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  1. I suggested it, they declined, they only want PH bank checks so I had to get a PH checking account.
  2. I know how to log in if it's connected, my question is since the primary router is already connected to Fibr, where do you connect the 2nd router to get online? I'm assuming it needs to be online in order to log in to it.
  3. I'm about to try this for the first time but not sure how to proceed. I have a PLDT Fibr account with router, and a 2nd PLDT router from an old account. How do I access the 2nd router's settings to change the IP and DHCP, before connecting it with a cable to the primary router?
  4. Not free, they're included in the Mesh package price.
  5. Actually that comes as a big surprise, which itself is not surprising as those brands would want to keep that hidden. Well that explains and in a way legitimizes all the counterfeit 'class A' Gucci and Prada fakes, same as Nike and the rest.
  6. Sites like dotproperty, lamudi, trovit don't just not remove expired ads, they repost them as new, a big waste of time for potential buyers/renters. FB has a different problem, I've had sellers raise the price as soon as I respond to their ad, like I wouldn't notice...
  7. Is that right, got a source? That would be pretty funny: "Made in Italy by Chinese" costing 1000 times more than "Made in China by Chinese".
  8. They want to make sure their listings aren't excluded from searches with maximum prices set, so it wouldn't be 123456789 unless they aren't good at math. Same reason a zero is often "accidentally" added to lot sqm sizes...
  9. Yep, same numbers I posted here: I did have to call for help, and they did help, by sending an authorized technician because I had premium on-site service (worth the cost).
  10. That's exactly how they do it, you won't find any Dell service centers, you have to call Dell support, then they will give you the address where to bring the laptop or where to call to get an on-site engineer...who will show up in a "XYZ Computers" or whatever uniform which looks shady but they get the job done. Same thing with my LG TV, no LG service centers or LG techs, but the authorized repair shops can handle it.
  11. You can still go through official Dell warranty channels to fix it in the PH, even if you aren't covered they will still repair it for a fee. Dell EMC | Dell Tech L3 Office Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM MNL Time Direct Hotline: 1-800-160-10059 || 1-800-1601-0061 (Tollfree) Dell Basic Warranty Support hours of Operation: Mon-Friday 9AM - 6PM Direct Hotline: +632 883 0677 (Local Line) Last time I did that they sent an authorized technician from https://villman.com/
  12. You want to rent a house in Cordova.
  13. But do you see decreasing prices? Maybe for rentals, but not for condo or house sales. In the entire country, there is only a handful of big cities that foreigners and wealthy Filipinos want to live, so demand will always outweigh supply. And the ones who own the supply have old money to last through any temporary setback.
  14. Under normal circumstances, can anyone with a marriage certificate go to a BI to get a BB stamp?
  15. How long does the regular slow process take? Meaning if you're already on a 9a, financial records aren't required for a 13a if done within the PH? It's only in your San Fran requirements.
  16. Good point, like a 12 month grace period within the 3 years...or could it extend a 9a beyond the 3 year limit?
  17. That's why I asked what the advantages are if you're already in the PH and don't plan on leaving, and it looks like there aren't any.
  18. And why would they, when they can collect welfare and get free medical from the tax-paying citizens? The clear point here is that the comparison of third-world immigration into the West, and Western immigration into the PH, is not a valid comparison in any way, shape or form. The PH today has demographics and immigration policy similar to the US and Europe before 1960, back when those nations put their citizens first, before they were invaded by the "open borders" Marxists bent on replacing the host population. That's the result of the welcoming liberal Western tradition that, luckily for
  19. Yeah, because the host populations want them to be. Funny how you don't see any Filipinos complaining, or Japanese, or any nation that hasn't been programmed into believing their nation not only needs but "benefits" in any way from an influx of refugees. Only the West, and only because of the Left, they open the borders and let the third world flow in, not for the benefit of the host population, but to increase their own voter base. They're learning the hard way about the error of their ways, which is why the Left is finally losing elections, but while they learn, I'm happily l
  20. The Western world has a lot to learn from PH Senator Richard Gordon.
  21. Exactly, who doesn't benefit financially. The elite protect their interests by making it near impossible for outsiders to become citizens, they own all the land and all the big business. They build endless condos, then thousands of Chinese/Koreans 'retire' at 35, pay $50,000 for the SRRV, and use that money to purchase a condo. It's possible the concern is that they aren't exactly 'retired', and somehow by working in the PH they're siphoning money away from the locals (as well as breaking the law).
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