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  1. Sorry forgot to reply to say thanks for the replies! I purchased the game on Live-Now for P100 and it was very good reception & coverage on my smart TV with no issues! So I recommend for future sporting events 👍🏻 Wish I hadn’t bothered now 😂. The best team won in the end but it prepares us better for the World Cup Next Year! Thanks for the replies & recommendations, have a great day 😀
  2. Good morning everyone! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question but I was just wondering if anyone knows how to watch the Euro Final Football Game between England v Italy which is showing at 3am tomorrow morning. Obviously all the bars are closed here in Bantayan Island so no-one is showing the game. Does anyone have a link I can watch it or know if it’s on any Cignal Satalite Channels? Any Advice would be much appreciated. Have a great day!
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I guess it’s a good price but I also want to get my contents insured for burglary / theft as a few places have been done over Xmas. Maybe I just go to the bank and get a quote for Building & Contents Insurance!
  4. Ok thanks! Do you also have contents insurance or not bother!
  5. Hi All, It seems like a lot of my friends here on the Island do not have Buildings & Contents Insurance but now I’ve built a few rooms to rent and a bar I think I want to get Insured. What companies and policies are everyone using? Do you know where the best policy’s are in Philippines? I’m about to do some research but just wanted to see what other people are using and how much is it per month. PNB Bank are offering Insurance and the amount depends on the total value of the property but not sure if this is competitive with other companies. A 5m value property will cost 7953 per year insurance which covers: - Fire & Lightning, Earthquake, Typhoon, Flood, Riot, Strikes & Malicious Damage - Plumbing, electrical, locksmith, glasswork Is this good? Who is everyone else insured with? Thanks in advance! Darren
  6. Thank you all for your advice and comments. I’ve definitely learned my lesson here & will buy the materials myself & pay the workers daily / weekly with close supervision. The good news is I had a meeting with the Owner & Foreman and after serious words and threats to take legal action (of which I wouldn’t) they have agreed to finish the 3 rooms and bar with no extra costs. Thank you again for all your advice and comments!!
  7. Hi All, Hope you are well. I need some advice on a bit of a shit situation. So I agreed with the builders to build me 3 rooms with CR and a bar for 1m. This has been confirmed on FB messenger with detailed plans / measurements / layout etc. (The builders were recommended from a good friend who has had 2 houses built and no problems). We got the plans drawn up and building permits etc and had the detailed costings of all materials / labour etc which came to total of 775k. I paid them 500K up front for materials then 35k a week salary even though there was only 6 workers for first 8 wk then 2/3 for the next 6 weeks. They also asked for an additional 100k advance for windows etc so I paid. I have receipts for every transaction. We are now on wk 15 so obviously I have paid my 1m a few weeks ago. Since then work has dramatically slowed down, only 2 people per day and not much is getting done. They are nearly finished the 3 rooms/Cr except no windows, electrics or plumbing and haven’t started the bar. They are now asking for more money and out of budget. Has anyone had this and can I case a file against them? Is it legally binding an agreement on messages? I don’t have any money to give them for the project as I‘be spent on beds etc for the rooms. I also have no income coming in until I rent these rooms out but still unfinished! Any advice or similar experiences you can share would be much appreciated! I don’t know what to do!
  8. Yes sounds about right, when I was living in Siargao plenty of that was happening!
  9. The bar will be 2.5m high, 3m wide and 4m long. But as you said I think the Municipal / Local government / Barangay have different rules and regulations. But like Tommy said many buildings / houses here do not have permits.
  10. Yes that is what I was thinking. I have friends here that have built a house and extensions without a permit but just wanted to put on here to see what the general consensus is.
  11. Good morning everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend! I’m thinking of building a small bar in my garden no bigger than 4m x 3m and a small seating area next to it. I was wondering if anyone else built one here in Philippines? Just a few questions: - Do I need a building permit to build a small bar this size? - How much is estimated cost to build? Thinking of just using hallow blocks / concrete & keeping it simple. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.
  12. Ok thanks for the advice, much appreciated! Have a great weekend!
  13. Ok so you think I should just fit the 3 Electric shower Units first to see how they work and check the pressure. Then if the water pressure is not great add a water booster jet pump?
  14. Thanks HK, I did look at Lazada and Shopee but I don’t really trust the delivery and some don’t give you the warranty! If I buy from my local store they give me the 1 year warranty and if anything goes wrong they will be straight out to fix. Whereas if you order online it’s harder to fix, sending parts back, time consuming and some don’t have the warranty. Also had friends order from both sites and it has taken over a month for delivery to this island. But thanks for your help. I think I’m going to buy the 3 Panasonic Electric Showers from UNI Homes here in Bantayan. If the water pressure is not sufficient then I will buy a decent water pressure booster pump and if needed a compressor! Thank you everyone for your advice and replies. Much appreciated, have a great day!
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies. The problem we have on the island is the lack of choice. We only have 2 small stores on the island selling a limited selection of heaters & showers so I don’t really have the option to buy the Stiebel Eltron. The only decent electric showers are Panasonic. Cebu City is the nearest city where you can buy most things but it’s 1 Hour ferry plus 4 hour bus each way and then we need all sorts of Passes & Certificates, then 14 days quarantine when we get back so not really an option. Maybe I go for the Electric Showers with booster Jet pumps built in, then hopefully the Water pressure will be ok! Thanks for your advice!
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