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  1. I am presently in the philippines with my wifes family. I am in dismay about how this white guy lives nearby. He is hiding from someone for sure. He build his home inside a huge concrete wall. He built a very large garage door that slides sideways. This house is on two floors. The only door on the house is the big garage door. Not one window in the entire house. I tried to say hello one day and he ignored my presence. He has an old video camera facing across his garage door so he can see who may be invading his only entranceway. I thought this simply was someone with mental problems attempting to stay safe. After reading all these stories I am wondering exactly who is he and why is he in hiding? Certainly he is hiding from someone. He does have a philippino lady with him. The locals here told me that much. In this case I mind my own business but still wonder. If I build a house here I have nothing to hide and I NEED a window or two at least even if I have to Cover it with bars. I mean this guys house is 12 feet above ground level and no windows what do ever.
  2. Yea. Shes so cool. Our babysitter has informed us that Mahala Baby! I warned her husband that his wife would form a bond and want one once we come back for her. His wife is filippina also.
  3. The truth is. Birds, animals,humans all have an expected life span. However genitics,diet habits and exercise all shorten or expand these lifetime expectancies. 3 years ago when I was walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City New Jersey, a much elder man approached me because he saw my African Grey (Baby) hanging out on my right shoulder. All he had to say to me was. He owned the same bird and his lived until it was 92 years of age. My parrot gets great exercise. In fact last summer she flew to the top of one of our forest trees. 75 feet right up. A parrot with little exercise tires out too quickly to do this. She also eats lots of special bird food made exclusively for parrots and has all (90) essential nutrients. Hopefully I can bring her here to Cebu.
  4. However. This bird speaks with my voice. Knows my everymove and is family. Like my only child. Its impossible get a 20 year relationship with a pet here in a store. I never clip her wings, she flies freely in our home. She is totally potty trained and never poops on my shoulders. When something scares her off my shoulders outside she always comes right back to me. This can't be bought anywhere in the philippines. This kind of relationship takes years of love, kindness and understanding.
  5. I have a 20 year age African Grey Parrot since she was 6 week of age. I am in Cebu at this time looking for land for sale and have in my mind. What if I can not bring my Baby. Baby is her name. Has anyone expierienced bringing a bird into the Philippines? She has never needed a vet and has potential to live much longer than 20.
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