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  1. If that's what it says on the invoice, you're paying at least $1000 USD to customs. Learned this the hard way. Oh and customs doesn't return-to-sender things that you don't pay duties and taxes for, so you pay it or you lose it.
  2. Exactly, lockdowns have done more damage than this 'pandemic' ever could.
  3. That's his first mistake, basing conclusion on PH news. His second mistake is not including anything important in his clickbait article, for example the exact number of deaths due to covid.
  4. This is why I found a wife with one relative
  5. I'm hoping you got a deal but I'm thinking you didn't. First, he shouldn't have charged you a downgrade fee, since you were already in a 50 mbps plan, unless he meant downgrade from Cignal... Second, your 100 mbps is the temp boost speed, after a month of that it will drop to the regular 2099 plan 50 mbps. He did give you one deal though, because those discounts are only for upgrades, meaning you were only supposed to get the 100 mbps or 200 mbps with discounts, but he gave you the 50 plan with discount.
  6. Our gas tank is outside so I don't think we'd be going out there to turn it on / off every time we cook. I'm still trying to the info on the two different Solane tanks, AS and POL.
  7. Wheres the switch? I had one before when it was just a countertop burner but now with an oven the hose is hidden in the back.
  8. Same here, the speedtests are fast, but apps load really slow, especially phone apps, started yesterday.
  9. Our Gasul needs more frequent replacing, at least once a month. We suspected a leak, and leaks are tested with a bar of soap and some water. The regulator valve is also cheap plastic but that's all they had in the hardware departments and hardware stores. So we're probably going to switch to Solane which has a locking system, but that also means purchasing a new valve / regulator etc, finding a new delivery service, etc.
  10. Thanks, my other question was this: Does anyone use the larger 50kg tanks for in their residence? That won't fit Gasul tanks.
  11. Where in Philippines can I buy an LP tank leak detector safety cutoff in line with your regulator and hose attached to the tank (detects leaks) Is anyone using the much larger tanks for home use? It'd be nice to worry about refills for half a year or so. Edited and made new topic..... Dan
  12. Could be a regional rule, I'm waiting to hear if anyone actually gets a 6 month extension this month, March, and where.
  13. They stopped the 6 month extensions about a month ago so you just had good timing...unless something changed again, which nobody will ever know unless someone tries again and reports it here.
  14. Maybe one day the BI will reveal their officially updated rules and regulations.
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