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  1. KMS

    Considering Move

    Hi, yes just at the initial stages of research. Wherever i pick, i will be going on a holiday there during our summer. So it's make my mind up time. So much to consider.
  2. KMS

    Considering Move

    Yes , there would be a big difference fees wise in Ireland, I guess I've really idea until I get researching. I've also thought about Vietnam.
  3. KMS

    Considering Move

    Thank you for that. It seems to be the same all over. I worked in a school in and parents were laying€1400a month fees. I had to leave due to the care of the children. So yes a fancy uniform and logo doesn't sell it for me.
  4. KMS

    Considering Move

    Hi, thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, that's my little school. Mgt pride and joy. Unfortunately due to government it subsidy and ever hiring insurance costs,I feel it's not going to be sustainable for much longer. I'm hoping a year or two. Government are offering all these free schemes to parents, which don't get me wrong are fantastic for families, but not for proprietors. For preschool say we're used to charge up to€90 for 3 hours a day 5 days a week. Now government will only pay us €64.50. Big drop down per child, plus insurance companies have hiked our insurance up by in some case
  5. KMS

    Considering Move

    Hi . Okay, al that is good to know. I presumed there was a high demand for English speaking teachers. I'm specifically looking for a Montessori teaching job, as it's my passion. I do wonder what qualifications they require for online teaching though. Im presuming a degree in English and no lower? Many thanks
  6. KMS

    Considering Move

    Hi! Yes, i agree on what's said in that article. I go by obviously following their interests, but also positive encouragement to work on other areas. I pair children of to work alongside eachother, which works as great positive reinforcement. Due to rigid government regulations in Ireland we also have to follow a play base curriculum too, but i manage to merge the 2 nicely together Yes, we've a lot of Filipino families in my town of Sligo. They all work as nurses. Lovely kids and families to deal with. Yes, i would love a contact with the school your daughter attends. I
  7. KMS

    Considering Move

    Definitely not!!!!!
  8. KMS

    Considering Move

    I've actually taught a lot of Children from Davao city in my own current Montessori school in a TINY town in North West Ireland. I must hook up with the parents.
  9. KMS

    Considering Move

    Yes, thanks Gerox. It's exactly the same where i live in Ireland. I was fooled my employment when i was younger. They hold the domain name 'Montessori ', and then you walk into a room with plastic toys, and raised voices and chaos. I have to say tho i currently own a Montessori school, and I'm not accredited with AMI, and i follow the ethos with passion. It can be very much a hit or a miss. I've been looking at some Montessori FB pages from lorenzo (if I'm correct in the name), and i couldn't see any visible Montessori equipment. Really sad. Cheers!!!!
  10. KMS

    Considering Move

    Many thanks for all the replies. So much to think about!!!
  11. KMS

    Considering Move

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes I've been reading up on a few things. I'm just at the very initial research stage. A bit overwhelmed with everything tbh. Would I be right in saying roughly a teacher's wage would be around€400a month or an I totally wrong in that one. I've been using Google converter to euro. It just doesn't seem right tho??,,
  12. Considering the Philippines as a move from Ireland. Qualified Montessori teacher. Anyone here with best advise for work options?
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