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  1. Thanks for the Hello's. Viking... Apo, Tubbataha will definitely be visited. One of my instructors here in key west dove out of a couple of the shops on Apo Island. I have Malapasqau down as well to get my Thresher Shark specialty card.
  2. Thanks for the shout, Danny. I'll check those spots out as well. Ohhhh the Keys... I moved here in August 2017 (right before the hurricane!) So I havent been here long. I'll save the KW story...we all have one! Same as any expat! S***, Ive been one of those too!! Key West is packed right now as we sit. I live on Big Pine at Mile marker 32. It usually takes me 1hour 1:15 to get to Duval. It took me 1:45 at 7am to get there this morning and 45 minutes to get back to my house at 10. Its the season and since all of the RV parks finally re opened and the cruises all started coming in again..everyone is making up for lost time. Its great for the folks in the service industry....The weather has been garbage for offshore though. I'm fair weathered spoiled though! If I get out in anything over 2 ft, I dont walk for a week! The backcountry has been ROCKIN though. Im gonna run aroind the corner tonight and net a couple dozen shrimp. Theyre in thick this season! Lobster season came late. The mini season still sucks and HOLY GOD!!! Being on the conservation side but also having a ton of bubba in the middle of this huge reef sanctioning debate is just crazy! I could go on and on about the Keys but I love it. I have my motorhome and my little lot out by the Key Deer Park. Oh! and I make trips to Ft Jeff to help the NPS guys out. I volunteer with them and NOAA. Thats part of my crew. The reef is sad...REALLY sad. The one at Ft Jeff still looks pretty though. I have some good video freediving the one by the lighthouse...(volunteer conservation diver perks!!)Part of the reason for the Phillipines is to do reef stuff. From what I hear though is that Key West has gotten way too Americanized in the past 20 years. Its crazy expensive. still. Yeah, with rent alone for my RV space, I wont loose much $ by coming to the phillipines for 2 months..and that includes storage for my truck and 33'RV, plane ticket, and rent in Phi! ...but! If I didnt love the people and my lifestyle, then I wouldnt be here! Its my goal to split time between FL and the Phillipines. Thanks again, Brian
  3. I dont really work for money. I do alot of service work like volunteering. I try to earn my tax free paycheck by doing free work. When I say Im working, its more like floating and putting smiles on faces...or 'waking' up a lost dude, or whatever it is that takes me out of the equation.. In return it fills that 'thing' I was missing. Planting coral, diving against debris do the same. I just happen to love the ocean, plus since I cant run anymore it keeps me fit­čśüThey arent real labor intensive. Umm theres also a misconception about VA 100% and SSI 100%. Social Security Income100%= cant work ( there are no other percentages either -100 or 0. VA 100% = can do whatever. Evealuated at 100% compensation for wages potentially lost from injury. ( theres 10%, 20%, 30%,50% etc) My buddys that lost limbs get paid alot more than us that didnt through another scale. Hope that kinda clarifies the system a bit.
  4. Thanks Marvin! Sounds like that Moalboal area will be a good start. I was just typing a new thread about the ferry services in Moalboal! I will definitely be taking a few short trips. I am adding Santander to the Google list. I haven't heard of there. I owe you fellas a round.
  5. Thanks gents! I will start some new threads about general stuff. Mike, Moalboal is actually an area that I have been looking at. I was checking out Lapu Lapu as well. Alona just seemed too far away from other stuff for me and pretty touristy...I get enough of the chaotic tourist scene here in Key West!!! Old55, thanks for the info. I will go into a YouTube hole about Sogod Bay. I will have a couple months to check things out once I get across the pond.
  6. Hi all. I figured instead of continuing to search the forums for info, I'd just say Hello and ask instead. So here it goes.... I'm Brian. I live in Key West, Florida US. I am coming to Cebu in March ( my trip is from March 3 to May 5.) Here's my intro.l This stuff is always awkward being a dude.. but I see that there's some older guys on here and asking older guys for help has helped me out a lot in life....just popping that social bandaid is tough. Sooo. I just got 100percent rated 5 months ago. Ive been out of the business for a few years now so I'm not all crazy! Long soap box story. "All the way!" Proud member of Irreverant Warriors, Mission 22 et, VFW.. Enough about that. I don't too much identify with it anymore..(maybe it's just fresh on my mind since we decided to get frisky in the sandbox again recently!lol.) I just finished up my GI Bill on a marine conservation program at the College of Florida Keys . I didn't want to be that typical combat vet. I lived it for a few years and picked myself up a few years ago.(yup, soapbox again.) I got my PADI divemaster. I work part time now as a divemaster at a local shop with amputees and science kids....mainly for free drives and fishing trips. I do service work in my community. That's a big part of that whole 'living in the solution` thing. I'm not into booze. (Its nice having legalized refer in Florida! Ha!- I stay fit and active. I don't date under 30. I've lived in Korea for a couple years. I visited Boracay although I don't remember it too much! (...from numerous concussions, not incopious amounts of alcohol, and I'll stick to that!) I know the drill. I was done with bar girls in my 20s and bars in general in my 30s. I'm single but I'm not coming to the Phillipines to be a dirtbag or find a wife.... I love discovering new cultures and adventures. I have Filipino friends as well as folks in the veteran and dive communities pointing me towards the Phillipines for my retirement home away from home. Thats a start, so please help. I go through hours on YouTube and Google! I am coming to Cebu and I need a place to stay fro 2 months. I need to be either near the dive shops or with easy travel to them. I don't want expensive housing. It's me and whichever of my buddies in the US or wherever I can convince to visit for a few days! They can sleep on the floor or in a hammock! Any info on what not to bring would be awesome. I've been to places where I brought a suitcase full of clothes and ended up wanting to buy stuff since the prices were so cheap. Anyone in any volunteer organizations? I'm sure it will be easy to find stuff. I do dive and marine conservation volunteering here in the US. Um, maybe that's a good start. I look forward to corresponding! Drinks on me in advance. Thanks tons and God bless! Brian! Well, there's a start.
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