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  1. Maybe, go to a fruit stand or outdoor market and when you see all the big fancy cars and SUVs always pulling up and filling up, you can ask them if they live in IT Park, Cebu.
  2. What you want is a vendor or store that has a direct connection to a supplier, so if they're a little street place that only stocks a few dozen eggs, probably not. But if they have a few dozen trays of 30 eggs each, better. Something else funny about supermarket eggs here is that the "Cage-Free" ones are always brown, as if that means anything. Sure, the yolks are more orange but that color could be done purposefully with colored feed.
  3. That wouldn't be bad advice, the local market produce is always fresher and better priced, and that includes eggs. You could also get eggs on Grab Mart or Foodpanda, a tray of 30 for around 200p And if you need any imported foods or household items, there's Shopee.
  4. All the time, but it's not his house, it's hers, and since it's hers, the large family considers it theirs. It's not a house problem, it's a brain problem, your German friend didn't think that marrying his first Filipina gf would be as bad an idea as marrying his first German gf. She was so good at the playing the role and making him happy, that he didn't consider the million other eligible candidates outside his door. Biggest mistake any foreigner here can make and they make it all the time, duped by underestimating the 'simple' Filipina.
  5. Those are tourist eggs, stop buying eggs in the mall supermarkets and start buying them in street market trays the way locals do. Native eggs are the best, but the smallest, and by far the priciest. You don't even need a tray, they're so tough you can just carry them in a bag.
  6. They need an antibody test, ideally so would anyone before getting a Covid vaccine. Not likely to happen though. And why would they trust what they're getting jabbed with? The last vax I got and every expat in the PH should get is Hep B. I got the required doses at a reputable medical clinic. A few years later I had blood work done by a doctor in a hospital, I noticed the negative Hep B antibody test. Shocked, I explained to the doctor. She was not shocked, or even surprised at this "vaccine scam". So she gave me doses of the actual vaccine, and then the antibodies later showed up on the test.
  7. There is nothing in the definition that says a leader has to do anything. Well it was unpopular with Democrats, that's why the bill initially failed. And the amendment push came long after the war started, you may need a refresher course on foreign history, start with the part where Lincoln wanted to deport all slaves he just freed. The point is a competent elected leader follows the majority will of the citizenry who elected him, and your examples where the will of the people is "wrong", according to your own opinion, is entirely irrelevant.
  8. Recognize the people have spoken, they don't want vaccines, they don't want lockdowns, do your job and represent the will of the people.
  9. An obviously non-provable statement. Some people take care of themselves physically and accept the risks of the big scary planet, like they've been doing their entire adult life. And others voluntarily welcome something into their blood that at best, only reduces symptoms, or worse, may kill them. Not a difficult decision, though I support the sentiment that everyone else should take their chances with a vaccine...
  10. It has, there's now 4 big Gaisano malls and one Super Metro spread around the island. The downside is they have the same crap as every other mall, not much imported goods like Ayala or Seaside. If OP's renting a condo, Mactan Newtown is the developed zone on the island, many condos, a new food court, a new supermarket, even a private school.
  11. Seems a better idea would be to auction them off, but that would break another weird rule that cars imported into the PH can't be sold for 3 years.
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