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  1. Facebook IS the internet. There is messaging via Globe or Smart but for internet there is only Facebook. Everyone knows that.
  2. There may be some truth to that. We discovered the original "architect" we hired had only paid his guys full pay for one week. The rest of the time they got an allowance sometimes which was basically for subsistence. This is fairly common. The workers may or may not get their full pay when the job is finished. Much of the time the contractor tells his workers the owner hasn't paid or not paid enough. Since most contractors are not licensed by PCAB there is little recourse for the workers unless they can afford an attorney which of course they cannot.
  3. As a former president of the US used to say, "I feel your pain." During the building of my house I tried to be patient with cultural differences. My wife also had explained to me that even though you are a ship engineer and former building contractor when you were in the USA you cannot expect the people here to have the same standards. So I took all that to heart but eventually her patience ran out before mine and I also got a bit angry. She refused to make any more payments, allowances etc and politely told them that if they did not finish the job to our satisfaction there would be no more pa
  4. If you put a pressure tank and pump with about 3/4 hp you will have no problem with pressure ans supply to the heaters. If you have paying guests it is best to keep them happy. :)
  5. Call me crazy but the money spent on pretty sand could perhaps been better spent on waste treatment facilities. Beautifying a body of water containing raw sewage seems foolish. It's like polishing a full toilet that won't flush. I imagine more people could have been employed to upgrade the waste water discharging into the bay than were employed mining sand and shipping it around the country to put lip stick on this pig. But, one has to know who got paid how much to mine and ship the sand to fully understand the reason behind this project.
  6. I finally got all my documents properly apostilled, physical, deposit etc completed and turned in the application in to the SRRV agent in Makati Wednesday. I asked how long it would take and he said one month. Upon further questioning he said maybe 2 months due to....Covid 19. We shall see. I'll keep folks posted.
  7. After 2 marriages in the USA I made it a policy to never marry someone who insisted on getting married. Most folks in the Philippines that live together or have children together are not legally married so going along with the local norms was my way of assimilating into the culture for quite a few years.
  8. I don't even buy a used car until I check out the history of how that model performed for other people so I certainly won't be the first in line for a vaccine without a track record. I am seriously concerned about these drug companies rushing out a vaccine to be the first to make the most money rather than the first to make the most effective vaccine.
  9. Whenever my friends ask about all the news they hear, on Facebook of course, about a Covid 19 vaccine and how soon it will be available I remind them of the dengue vaccine and how that worked out for the Philippines. There will be a vaccine eventually but the people of the Philippines should not be the guinea pig for the rest of the world.
  10. I have settled many places. Only felt the need to have a gun in two places and both of those were in South Florida, left those neighborhoods as soon as I could. I lived in the Philippines for most of the last 5 years, it suits me. Previously lived in S. Korea for 3 years, Singapore for 2 years, the Dominican Republic for 3 years and Haiti for 9 years. Only in Haiti did I have a gun because I made trips to the bank to exchange money for payroll so I took the gun out of the safe on that day, carried it with me. I own 2 shotguns in the USA because I enjoy shooting sporting clays when I visit and
  11. When I find myself living in a place that I feel the need to have a gun to protect myself from the surrounding citizens I move.
  12. About 90% of all notebooks are made in Taiwan by one of their ODMs Original Design Manufacturers. There are about 10 ODMs in Taipai and the surrounding area. Quanta is the biggest. Compal in Taipai makes for Dell, HP, Acer etc. Foxconn is another big manufacturer especially for Apple. It's really an interesting place to visit. You can go to one of the little shops with a list of specs you want and they'll build it for you with the same components Dell, HP etc use. , they'll even put your own logo on it. But you won't save any money.
  13. I have a Lenovo and bought the extended warranty, both purchased while I was in the USA. Had an issue with the AC adaptor in the laptop. Contacted Lenovo and they directed me to a Lenovo authorized service provider in Quezon Province. Made an appointment and though the place looked sketchy they got it repaired the same day, no charge.
  14. No. I wondered if they would work with the no neutral Meralco wiring at first so I put one in, plugged up an old extension cord and deliberately shorted it out. Got a tiny spark and it tripped. I seem to recall them tripping at a 4-5 amp change in current within 1/30th of a second according to specifications. That is a good thing .
  15. Two prong plugs work on GFCIs. The GFCI protects people as it senses sudden current changes. If you plug in your two prong toaster and put it in some water it will see the sudden increase in power consumption and trip in a microsecond. Remember that since GFIs detect sudden current changes you don't want to use them for large motors as the in-rush current could cause them to trip.If you put a GFCI on the first receptacle in your kitchen it will protect the ones downstream of it too. The third prong of a receptacle that serves as ground is more an equipment protector than a people protector, y
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