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  1. so what would you advice, just arrive on a 30 day entry visa, then go immigration and a for a 6 month visa, if so would i still have to go immigration periodically ?
  2. i am planning on staying a long time just didnt want the hassle of going to immigration every 29 days, i thought getting a 12 month visa would stop that, also if i did not have to leave i would prefer to stay. When i was in Vietnam i had 3 month visa but had to leave the country and re enter
  3. hello this is my first post on this forum. i have searched for a answer to my problem but could not find one that is why i am seeking advice once this lockdown is over i am planning on returning to the philippines but i intend to go to the philippine embassy in london to aquire a 12 month multi entry visa. this is what i am hoping would happen. i enter the philippines and after 59 days go to immigration and get another 59 day stamp, or do i have to leave the country ? if the former can i keep doing this , just go to immigration every 59 days. i hope someone can help
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