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  1. Thanks for your replies in answer to some of the queries: Because of changes in my Gov. Pension come April 6th i will be considerably worse off due to Thailand having no agreement with them where as the Phillipines as. I have contacted the pension people in the UK and was told if i live there my pension would be similar to what i am presently receiving and would also get the % increases. My needs are simple a place that as a decent night life and a few bars and restaurants not expensive as i,m living on a fixed income an apt would meet my needs i dont know the costs etc but at t
  2. Hi i,m from the UK and lived in Thailand 13 years and wish to move somewhere in the Phillipines. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as i know nothing about the country. At the moment i live in Udon Thani in the NE of the country which is a reasonable size city with all the facilities ie: bars restaurants etc. I would like to move within the next 2 months if possible, i have 2 suggestions from friends at the moment Davao and Cebu but i am open to any more suggestions Regards Peter
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