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  1. I think we need a 3 month Dengue lockdown now. Here's some Dengue Feverto pick you up though Cambodian singer, LA based band.
  2. Interested depending which forum members are featured and how clothed they are?
  3. Not what you're asking but we converted some large old houses into apartments. Did the "plans" myself my girl translating and chalk lines to make sure, told the foreman what to do, and then WATCH then every step, don't go for lunch they'll brick up the window you told them about 5 times - "Oh, sorry sir, we'll make a window in the brick wall" Works out much cheaper if you control it though, much cheaper. A cautionary tale: a lady we know in a far flung province had her Aussie BF build an Australian spec house, very nice place, something happened with him, he never moved that and she can't afford hte upkeep, she was trying to sell it for a million peso which was a good discount already, last I heard she's trying to sellit for 250,000P - seeing as where it is even though it is fantastic value, it is only fantastic value if you can sell to a foreigner who wants to live there. I can buy a local style "holiday house" there for 50,000P This may not be advice suitable for what you want but future readers will find the title and may benefit? Anyway that's my 2 sentavo, collect 98 more and you can buy a piece of candy :)
  4. If there was going to be an outbreak it would have happened in Tondo where people live in 6ft*6ft rooms, there is NO possibility of social distancing for the poor. Also I'd like to ask why aren't the garbage men dying in droves???? Really good series on the Tondo slums from Al Jazeera - https://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/the-slum/ The article title says it all - https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/21/american-billionaires-got-434-billion-richer-during-the-pandemic.html Any wonder why the big tech giants/legacy media are pushing for further lockdown?
  5. Maybe he could do a run to somewhere the emergency has finished like Japan, come back, worst case deal with a 2 week quarantine? Take his "Cohabitation partner" with him might help too. He should probably stay as long as he can then enquire at a major immigration centre before going in my limited opinion.
  6. Whatever the banks decide is best for their balance sheets is the answer. That is unless nearly all the world's countries can wrestle control of their money supply back from private banks known as The Fed in the US, Federal Reserve Bank in Australia, and various deceptively named variations in other countries. The IMF and World Bank are privately owned companies too. No wonder the world is in such a mess (and why you've always been better off investing in banks rather than storing your money in one).
  7. Try some travel agencies, and if they try any funny business with your passport get a lawyer involved quickly, there was one in Subic being a terror to new guys.
  8. George spoke a lot of truth, just said it in a comical manner. I'll save my rant on overprotective disinfectant parents and say "Go George!"
  9. Great topic. Sardines have been particularly hard hit with consumption way up, no one cares about the sardines ;) Back to OP, with any luck the general quarantine will last a couple fo weeks then we'll be free to move within country at least. I do remember something about locking down for a few weeks to "flatten the curve", but that went out the window.
  10. On the ladies chatting. In Pattaya one tiem was walking along the stret past an Internet Cafe, looked in the window and the girl there had 6 different video chat windows open chatting to 6 different guys. She looked at me like a fish cuaght in headlights, I just smiled back and walked on.
  11. I stand corrected on the smoke colours, I was simplifying, as a blown head gasket doesn't usually last on the road for weeks on end while I've seen local bus companies blowing clouds black smoke for weeks on end. (You'd think the fuel savings would encourage them to fix it). We have one really old 2 stroke trike near my place, owner operated "have no money" called him a liar to his face as we own a trike here and I know how much our driver makes. I'd hesitate to agree on the old engines though, once rebuilt they are as new, and rebuilds aren't that expensive, usually the commercial jeepney engines are replaced with "japan surplus" engines every so often too. Whether they do it or pay a backhander at registration time is another issue though. Then there's whole saving costs to purchase one of the new 'jeepneys' that are coming into service in Manila to factor in too. I've been behind a jeepney with no brake lights suddenly brake to pick up a pasenger too.... so yeah, I have to agree. Though to be fair once they changed the green buses and regulated the red buses in Bangkok their was a noticable differnce in air quality. My 2 sentavo.
  12. Near the exit of an SM in Quezon City there are people sitting under the trees with signs up asking for money. A fellow near where I live had a shop before and is now "homeless" as his family are locked down elsewhere and "family troubles" asked him if he needed anything, he asked for a pair of pants, showed me his jeans had split right across the backside. A bunch of theives ran past my house the other day but the residents were giving half hearted chase, they didn't come back (yet). The mango tree behind my house has been stripped bare by kids climbing to the highest branches, when asked "no rice" was the explaination. Lots of people planting small gardens. Dogs and cats running around starving to death, we've taken in quite a few and go on runs to feed a bunch of others. Mind you we are in a working class area but it doesn't seem to be doing too badly, though I'm now seen as the rich foreigner even though my car is older than anyones, as are my clothes. Then on TV a few nights ago I saw old people in line for food handouts for over 24 hours crying and pleading - I do not know which province as I can't understand more than a few phrases yet (still). Samar was hit by the recent typhoon that obliterated 80% of the buildings, so they are suffering. I heard through the grapevine that the local police chief who has a concrete house took in about 30 people, and a lot of the stored rice is now water damaged.
  13. Except the 'players' usually have multiple accounts as they know this. I'd say it depends upon if you're after a fling or marriage. The longer you know someone,even chatting, I think it'd help in the latter. I'd also think if you've been here a bunch of times OP's method would be more practicable and likely the course I'd chose if I were single again. Newcomers will ned to lear nas much as they can to avoid 'Ed' like situations. Then of course lots of guys are stuck in a lockdown with little else to do.
  14. Or they could just enforce the pollution laws they have. Many trucks, buses and jeepneys belch black smoke which is just laziness as it's a few hundred peso at worst (spark plugs, that can often be cleaned and reset a couple of times) and a couple of minor adjustments to a few screws to fix. White smoke is a different problem though, that's oil burning and required an engine rebuild - on the white smoke issue I'd like to say I do think the 2 stroke trikes need to be forced to upgrade.
  15. The same happened in Thailand with last figures I looked at being projected to be suicides being double the covid deaths. These of course were mainly the poor who everyone seems to forget about. Unsettling.
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