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  1. Locally, yes, the factories are starting to get up and running again. That means that already existing production lines will be up and running pretty soon. But internationally; nope!! No foreigners can enter the country regardless of which visa they are holding! (I am personally affected by that) And this is a definite show-stopper for all production lines that were planned to be built this year. Please keep in mind that I'm talking about NEW industry projects here, not existing ones. 95% of my customers are doing their business in Mainland-China and their companies'
  2. Hey no probs mate: https://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/31569-thank-you-beer-gods/?do=findComment&comment=278454 Modern problems require modern solutions!
  3. Stocked up already...
  4. In this link here (from March-20 2020) https://newsinfo.inquirer.net it says: That means to me clearly that no foreigners except those married to a Filipino/Filipina are allowed to enter the country for now. Those who are already here (no matter which visa) are not affected by this - just imagine the logistic effort to find and deport all foreigners that are currently in the country, that'd be an impossible task!
  5. It's Schrödinger's Mall
  6. Yep correct, see here:
  7. Yeah I already figured you're not having the best day today... Don't worry, be happy mate! What??? I think he made a joke or it was tsismis from Facebook....
  8. Do you have any gov't source for that information?! Well yes, if you did that, then it's no wonder that the Davao Gulf fish wont meet your expectations... That sounds pessimistic indeed
  9. No need to be sorry Tom, all fine! You do have a point about the pollution of the Davao gulf, that's for sure. Asides of the Davao Sewer River there is also a big harbour here which comes to great effect in terms of pollution, let's not forget that! But have you ever tried the waters in southern Samal for example, or around Talikud Island? When snorkling there I see almost no trash or litter, nothing but clean turquoise-blue water and (delicious, probably also healthy) fish of all kinds! You don't need to go miles outside to find that here, but that's just my perception.
  10. Well, certainly not from the area in or around the Davao River of course! Eew.. But nothing compares to the catch you can make a little bit off the coast of Samal for example (should be reachable by boat during a lockdown, too)
  11. Cellphone-load!! How are you supposed to post on the Philippines Expat Forum when there is a blackout and hence no WiFi! Today we had a blackout of 1 hour and the first thing I did was go to the store and load 100 Pesos to my phone so that I have internet connection. In case that there is no food available in the stores anymore, why not just go fishing?! I mean, we all live on islands, and all islands have one thing in common: there's water around them. If you have no generator, an inverter connected to a running car's battery will do the job aswell.
  12. That's a very sad story and I wish all the best to your bro in law, AK! A couple of years ago I had a KIA with tinted windows and the windshield was pitch-black from the outside but amazingly bright from the inside - driving at night was no problem at all. I was told that this was some special brand of tint which was a little bit expensive, but I don't know it's name though. Another question on topic: did your brother in law have a dashcam that recorded the incident? Might be helpful for him!
  13. Hahahahaha I've never heard that one before
  14. I would advise to check the account settings, the outgoing server configuration respectively! See below: What's important here is the "Outgoing server (SMTP)" field. In the screenshot it says 465 which is the communication port that the email-provider (Yahoo in this case) uses. Also make sure whether your provider requires an encrypted connection and if so, which type (SSL or TSL)? I hope that was helpful...
  15. As I mentioned in another topic once, to me this is one of the most peaceful Philippines forums I've ever been on! The level of maturity, friendliness and respect on here is amazing *imho* so it's a place where I sure do want to stay! To that effect, I would also like to raise my glass and give a happy CHEERS to you guys!
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