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  1. Thanks for your replies in answer to some of the queries: Because of changes in my Gov. Pension come April 6th i will be considerably worse off due to Thailand having no agreement with them where as the Phillipines as. I have contacted the pension people in the UK and was told if i live there my pension would be similar to what i am presently receiving and would also get the % increases. My needs are simple a place that as a decent night life and a few bars and restaurants not expensive as i,m living on a fixed income an apt would meet my needs i dont know the costs etc but at the moment i am paying 7000 baht a month so anything in that region By the sea would be ideal but am open to elsewhere. I have never been to the Phillipines before as one person mentioned. My ideal would be to come and find an apartment to live in and provide an address to inform the pension people so i could get my pension sorted and move between there and Udon where i presently live . Regards Peter
  2. Hi i,m from the UK and lived in Thailand 13 years and wish to move somewhere in the Phillipines. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as i know nothing about the country. At the moment i live in Udon Thani in the NE of the country which is a reasonable size city with all the facilities ie: bars restaurants etc. I would like to move within the next 2 months if possible, i have 2 suggestions from friends at the moment Davao and Cebu but i am open to any more suggestions Regards Peter
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