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  1. Thanks Tim - always nice to hear from someone who has actually had the experience of using a BBQ here
  2. Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to take the fitting I have with me and go to a propane place.
  3. Agreed....however, I already have the expensive BBQ and it’s wonderful for cooking lots of things and I’d love to be able to use it.
  4. Apologies - I see that the letter is almost impossible to read. The gist of the letter is that Weber’s are made country specific and can’t be used anywhere else.
  5. Hi, Now I’m really confused. When I posted on here a couple of weeks ago I got some great answers - thank you! I had written to Weber and finally got an answer today - not sure what to think of their answer. Is the answer based on their desire to sell more expensive BBQs?
  6. Thanks for all the comments! I appreciate the advice. I’ll have to check for the right connections. once again Thanks to all, 😊👍
  7. Hi I moved to the Philippines just about two months ago and my personal belongings arrived about three weeks ago. My Weber BBQ that I was looking forward to using is propane. I had assumed that propane here would be the same - we all know what assuming does! Any tips on how I can covert my BBQ to use propane here. I’ve emailed Weber here several times but with no response. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Chris
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