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  1. Good day everybody, I am getting close to take the plunge to stay in the Philippines RE marriage , house etc etc, would somebody clarify the (13A ) visa is this mandatory, or we are given a time period , or is it optional, these Embassies are Eager to post all the fees. is there another type of visa for us expats, it seems that half the train is left in the tunnel. anyone out there with some clarity will be greatly appreciated. DR B J Dent
  2. Good day everybody, Just a short question to all you guys What is a good bank for an expat, I have a current account and a dollar account in the EU!!! can I get the same here as well in the Philippines??? Barrie J Dent
  3. This is for the attention of Mr jolly-good fellow My divorce documents are from May 8th 1997, I was in Barbados as Food and beverage manager, and I went to the Dominican republic to get a divorce , I have all the great big stamps from judges and lawyers and also endorsed by the vice consul of the United states of America with a translation to English from Spanish, I may sound paranoid but I want all my ducks in a row. Your views on this matter . I understand , and I quote from the Philippine authorities say that all divorce documents must be translated into English. does it bother
  4. Yes I have divorce Documents, I have two sets one from the Dominican witnessed by the US consul, and one from the UK, for the same person, any further help will be greatly appreciated I have been to the Philippines many times in the navy but the wording of what to do gives me a Headache
  5. I already have the documents to be completed to get a 13A visa whats all this about going to Singapore to see the doctor and xrays etc etc, I think I owe you a bottle of champagne!!! B J Dent
  6. To mr good fellow so you are saying I need only my divorce documents, please confirm this is very important as I already have those divorce documents, any further information will be greatly appreciated. I look forward hearing from you Barrie J Dent
  7. Good day to all you established expats. I have a problem, at the end of the summer I Will be moving to the Philippines, to marry a Philippine citizen, My dilemma is for myself secure a COC I must get a FIN Card ID, can anybody help me , to where I can get this confounded ID Card (Number) in the Uk I think its called a n NRIC national registration Identification Card Barrie J Dent
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