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  1. Thanks for all the replies and advice, lots to take into consideration. Does anyone know how much in total this will cost me? The Panosonic showers are 7500 each so that’s 22,500. The builder has told me he will buy cables etc and install but how much is the water pressure booster pump, heaters, compressor etc? What will the total price be? Just an estimate to give me an idea. Thanks!
  2. Hi jimeve, do you know how much these cost and are they easy to install? How does it work?
  3. Thanks for your reply. We are on Bantayan Island, Cebu so we have a mixture of locals who come here for the weekend / holidays and foreign travellers who pop over to the island for a few days too. Thats what I was thinking, do they expect a decent warm shower when they stay. Some hotels / guest houses have them and some don’t. I’ve seen some Panasonic Electric showers In Uni Home for 8k that look ok, but we would have to buy them ourselves then add the cost of heaters etc and then we are not sure on how good the water pressure is going to be. Whereas if we got a standard shower the builders would pay / fit as part of the price. (The water is warm if it’s been a sunny day so not really cold). We are still undecided and worried about the water pressure if we got electric showers.
  4. Hello Guys, Just wanting some advice on if we should put Electric Warm showers in our new cottages when built or just standard cold showers. We recently moved into our house In March and are now building 3 new cottages just in front, so it will be the same water supply from the Municipal. When we moved in our house the water pressure and supply was almost non existence so we build a water tower with 4 barrels (2 up & 2 down) with a Sperolli Water pump (QB 60 - 220v) which helped the pressure in the house but It’s still not really strong. We are worried if we add three electric showers that the water pressure will be very low in the cottages and will effect the pressure in the house. We are still not sure how we can increase the water pressure if we added these? We will be renting these 3 cottages out so wondering if guests would want hot water / electric shower or just put standard showers in. What would you recommend that we do and how can we increase the water supply pressure in our 3 new cottages if we add 3 electric showers or standard? What is the estimated cost for water heaters etc? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Darren
  5. Thank you for all your replies and feedback. Yes sorry for the confusion in the Title “Nipa Huts”, that’s what my girlfriend was calling them but it’s more like a cottages I’m looking to build with concrete walls and wooden roof. I’ve had 3 different quotes varying from 100,000 to 350,000 pesos per cottage but I have a local builder coming round after the ecq has finished to have a look at the land & dimensions. He was recommended from a friend who build his westernised house here and said he was very professional and got the job done within the specified amount of time allocated (or they would pay his rent 🤣). I’ve looked at the house & inside and it’s been done to a high specification. I sold my house back in England to set up a small resort here in the Philippines so that is my ambition and dream. I already have a house here with some land at the front so I will build 3 small cottages and a bar / restaurant. Then at least all my friends & family can stay as well as tourists & I’ve always wanted a bar in my garden so happy days 😂! I know that it’s probably the wrong time to start investing now with the virus going on and the uncertainty of future tourists coming to the island. But I would much rather invest my money here on Bantayan Island rather than England. I think with the plans of building a commercial airport on the island will also increase the value of my property & land. Thanks again for all your advice, much appreciated!
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice. I have now found a few builders on the Island who are going to give me some quotes. Really appreciate your help, thanks again!
  7. I’m wanting to build 3 small Nipa Huts / cottages to rent. I will attach a few pictures of the type of design I’m looking for. It will be concrete walls with wooden roof. The size of each hut will be around 18 ft x 10 ft (so approximately 17.3 sq meters each). Each hut will be very basic; just a main room for a bed & units (no kitchen) with the CR at the back for shower, sink & toilet. Maybe extra space at the front for small balcony. Has anyone had something similar built here in Philippines? What is the estimated total cost to design and built 3 of these huts? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Darren
  8. Ok thanks! I will contact them by phone but I’m just wondering if anyone has any recommended building contacts on Bantayan Island or Cebu. Do you know of any?
  9. Hello, Just joined this site and this is my first post so not sure how active this forum is but here goes! I’m looking for some Building / Construction contacts preferably on Bantayan Island or Cebu area to build me 3 Cottages / Nipa Huts. I’ve contacted a few Architects / Builders from Star of Service using Google but not getting much replies or feedback on quotes / prices. Can anyone recommend any reputable companies / contractors / builders / contacts that I can email to get some quotes. Many thanks, Darren
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