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  1. So ... Any rumblings, rumors, gossip, even facts - of when the Gov't will start to issue SRRV's again Ask kittelsoncarpo - they have no idea
  2. So you would rip up all the hiways to stop driving fatalities ? 1.35 million die every year. Life is inherently fraught with peril. But locking down the economy, forcing people to take completely unreasonable precautions for very little gain is crazy.
  3. Those who are scared of C-19 should be much more fearful of any of the following, numbers much higher Seasonal Flu - 350,000 to 525,000 C-19 - estimate 620,000 Where was all the uproar over something that comes back year after year ? https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/the-top-10-causes-of-death
  4. Agree 100%. Bunch of BS the way the world jumped on the "Oh No" wagon If you're healthy, no pre-existing condtions, carry on as normal. Locking down the majority to protect the minority is beyond stupid.
  5. Is this a dedicated internet line - fibre or cable ? How are speeds using you fone as a mobile hotspot ? Speeds better ?
  6. Thanks for that. Looks beautiful, lots to see and do, 131K population, hub of Telecom Seems to have everything. Will put it on my list.
  7. Living in a village outside Chiang Mai. Ride one of my bikes every day, and once established in PI will purchase a car, so out of the central area not a problem. Like to just get on and ride, see the area, multi day trips not a problem. Decent internet appreciated, and as said above, still enjoy the company of the ladies. Non smoker, non drinker. Had a large garden in Thailand, so don't mind that, but hard to do in a condo. From searching this - and other - PI forums it seems from other posters that if you want decent internet, live in Metro wherever. If you want a mor
  8. I read the thread in its entirety. But not many places mentioned, and the PI is a big place. Hoping for more results
  9. Thanks for the reply. In reading this thread have found only a few suggestions. Prefer to rent a condo on a high floor. Very little in the way of household goods as liquidating as we speak and will replace once on the ground and established in PI. Subic will most likely be my first stop, but as I do not know the islands well was hoping to hear from others in less well known areas I have never heard of. Research ongoing, but nothing compares to first hand boots-on-the-ground knowledge
  10. Planning a move from Thailand. Only been to PI a few times, so unsure where to hang my hat. Non smoker, non drinker, but enjoy the company of the ladies. Heard Cebu and Subic areas have decent accomodation. But rental websites I find hard to get a decent grip on what's available. Guess a recon trip would be best. Any ideas not mentioned above ? Only thing I would really like is decent WIFI. Will have a bike so out from the city centre not a problem
  11. I am planning my move from Thailand to Phils. Most likely Cebu, but open to other destinations too. Non smoker. Non drinker. So the bar scene is not my bag anymore. Ride my bikes every day, so that is a must. Seen some nice condos for long term in Manduae area. ETA fall 2020. Settle affairs here, got a contract back home. Then off I go
  12. Good afternoon. Are there any Agents available to escort you to acquire a drivers license ? In Thailand most Visa service companies provide this service, as they know the hoops to jump thru in their respective region and can help smooth the waers so to speak. I have both Canadian and Thai licenses for car and motorcycle Thanks
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