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  1. I actually met a young woman while I was there and she was involved in organizing this weekly beach cleaning somehow. As I said it was noticeably cleaner than other islands I've been to.
  2. Starting a new thread since I didn't want to sidetrack another one Last year on a 4 week holiday in PI I spent 8 days on Siargao and not only is it one of my favourite places in PI it's one of my favourite places in the world. Very clean with hardly any rubbish or plastic on the streets, beaches or in the sea. Anyway below is a 4 minute video I made which shows a lot of the island and surrounds including Magpapunka rock pools, Sugba lagoon and Sohoton Cove. I wanted to share some of these experiences which help to explain why I love the Philippines and Filipino people especially when you get away from the cities and tourist areas. The children on the beach I rode my scooter down to a place called Secret Beach to the south of General Luna with the intention of going for a swim. But it was low tide so I would have had to wade out several hundred metres whilst trying not to tread on any rocks so I just sat down on the beach to relax and soak it in. Soon after these local kids came over wanting to chat, maybe I was a novelty since I suspect they don't get too many foreigners there. Anyway they were lovely kids, all smiles and after a while one of their brothers who would have been about 12 came over. They told him I wanted to go swimming so he offered to take me out in his canoe. So I helped him drag it down to the water and we jumped in and paddled out far enough that I could slip over the side and go swimming. Then when we got back in and before I left I took them all across the road to a little shop and bought them a treat each. The dancing men One day I rode around the island and got a bit lost so pulled over to check my map. As luck would have it there were a group of 7 or 8 men having a party in their front yard and they saw me and motioned for me to come in. I ended up staying for a few hours It was a Sunday afternoon and they had music playing and I was offered beer, a few actually, and some freshly caught crab. And then a few started doing that dance you see and they wanted me to join them. Which I did and I did my best to copy that style of dancing I think it even has a name? Anyway they thought it was the best/funniest thing they'd ever seen Eventually I had to leave but it was a lot of fun, no scamming or ulterior motive just a bunch of men having a good time and sharing it with a stranger. I've had a lot of these types of experiences on my trips and I look forward to more in the future.
  3. Speaking of YouTube here's a little 4 minute video I made of my trip to Siargao Island last year. Lots of fond memories and good times.
  4. hmm I might have to rethink ocean swimming. I compete in ocean swim events here in Australia so I could limit my ocean swims in PI to actual events. There's a series called Swim Junkie, maybe a handful of races but they're all in pretty remote locations so I suspect the water there is a lot cleaner.
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies. I've added Tacloban to the list. I kinda thought there wouldn't be anywhere that exactly fits the bill but if there's beaches nearby that's close enough. The reason I'm looking for beaches is I love to swim in the ocean plus snorkel, sail, kayak and even surf a bit. But travelling out of town or even a bit further away will be fine. I've been to Boracay and enjoyed it so will definitely go back. Plus Samar island is already on my list of places to explore. And I went to Siargao last year for 8 days and loved it. Not to live but I'd go back for another holiday.
  6. As a point of reference for anyone who knows Nha Trang in Vietnam is what I have in mind.
  7. Thanks Brett. TBH I'm not aware of the differences between north and south? And yes I think somewhere in between Dumaguete and Cebu City is on the money. I think I'll take my time and visit a handful of places once I narrow it down and spend a month or two in each.
  8. Hi all first post here. Before I go on I want to say congrats to the members here for the level of discourse which is far better than some other forums I've poked around on so kudos. I'm about to turn 57 and plan on moving to the Philippines later this year. I've already visited 4 times. Once for work in Manila and 3 times on holiday seeing different parts of the country so have some experience. So on to my question. I think what I'm looking for is a city that's not too big but also not too small hence my reference to a 'mid size'city. And located on the water either with beaches or at least they're close by. I've been to Dumaguete which I liked but it's probably too small for me. So what places fit the bill? My research says maybe Iloilo or Bacalod or similar. Who can recommend some places for me to explore?
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