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  1. Next time I get a replacement card sent to the US, I'll try that. But you still need to keep an address in the US, for all the bank accounts, correct?
  2. No kidding? Tell it to them, and it was an Amex debit card. You never answered: Are you adding addresses to your online account, and then having them sent there? Or just giving any current address to a service rep in a call center?
  3. Same message they give when they can't send the cards at all: their 'system is not set up for it'. Much easier to get a relative or other third party to do it.
  4. You finally figured out I'm only talking about banks in the US? As for HSBC, what matters is the address you use to open the account, and, again, I'm talking about US HSBC accounts. I'm sure I could get my US HSBC cards sent to the PH like Snowy did, because we both have PH HSBC accounts linked to our main accounts.
  5. You still need an address on the account, and I'm talking specifically about US banks. Also you have an international HSBC account in the PH linked, so that would be a reason you'd be able to get the foreign card sent to the PH. Credit or debit cards? Etrade refused, Capital One refused, even Amex refused. I can't remember what Chase said, this was awhile ago. Are you adding addresses to your online account, and then having them sent there? Or just giving any current address to a service rep in a call center?
  6. Last time I checked, my US banks wouldn't send any cards to an international address, only the US address listed on the account. This was a few years ago before the chips, though I know some still won't do it 'for security reasons'. Did you add a foreign address on your US bank account online?
  7. Schwab is set up for international accounts but most US banks won't send replacements cards to a foreign address.
  8. Which banks do that for you and what shipper do they use? That's a recipe for fraud which is why most banks won't do it.
  9. DHL, Express Mail, FedEx. One of my cards is still in the US and I've been using it over a year for internet purchases, just needed a photo of the front and back.
  10. I can't find my last post, but as the subject is "the future", here are two compelling articles expanding on exactly that:
  11. Manny doesn't take damage like Ali did, and in 20 years he's only been KO'd twice. It's not like he fights much anyway, I'd say he's still got a few years and a few big money fights left if he wants.
  12. Has anyone gotten a Covid antibody test in the PH, or know anything getting them? Helpful for those who think they were previously infected and recovered.
  13. COVID-19 vaccination: 23 elderly people dead after Pfizer shot in Norway https://www.businesstoday.in/current/world/covid-19-vaccination-23-elderly-people-dead-after-pfizer-shot-in-norway/story/428119.html
  14. nice thread tags "harmless joke" "simple fact" So here is a leader who isn't afraid to flex and state his opinion...any opinion. Doubtful the locals can truly appreciate that but I certainly do.
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