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  1. Trash, or the lack thereof, is a characteristic of various locales in the Philippines. I started picking up on it without really thinking about it. But I'd be some place, or see some new place on TV, and if there was no trash on the sidewalk, that fact would almost jump up right in my face. For example...Kolebo is a pretty trash free town...from what I can see so far, so is Balanga. Some barangays here in Angeles City are very tidy. It's all a matter of what the local culture goes with. In the Provinces I see more trash randomly piled up because, frankly, where else is it gonna go? But
  2. Come back when we are out of this silly quarantine. I offered to buy you lunch once upon a time - time to pay up. Check out Mt Arayat National Park. It doesn't look like they have actual places to stay, but it might be a cool side trip. Looks like a great swimming area with very nice grounds and gardens.
  3. Along those lines...I forgot one other schizophrenic event: I mentioned our two proposed house-sitter relatives had to home quarantine with us (and are still here)...and they had to get a COVID test. They got that COVID test yesterday, five days after all the hoopla. They got it by having to go to Mabalacat, where they live - on the other side of the Clark Freeport zone from my house. They got there by taking a taxi. Then they hung around a site with a bunch of other people getting tested. Then they took a cab back. Apparently if you are traveling and hanging around with good intentions,
  4. A quick follow up on this observation from OnMyWay. We're all aware that Filipinos are dug-in, and absolutely, medical establishment adverse. It was another element of why Lucy was so frightened. My personal thoughts on the fear are based on my belief that the average Filipino simply hasn't the money to deal with professional medical care. So they fall back on cultural cures and prayer. When they have some ailment that is beyond those cares, they get pretty bad off, and ultimately bad enough to go to the medical community - and by then, it's often just too late. So, a sentiment still repe
  5. So...here's a tale from the trenches in the COVID struggles...and how it all spins off in one weird direction if you come up positive on a PCR test. I went through the long and often confusing experience of chasing down travel requirements to go Bataan, specifically Morong, and see if we want to go live there. Among the list of things needed to get through the Province checkpoint and enrolled in a resort: a PCR COVID test (nasal swab job) no more than 48 hours old. So I needed this for me, my wife, and my "maid" who was going with us ("Maid" is in quotes because, though she does all the
  6. VA Manila has been working down a set of categories, starting early in May. Their primary first focus has been for Vets who are enrolled with the VA Clinic in Manila for medical care...which is a round about way of saying vets with service related injuries, since that is their primary care audience. 1st layer, health workers, Vets over 75, vets with certain extra danger indicators like spinal care patients. This layer seems to have been completed early in May, as I'm in the second layer and ended up with an appointment early in May 2nd layer. Can't remember - might have been above
  7. Here's an example of what happens when the travel restrictions collide with the moving target. I'm over 65. I'm trying to go to Bataan next week, specifically to Morong, to do some looking around - considering moving there later this year, so want to check it out and see if it's worth pursuing a house hunt there. So...Bataan is historically very hard-assed about who gets through its COVID checkpoints. Morong, at the barangay level, is even more so. And then the resort is hard nosed about what they will accept in order to stay at their hotel - my sense being it is their resort-level inter
  8. I got the Phizer shots from the VA during May - they've been giving them to those registered with the VA medical program. Had absolutely no adverse reaction (and I'm 72 years old with an assortment of underlying conditions). My Filipina wife is bugged about the decision to not reveal what vaccine you're getting. She has an adverse opinion of the Sino version, but it's based more on opinion than fact. I found some of the above comments about it in this thread to be interesting and will have her read them. I believe by the end of the year, having that vaccine card is going to be require
  9. I'm probably a lonely optimist per one of my basic personal philosophies: Common sense will always, eventually, bubble to the surface. Admittedly, especially in government actions, it can be a frustrating and maddening wait for the obvious to smack some bureaucrats in the head. But if you think back to the long list of stupid decisions you remember, eventually, over time, they all get eroded and sorted it. So...I view this as the opening salvo in common sense finally bubbling up in the Philippine COVID and immigration enclaves. Not holding my breath for a quick, brilliant solution set - bu
  10. Thanks for that "submit 3 months before expiration date" tid bit. I hadn't gotten around to checking on the next steps yet, so appreciate the insight.
  11. Well..the smoke cleared and the dust settled...finally landed my 13A (probationary version). As usual, not as straightforward a path to conclusion as advertised, but got there. As noted before, when I was at the BI in Angeles City a month or so ago, I confirmed I had been approved on the Jan 28 agenda. The agent there kept my passport and said when they got the implementation order he'd call me to come finalize everything. So...my 9A is up for renewal later this month, and I THINK I had heard , if you are approved for a 13A and waiting, you don't have to renew your 9A. I decided, just in
  12. Zero???? Gazooks...are you sure you're still in the Philippines? Is there at least a rooster crowing somewhere in the background?
  13. Actually...family proximity was one of our high level geography factors...on top of the others regarding things like medical and airports, etc. There's an old saying: marry a Filipina, and you marry her family. However, "proximity" is a word that needs personal definition. For us it means being able to visit a couple times a month - so like an hour away is good - in fact, it's preferable. My wife has spent 30 years in the US and is fairly Americanized, but one of the reasons we're here is because it's an opportunity for her to spend some time with her mom and dad while they're still alive.
  14. Thought I'd go back to your original questions and provide some info on how I and my wife sat in the US and approached the "where to live in the Philippines" question. The problem is how to sit in the States and make any sense out of the barrage of site-specific info that comes your way. Our approach might sound pretty mechanical, and naively simplistic, but it got us started. We did have the advantage of having traveled back and forth here quite often over the years, but deciding where to live as a settled household is another level of commitment to the geography. We had a set of top
  15. Back on the Forum after a few day absence. Been fussing with medical appointments and a bunch of Balikbayan boxes that finally made it here after a wandering three month journey, so our household shipment has finally made it. So...thanks to JollyGoodFellow for this last post. Appreciate you taking the time to get it and send it. If I'd known where to find that info earlier, I'd have noticed the BI office changed its business hours and would have saved an hour and a half wait in the parking lot. Not sure when they changed them. My first few months they were opening at 8:00. If they'v
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