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  1. I love it. I've always admired how resourceful Filipinos are.
  2. OK...but you gotta hand it to the lady who figured out she could make 50 pisos renting them out.
  3. I'm a newly arrived ex-pat. Though I've travelled here a lot over the years. my wife and I are now embarked on settling in to retire here. I've had a lot of opportunities to shake my head and chuckle at how the Filipinos figure out how to solve a problem by using whatever they have handy. Yesterday, I experienced resourcefulness I just have to share. My bother in law drove my wife down to the San Fernando Pampanga civil government enclave yesterday to get her driver's license. All three of us were wearing the Philippine national uniform: t-shirts, chinellas, and shorts. The guard at
  4. OnMyWay had passed me a URL for an apparent part of the Forum where he had logged contact info for a recommended van service in the Subic area. Unfortunately, when I used it, the system gave me a big shrug. So...thought I'd insert the following here in the hopes it helps someone down the road (pun intended). My wife and I just spent a week in the general Subic area scouting around to see if we wanted to live there and doing some representative house hunting. OnMyWay had steered me to a guy named Dex, and I contacted him to arrange for a few days of driving us around - kind of combinati
  5. We almost had to go to Manila. The guy who initially screened our documents was baffled by my wife's dual citizenship certificate. One of the documents you note above was she had to provide a government issued ID. Right across the top of the dual citizenship certificate it says "Certificate of Identification". He said we had to go to Intramuros to get that validated. My wife argued with him. He finally went in and got an immigration officer who came out and looked at it and immediately said it was acceptable. Whenever dealing with people tasked to review a standard solution, they only k
  6. I THINK i remember the fixer saying the 13A takes about 6 weeks. From past posts I had heard that the ACR takes about 6 months...however, the fixer was telling me he had one client who had been waiting 8 months so far. As for the financial records...yeah...they were required for the 9A visa and not requested here for the 13A (but I had them with me, along with all the medical stuff, just in case because I was suspicious that the local application was so simplified...didn't quite trust what I was reading off the website.) I'd like to insert a little assumption that the PI governmen
  7. Yeah...I considered that...you could be dancing if your name is John Jones. Fortunately, my name is Floyd Braaten...and in all of Washington State there was only one other of those. So I'm low risk...assuming no one stole my identity. Little spooky that I have a 33 year history coming and going here. Who knows what's out there.
  8. Up until about February of 2020, a common piece of advice was to apply for your 13A Permanent Resident Visa while in the US. Unfortunately, when the COIVD lockdowns and travel restrictions kicked in, applying from the US was not possible. So, the only way to apply was to enter the Philippines, as a spouse of a Filipino, with a formal 9A tourist visa, and apply from within the Philippines. i ended up taking a shot at both: got the entire 13A application done to turn in to the San Francisco Consulate, all the while hoping they would re-open, and then put a whole different package together to
  9. I'm pretty sure, by the way, that if it ever looked like the barber shop was some kind of disease spreader, it Base CO would shut it down right away. But it's been operating that way, taking precautions prudent to that kind of business, and no adverse results.
  10. I think in the early days, sweeping closures might have been prudent because no one really knew what we were dealing with. Problem is they settled into some kind of norm. We now know enough to define what constitutes reasonably safe operating parameters. Under those, businesses would not thrive, with increasing profits, but they could maintain a reasonable chance of staying in business and riding this thing out. For a long time, there have been good models in, for example, the regulations for safe restaurant operation.. Follow the regs, stay in business - beak the regs, THEN get shut down
  11. I'd sent a post last night from my phone but looks like it didn't hit, so I'll ty again. Kuya John brought up a point that needs to be kept in mind: the hit on the medical community. From my knot hole, I think a major adverse impact on how the world populations react to the virus and its management is dead center on the politics that got inserted into the discussion. It's a bit schizophrenic: on one hand we have politicians down playing the impacts and fudging statistics so they can look good - note the US. On the other hand we have politicians exaggerating the impacts so they have rat
  12. Well, guys, here's a view from a guy who is 72 years old and has diabetes,. I'm chugging along pretty well for my age: still lift weights and work out, AIC is below 6.0. But if I catch COVID, and that exacerbates my pre-conditions, and I die - what killed me? I suspect my wife is gonna note that I was doing OK until I caught it - so I'd still be alive if COVID hadn't come along. Did COVID kill me "statistically" - don't give a damn. Moot discussion. Still dead. So...in that regard, why would I want to go around and tempt fate? For those that think masks and prudent preventions are
  13. From what I saw on the drive in, things look fairly laid back, but I have to admit most of my observation of the Philippines the last few days has been sitting in a carport watching the world through a gate. People are pretty much doing their thing, but almost 100% masked. We did get stopped at the rear gate of Clark when my brother-in-law driver was taking us here to my sister-in-law's house, and we were asked where we were going. We put on our masks before that. All the other checkpoints were just a wave through.; My brother-in-law had to get a travel pass to come get us in Manila, an
  14. I kinda started this thread once upon a time. Been riding and adapting to all the travel changes and shifts in direction ever since. Happy to announce I'm finally in the Philippines, riding out the 14 day self-isolation period in my sister-in-law's house in Angeles City (she's currently in Australia, so we have a good place to stay). It was quite a journey over the past months, but a synopsis on the salient points: 1. The shut down of issuing visas in the US was a problem for a while - and stopped my effort to submit my 13A application. When the last travel reg change required a visa
  15. I've been off the Forum the last couple weeks...been pushing hard packing balikbayan boxes and distributing other possessions all over the place and processing paper work and cleaning our rental. But here I sit In SEATAC airport at the Asiana Gate waiting my flight to Incheon. Looks like after all this, I'm actually going to fly to Manila!!!! I've been cruising the past posts and see references to processing the 13A while in the states!?!? I had put that whole package together and was ready to submit it when COVID shut down the Frisco Consulate. Until the last travel rule change, they
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