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  1. OnMyWay. Again, really appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I think under the circumstances, the smart path forward is to go with what we have firmed up, and then see what we can do next. So we're going to start with our stay in Angeles City, then I'll contact "Dr J" and explain what we're up to when the time comes to go to Subic. If he confirms we'll need to repeat the quarantine drill, we may just decide to take the easy road and go do it. Being retired, we have the time to work it without any other impacts, so we're pretty loose about things - we'll just do what we have to do. At the least we'll have some defined steps and get some of the uncertainty out of the effort. When we get to Subic ("when" not "if"), hope I can look you up and buy you and yours dinner one evening.
  2. I got the same WASP report - I paid to get two originals...just in case. Also got an authenticated birth certificate (actual word escapes me - something like "apostillate" seal)
  3. Got my 9A visa back in the mail today - big sigh of relief. I'm right behind ya. Every time I read one of these posts, I have another "ah ha" moment. Glad you mentioned the hotel confirmation - hadn't occurred to me to print it out. The whole collection of folks on this forum have combined to reveal one land mine after another. Really been a lot of help.
  4. I have that. I got the entire 13A package together for submission at the San Francisco consulate hoping they'd reopen in time to submit it. I'm bringing that along. Problem is they use different application forms (so I followed the BI website and filled out theirs), and the instructions for the BI form don't have any info on medical screening or the police clearance or financial statements or passport photos - which I'm very suspicious of. So I'm bringing everything and I'll see what reaction I get. I'll let them tell me what they like and don't like and what to fix. Actually...I'm giving some real serious thought to just getting a "fixer" and pay him to sort it all out. Regardless, it'll be easier to deal with it all when I'm there instead of trying to sort it out on a website 12,000 miles away. Might be a struggle locally, but I have time to just sort it out and get it done, whatever path it takes. It's just one more item in the small mountain of minutiae I'm working.
  5. Appreciate the tip on the barcode scanner. I'd heard about the QR code, but the barcode is new info. Really have to watch the minute details of every step along the way to dig out all the info, or end up floundering around. Good to have additional eyes on the process and thanks for reporting as you go.
  6. I'm living the USA fiasco. Wearing a mask turned into a symbol of which side of the political spectrum you're on, of all things. Meanwhile, this country has entirely too many spoiled 2 year old mentalities. Here it's not a matter of odd restrictions - it's a hissy fit because there are ANY restrictions...all while the death rate goes through the roof. I'm pretty sympathetic to the controls the Philippines are trying to enforce, and the rationale behind them. Just gets weird trying to keep up with the changes and widely diverse rules from one locality to another. My path forward is to just find a way to make it work. I'm still confident that we'll get there.
  7. Again...appreciate the help...and the advisory on the Forum navigation. I'll wait and see what you find out, and then discuss it with my bride. One way or the other, we'll be going to the Philippines on Oct 4 - and end up somewhere - and sort it out from there.
  8. Appreciate the help...does that mean right after Manila I go to Subic, do my 14 days self-quarantine there, and then have the liberty to move about...i.e., don't go to Angeles City at all until later? Little uneasy with that "might allow it", after I set it up. Adds some other questions for me to ponder - like arranging a weekly rental before then, and what happens later if I go down to visit the relatives in Angeles City? Don't want to burden you with a bunch of running around to sort out my personal problems. You seem to have some access to the right people to ask questions, so really appreciate your efforts on my part. But if this gets to be too big a hassle, feel free to back down. If I have to, I'll just go to Angeles City, settle in until things sort out, and then see what I can do next. We can live six months or so in Angeles City, and then see what happens next . This new approach to things in Subic seems to be counter productive on their part, across the board. Gotta wonder what the hell they were thinking - hard enough to get a bunch of unemployed Filipinos to be tourists without telling them to spend half their time off holed up in quarantine. I'll quit whining now.
  9. Specifics of my travel plan: 1. Arrive Manila - go through the COVID screening and the hotel quarantine to get the test results 2. Get the medical and travel clearance to go to Angeles City - sit out the 14 day self-isolation quarantine 3. This might be the deal breaker: when I got out of quarantine in Angeles City, I was going to go to the BI and apply for my 13A visa. So...that would likely be enough exposure to preclude the idea that "I just went through that stuff". However...if you can check: IF I could go straight to Subic from Angeles City at the end of my quarantine period, and have my documentation and testing up to that point count toward the Subic trip, I'd be inclined to change my plans and do that to leverage the efficiency of it all. I can do the 13A application any time, anywhere, later - maybe even while I was in Subic. If you can resolve that big IF, I'd be moving up from owing you a beer, to owing you a complete four course dinner. I've been trading messages with Dex, the van driver recommended, by the way. So far, finding him to an impressive contact. If anyone else is reading this and needs van support, here's a recommendation for Dex.
  10. Much of their advisory is essentially a duplication of what you go through already just to get into the country. We're set to fly on Oct 4 - we'll go through a swab test, hotel quarantine, then self quarantine and be done with all that by Oct 20th. Then we go to Subic the next day and start all over again? Even though we have the medical and travel clearances we just got from Manila? That's nuts. Having said that - this seems to pertain to the Freeport Zone only. If I want to stay in an Barreto resort (assuming I find one open), and want to do my house hunting outside of the old Navy Base boundaries, am I still OK to do that? I don't have a pre-disposition to live in the Freeport zone (though it'd like it to be one of the options I'm considering), so I'm wondering if I'm interpreting this too literally. Appreciate feedback from those on the ground. We're at the end of disposing of our household items, and we're out of this house on Sept 30 , tickets bought - the dye is cast. Worse comes to worse, we'll find a place to live in Angeles City, hunker down, wait for COVID crazy to settle down, and consider relocating then. Every time you think you have the rules sorted out, they change them.
  11. Just got notified our Seoul to Clark flight was cancelled - so we're re-booked Seoul to Manila. Starting to research quarantine hotels. Anyone have any suggestions on places to avoid? If you really liked one to recommend, would like to hear that too - but mostly want to avoid the horror shows. This whole endeavor has been bizarre enough. Still plugging along with dogged determination, though. And for those wondering what's going on as you look around the Philippines - you should see how batty the US is getting. Feel like a member of a global laughingstock.
  12. By the way...if getting to Batangas involves driving through Manila, that by itself might be a deal breaker. I, too, have a deep seated hatred for Manila traffic. Angeles City is bad enough. I'm being a little facetious, of course...but not a lot.
  13. Was glad to see some explanation of just what "multiple entry" really means on a 9A visa. I was suspicious that it was actually that simple. So far I'm not seeing major travel restrictions going from Pampanga to Zambales - trying to sort out if I have to get a travel permit of some kind in Angeles City to get going and/or to be allowed to check in at a Subic resort. If anyone has some insight, love to hear it, but I think I can get the info at the police station in Angeles too. I might linger a bit in Angeles. Wife needs to do the obligatory family visit. Also...I'm still determined to chase the 13A visa until I beat it down, or it beats me. So I'm going to take the complete package I have in hand, with all the required documentation, and visit the BI in Angeles City. If there are things to be re-done, and I can pull that off while I'm there, it's worth a couple weeks lingering around there to wrestle it to the ground.
  14. Man OnMyWay...that's a whole boat load of great information. Very big thank you. If I can actually get to Subic and land some place, I owe ya a beer. Beyond "get to Subic", my plans are wide open, but I have some very specific goals. I plan to just hole up in a resort for the first week and avail myself of the van and use that time to get around the barrangays. If it turns out we like it there, we might settle in a short term apartment, and spend the time finding something more long term. Had planned to look into a car rental for that part. I would be great if we lock something in by the time we do our Christmas trip. I have balikbayan boxes sitting in storage just waiting for an address to ship to. Again...really appreciate the help. Definitely want to hook up with your recommended van guy. Might need him for a couple days. Daily lunch is on me. He can charge me his "tour guide" rate.
  15. Balisidar...I think we're following in trace. I have my 9A visa application submitted down to San Francisco Consulate - should be back in a week or so (and always have my fingers crossed that I got it all right the first time). We, too, are planning on flying in October, and have our COVID quarantine hotel booked. We're going in through Clark. Likely do my follow on quarantine at my sister-in-law's house in Angeles City. I applied for the 1 year multiple entry version of the 9A. Have you looked into just what "multiple entry" means? I'm wondering if it's a simple as leave and return (like we're gonna do for Christmas), or if I have to do some kind of extensions/extra fees along the way during the one year. Perhaps unlike you, this is largely a scouting trip venture for us this time around. We intend to retire in the Philippines "some place", and have narrowed the "some place" down to a select few that seem to appeal to us (combination of having been there before and doing internet research). We had planned to visit the general Subic area back in April, but that went by the wayside. This trip we'll be in the Philippines for about 2 1/2 months, and start our scouting in the Subic area. If someone knows of a decent van service, or some sort of rental exchange, let me know. We're gonna hole up, see if we like the area, take a sample of rental homes, see what gives. We're in the final throes of collapsing our world down to 2 suitcases each, with a stack of balikbayan boxes in storage we'd ship "some day" when we find a good long term rental we want to commit to...so we're pretty fluid and non-committal for this trip. Might get lucky and blunder into the perfect deal by mid-December - but not worried if we don't. We'll be back in a more permanent fashion in January. Appreciate any help anyone might want to throw me in getting to know the Subic area - or Zambales in general. Could use a lead on a van service (thinking of getting one for the day a couple times and visiting some areas we're curious about), and any advice on just how to find a rental in the first place (they always seem to be related to something like the front desk receptionist's brother knows a guy whose sister has a neighbor renting a house). Meanwhile...anyone feel like wading in about the Batangas area south of Manila? It's kinda popped up on our radar lately. We might want to wander down that way and check it out, too.
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