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  1. Thanks for the location info Heeb. I've also not considered Subic area since passing thru there on to Pearl & eventual discharge after Nam PBR Kind regards Semper Fortis O-G
  2. Thank you for being helpful Viking and others; it's good to know these things before learning the hard way👍
  3. Thank's Gator; good info to know😊
  4. Thanks Gator, I'll try getting info from them. Since my post it seems after Wifie' & research on tablet videos/info we'll be going to Bolinao In Pangasinan; Tondol beach etc; & possibly Hundred Islands; it all depends, for me at least, upon finding places i can get out with my gear & spear to secluded shallow reef areas without family (in-laws)-(non swimmers) nosey reef protectiors, regulation etc; i think after 25+ yrs PADI Open Water Cert; I'm not likely to do harm. Maybe there's even a kayak/ sm.boat to rent from a local. Got to be better than the rest of the 3 weeks back in the Bangaray before back to CA. Any more info please feel free to share Kind regards; Steve O-G (Old-Guy)
  5. Need to know info on where free diving spearfishing, scuba or snorkel only, in Philippines Pangasinan area of Luzon at Lingyuan Gulf near Dagupan, San Fabian or La Union; there's protected/restricted areas around & open areas. Hundred Islands area is questionable & controversial protected? Palawan requires a 2 hr flight but I do have a relative in law there so? Please reply and/or email REMOVED
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