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  1. let me say a motorbike or a scooter would be wonderful. A rental or something for sale on Negros Occidental. But if someone has a good offer I can travel to investigate. Again thanks for any help.
  2. HI, I am coming to Bacolod to spend time with my girlfriend/fiance, and I want to rent or buy an afordable moto to get around. Any advice on where to go and who to talk to ? I am willing to travel around a bit to find the right deal. Many thanks to all who are helping or just lurking like me !!!
  3. Thank you for your help everyone. I have been many places but never the Phillipines.
  4. I am coming to see a friend and want to stay longer than 30 or 59 days. How can I do this and how difficult or expensive is this process ?
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