather crowded in the 'winter months'. When the heat returns in March the fighting starts again. The cat always wins!
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