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  1. I am 24´s and life in palawan on a Temporary Visitor's Visa that I extend every 2 months i have around 10k$ in a bank account and 5k$ cash but no income, I spend around 10-15php a month. And could earn that online. I am too young for a retiree visa and don't want to get married at my age. The reason i live here is that of the low cost and nature. (I study/read all day). If they ask for my funds how much do I need in my bank account and can I just show them my online bank account.
  2. I want to life again Philippines and will arrive there soon, The thing I do in the Philippines is rent a cheap room in province and read/study all day and enjoy nature. Last time at the immigration they interrogate me for long time it was not fun, they saw I had hotel booked for 2 persons and apparently curios about my hookups. I bought cheap refundable ticket and printed a proof of funds but have 0 plans. I wonder if i it is dumb to tell them I plan on living there and will extend
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