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  1. I understand that it is up to them I was going everyday out of the country the lady at the immigration office told me that the American citizen can stay 3 years before required to leave the country and return the time before I entered in Kalibo airport no problem so maybe you are right Cebu is not the place to inter the country
  2. I return from Singapore on. visa run land in Cebu agent looks at my passport and says next time you May not be aloud in because you have lots of visa stamps in your passport I no say anything because he looked like he wanted me to argue with him to give him a reason to throw me out of the country I am from the US we can stay 3years before we have to leave the country I always pay all my visa payments and everything else they ask for so I ready did not see anything wrong So what should I do if this comes up again
  3. What is the best and the easiest airport to enter the Philippines when returning from leaving the Philippines and returning to the Philippines on a visa run I have had trouble in Cebu , Kalibo, and Manila was ok or was I just unlucky with the agent in Cebu having a bad day your help would be appreciated thank you
  4. I just saw the president of the Senate of the Philippines said it is not true and not in the 2020 budget in the united states
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