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  1. Holy cow 7 months? Haha. That’s bonkers. I’ll be returning to the US by then 😁
  2. That is a fair point. The BI here in cebu doesn't even have passport visa "stamps". they just give me a printed receipt and tell me not to lose it and that they don't have stamps anymore. I will just head there on monday on a fact finding mission.
  3. Ah looks like it auto set my nationality to Filipino, or I missed that setting. I’m a is citizen by birth, I’ll fix that! thank you for the info, very helpful! I’ll go in and check next week to see what they say :)
  4. I use onewayfly, it’s a bit more expensive but it’s valid for 14 days, 19$ usd. I’ve also used onwardticket, 12$ but only valid for 2 days. Both are valid tickets in your name though with working record locators.
  5. Good evening. Just a quick question, wasn’t able to find an answer searching the forum. I am currently staying in Cebu City, Monday will be my 59th day. I have already applied last week and got a 2 month extension to my visa to stay until February; while getting the extension last week I was charged for the processing of the i-card/ACR. When I asked the desk agent about the how/when about getting it or what I need to do he kept just repeating “59 days” and pointing at the BI office across from the one we were in. He wouldn’t engage and tell me what I needed to do/bring with me when I go there next week. I tried looking it up online but everything says it has to be done when I apply for the visa extension which happened last week. So I guess my questions are: what all will I need to bring with my when I go to get my ACR/I-card seeings how I’ve already paid the fee and the express fee? I’m assuming passport style photos, but not sure what else. Also, how long will it take to get the I-card? appreciate your time and responses!
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