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  1. A wise man told the smaller a family a Filipina has, the better.
  2. The explanation is asking for 5k increases from you works.
  3. Not under ECQ or GCQ, they specifically and repeatedly said that is not urgent business, over 60 not allowed out for any business, and only one 21 to 60 family member can go out for essentials like food or meds.
  4. Makes sense, and unless they are checking addresses, which I don't think they do, then it would mean that's the expiration for everyone in Cebu with a tourist Visa. Especially considering that travel agencies have been closed, and may remain closed throughout GCQ, and they often hold passports for foreigners.
  5. They could be open to serve those in areas not in GCQ, or for exit clearances. GCQ is pretty clear that non-essential workers should stay home unless food-shopping, and no seniors at all, so I'm not sure how they could reasonably impose fines for not going to immigration.
  6. Depends on where you're located, Cebu just started its GCQ for 15 days and will then have an MGCQ so possibly September.
  7. I may have to test this. Were you overdue, due to the lockdowns, and was this any issue besides the additional payment?
  8. Can you list your age and what extensions you got prior to receiving that 6 months? I've been told those may limit the option. I wonder what the actual reason for that is. What proof did they give you, a printout?
  9. Sounds like it's only for gov employees?
  10. Where did you get these forms, and where did you send them? I'd pay my local US post office to forward all mail to my foreign address, but they don't want my money.
  11. Does anyone here successfully use these services for credit card / bank mailing address?
  12. And THAT is why I put my bread in the ref, I was looking forward to a loaf of sourdough, I break a piece off without looking at it, and right before eating it the ant-alarm went off on my hand. Looked, saw an ant on my hand, then looked at the bread and it was covered.
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