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  1. And why would they, when they can collect welfare and get free medical from the tax-paying citizens? The clear point here is that the comparison of third-world immigration into the West, and Western immigration into the PH, is not a valid comparison in any way, shape or form. The PH today has demographics and immigration policy similar to the US and Europe before 1960, back when those nations put their citizens first, before they were invaded by the "open borders" Marxists bent on replacing the host population. That's the result of the welcoming liberal Western tradition that, luckily for
  2. Yeah, because the host populations want them to be. Funny how you don't see any Filipinos complaining, or Japanese, or any nation that hasn't been programmed into believing their nation not only needs but "benefits" in any way from an influx of refugees. Only the West, and only because of the Left, they open the borders and let the third world flow in, not for the benefit of the host population, but to increase their own voter base. They're learning the hard way about the error of their ways, which is why the Left is finally losing elections, but while they learn, I'm happily l
  3. The Western world has a lot to learn from PH Senator Richard Gordon.
  4. Exactly, who doesn't benefit financially. The elite protect their interests by making it near impossible for outsiders to become citizens, they own all the land and all the big business. They build endless condos, then thousands of Chinese/Koreans 'retire' at 35, pay $50,000 for the SRRV, and use that money to purchase a condo. It's possible the concern is that they aren't exactly 'retired', and somehow by working in the PH they're siphoning money away from the locals (as well as breaking the law).
  5. You realize those foreigners are refugees who don't assimilate and take money from the host population, and the situation in the Philippines is literally the exact opposite, right?
  6. If only the host populations of Western Europe followed the Philippines example...
  7. Thanks, Chief, that's interesting. I had assumed you paid cash because that seems to be more typical here, and so I was wondering about that kind of that transaction, specifically how funds are safely transferred, and what the buyer gets at that time.
  8. If they go to the cops (which they will never do), the cops will likely give them another smack. Years ago it was much worse with the beggars and pickpockets, but the cops started going after the parents and now it's barely an issue. Just ignore them, you aren't doing them any favors and in fact can get in trouble for giving them anything. The only exceptions are the ones who are "working", selling things like those flower bracelets or towels, I always buy whatever they have.
  9. Who paid the capital gains tax? How long did it (or will it) take to get the title in your wife's name? How / where did you make payment?
  10. Mine will call any phone, including international.
  11. Was the PH account a peso account or your home currency? Apparently there are restrictions if you open a peso account and you want to make global transfers.
  12. Your UK was Advance, and then your new PH was another Advance? I have a US HSBC account that isn't Advance, I'm wondering if I open an Advance in PH, will they be able to link, will they even be able to see it and use my address on it like they did with yours. If not, hopefully I can upgrade the US account to Advance.
  13. ha, there's nothing basic about Premier, it's one of the best bank accounts if not the best, but those requirements, $75,000 minimum balance?
  14. Just to confirm, your account with HSBC was Premier? Because I think that's the only way you can link.
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