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  1. Thanks, Tommy. So far a prescription for Avamys seemed to work the best, supplemented by antihistamine eyedrops. But... I finally got it was as the Narra trees were starting to be done blooming, so who's to know if the Avamys worked, or the irritants died down.. And the trees are totally done with their bloom now, but I'm still having some lesser eye irritation with darkened skin, wrinkles, and some itchiness. So maybe I've been blaming the wrong thing. We're all spending a lot more time online--particularly in jobs like mine with meetings and teaching--and it's possible all the screen time exacerbates it, but I still don't think that's the culprit. Once I can travel back to the U.S. with a guarantee that I can get back into the Philippines, I'll head over there on my [delayed] annual leave, and consult with my optometrist. Really appreciate the help from everyone in this forum.
  2. The campus on which I live has Narra trees all over. My husband keeps reminding me that I’m blaming something when I don’t know for sure that it’s the cause. However, these trees have been taking turns blooming and then dropping their yellow petals... for WEEKS. And my allergic reaction has been for weeks. I even notice my skin prickling; this makes me wonder if I’m just falling to the power of suggestion, like a person who gets desperately thirsty the minute someone says the water has been turned off when something gets repaired. I wonder when the Narra bloom will be over? However, I like living and working in the Philippines well enough that I would be willing to put up with it every years for the 10 years that we plan to live here! Right now I’m doing an Avamys-Zyrtec-antihistamine eyedrops daily routine. But the doctor also prescribed a medium-strength corticosteroid for me to try. I picked it up but haven’t tried it yet, as I prefer to go as low-key on meds as possible, and the current routine has things knocked down to a bearable level. (Sorry for the all the detail; hopefully it’s helpful to anyone else.)
  3. As an update: I think the Avamys has been working as well as anything I have tried. Not perfect, but my eyes are much better. About the pollens coming in on the sheets: I think you may be onto something. One of my relatives saw my sad-eyed photo on social media, and she commented that pollen falls on us all day, including settling into her hair, so her doctor suggested she shower off several times a day. I’m always on the lookout for the power of suggestion in making us think something works. But I tried showering before going to bed at night, and I think it may be a good strategy in addition to the morning showers (and sometimes midday). For what it’s worth...
  4. Yes, those are the trees that are making me miserable! They are Narra trees, and the doc here tells me that they bloom for weeks around our campus. I read online that they are the national tree of the Philippines. We’ve already done our one trip to the store this week, as allotted by the quarantine, so I will find someone heading that way, or else wait until Sunday when we can go again.
  5. Thanks for that tip and the photo of the meds, Heeb. I'll see if I might be able to procure some of this spray and give it a try. I expect to live in the Philippines for around 10 years, so I'd like to figure out how to get through these times of tree blooming on our campus in a less dramatic way. Input much appreciated.
  6. Thanks, Geoff. Very interesting. I've not had a shred of any other symptom, no respiratory issues, no headaches, no fever. You had me worried for a minute there, as I would hate to be a carrier. However, your website seems to indicate that at least the respiratory difficulties and fever would accompany conjunctivitis with COVID-19. And I've had this steadily for 3 weeks, with the eye itchiness worsening when I'm outside walking near flowering trees, so it's acting like an allergic reaction.
  7. Hi. I came here after trying to google what on earth might be causing my allergic conjunctivitis for the past 3 weeks. I live not far south of Manila, working at an international grad school. Eyes are terribly itchy, puffy/wrinkled, and watery. Doc on campus thought it might be the Narra trees, which are in bloom now. Maybe so, but I can't find much online that indicates that they cause what I'm experiencing. I'm currently taking Zyrtec and Zantac, and opatidine (antihistamine) eyedrops as well. Not having any side effects from the meds, but they also don't seem to give a lot of relief. Thanks for what you all have posted here. Not sure what else I can do, but I thought I'd add to the discussion, along with a sad photo of the eyes, which don't usually sport wrinkles or bags in any notable measure. I've thought of contacting my doc back in California, but am not sure if she could shed any further light on the topic, especially as the Philippines may or may not have similar meds to those in the U.S.
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