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  1. gery0x

    Food panda

    Yep I use it frequently, works as good as in other places! Very fast, very reliable. My sister-in-law drives for them too, but she never showed up at my house yet haha. (she's in a completely different district of DVO) The only thing I don't like about them in the Phils; it's impossible to unsubscribe from their newsletter because the link cannot be opened...
  2. Baygon!!!!! Bye, gone. I once had to open the septic tank underneath my lot for some reason and I've seen roaches there the size of my palm!! I was like "close it again!!! close it!!!" I hate those bastards and I do enjoy them melting and struggling in a good dose of Baygon!
  3. Every once in a while in Davao, but usually they inform the public beforehand when a shortage or maintenance work is imminent. Mostly the proposed downtimes are correct, but not always. For such cases we always have one or two closed 20-30 gallon buckets outside of the house, which I'd also like to suggest to you! Well, then better don't drink it!!! For drinking water we have a small water dispenser in our kitchen that will be loaded with 5 gallon bottles, even though the tapped water is drinkable in Davao.
  4. *imho* that's something that should be made clear from the very beginning of the relationship - it doesn't necessarily mean to be greedy or kuripot, but it's an important ground rule. It doesn't necessarily mean that there will be no support for the family either, because: That's correct! I laid down the above ground rule from the beginning, but I still support the family once in a while. For example when my mother in law gets sick, I will pay for her hospital bills or medicince unaskedly. In my point of view that's a sign of respect to the family because, well, at the end of the day it is a fact that I can afford it and they don't. A very different topic though is "borrowing" money for some monkey-s**t ideas they sometimes have. I usually do that once and make it clear that before it isn't fully paid back they don't even need to bother asking me again - works like a charm, reverse psychology
  5. Holy s**t!!! LOL that's ironic! Huh, an HJ ("Hitler-Jugend")-guy teaching creationism in the US?! That's weird Just out of curiosity, did his past have any effect on what was taught about WW2 and the Nazis? If I got the story right it makes sense to me why your last name is Hübner! Is it really written with "ü" in your passport, or just with "u" or "ue"? Must be quite confusing in an English speaking country... I can teach you how to pronounce it though! I have a very good friend who is from Sweden too, he tells me the same haha! Welcome to the club
  6. Hi folks, I'd like to open this topic just to tell you about a funny thing happening to me as an expat again and again and again and..... If you look to the left hand side of this post right now, below my nickname you will see that I'm an Austrian - a very tiny country somewhere not east not west not north and not south in Europe that nobody really can make out on a map, right? And we speak German there. The standard dialogue when meeting someone in Phils goes 80% like this: "Hey, where are you from?" - "Austria" - "Ahhh Australia, nice have Kangaroos there..." - "Yeahhh... nope. AUSTRIA, not Australia, LISTEN!!" OR: "Yes, right, Australia....." Over the years this can get quite annoying really, which is why I actually rather answer that I'm from Germany, because almost everybody here know Germany to some degree. Not all, but most of the people hear "Austr..." and assume that I'm Australian... But today I had a conversation that was quite uncommon to me! In fact, I never heard this before while living in the Phils (10 or so years)! It went like this, at the sari-store just next to my house: "Oh hey, where are you from, Russia, right?" - "Russia? No? I'm from Austria..." - "Ahh Austria... NAZI!!!" (I figure he knows the country!) - "What?? Yeah yeah, the nazis..." - "Arian Brotherhood! You are Arian Brotherhood?!" - "WTF no???" - "But you have friends who are Arian Brotherhood, right?" - "errrm, nope.....?" - "Are you Arian??" - "What do you mean?? Do I have blond hair and blue eyes??" (FYI: I have black/grey hair and brown eyes haha) - "You are Austrian you must be Arian, no?" - "Dude what kind of books are you reading???" The guy didn't want to let go and the conversation really started getting awkward, so I told the sari-lady to please serve him before me so that this idiot goes away... As I said, I've never had a conversation like this before! Not so direct, not so... "fanatic"! Of course, the uneducated Pinoys associate Germany (and maybe Austria) with Hitler and the regime back then first, and they are also quite the "fans" of that stuff. I don't mind that they do, they just didn't receive proper History classes *imho*... But asking me about "Arian Brotherhood", really?! That guy must have had some (sloppy) background education... Although Arian Brotherhood only exists in the US as far as I know... Hmmm.... I'd rather have people asking me about Kangaroos and Koala Bears instead!
  7. That's the least you can expect and - very sadly to say - you are very lucky to have staff who do that! I've had workers around my house who gave me gray hair all along... I could tell stories that'd cause horrible flashbacks to me... That's very likely the case - but not your problem in the end...
  8. You can still burn your trash in front of the house for the sake of integration... Referring to your photos, March/April seems a little bit... sporty. You are very right, don't rush things! If they do it wrong, insist on doing it one more time and this time right. It will pay you off 1000-fold when you're actually living there!!
  9. I beg you a pardon, but the earth is being held up by a gigantic space turtle with elephants on top of it! So please check your facts before spreading fake-news!!! On topic: the hottest moths are from April to June *imho*. Rainy season varies a lot depending on your location (North-South)!
  10. I only wear a suit when I have to attend at court. Or in a high-level management meeting in business. In the Phils, nah! A white Polo-Shirt, jeans and closed shoes (even white sneakers) always did the job for me so far...
  11. Yep true that! All the stores are for Hobbit-size, hard to find a Gandalf-sized store... I would personally refrain from Ikea, I don't like the make and the quality of their products so much... For a small table or a cabinet yes okay, but for a decent couch or recliner seat? Nope.
  12. I'd love to have a decent leather couch but unfortunately that's not a choice for me because we have a cat at home. So (indoors) I'm going with fabric sofas for years now and I'm okay with that. Important for me is that the cushions are removable for cleaning/washing! For outdoors rattan is pretty practical *imho* since it can easily be sprayed down with a water hose when it's dirty...
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