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  1. Thought I'd drive a nail in this post...in case it causes future confusion. It's no surprise to anyone to hear that immigration and COVID impacts are in an almost daily state of change. So...what you read above was me hitting one window of opportunity, with a specific set of processes, and now those processes have changed again. I would suggest that anyone coming up next with the latest changes pay attention to what those processes require (and at first blush, they seem a lot more straightforward this time). Might be a good idea to take down this post thread, and leave with two observation
  2. This is not a country for anyone with OCD (not saying you do, but my sister would go nuts here)...never know what the hell is coming next. Hang in there and try to power through. You gotta really want to come to the Philippines to put up with it all. On the other end of the craziness, it ends up being worth it.
  3. One last (I hope) "Gotcha". In the original post on this thread, I commented that the test cost was in cash, but seemed to be a lot cheaper than when we went through Manila last October: 4500 person per COVID test in Manila - 4000 pesos for two COVID tests per person in Clark last Friday. So...in discussing the cost needed with the cashier at Clark, I asked twice if that cost covered "both tests". What I was referring to was two test sessions, one in the airport and one five days later in the hotel. He said "yes". However, what he was referring to was EACH test instance. At the a
  4. I lived in Tacoma and Puyallup for 25 years. Ended up camped out at my daughter's in Spokane for three weeks waiting things out. We had made our mind up that we were gonna go as soon as the rules allowed it, no matter what - including putting up with the whole quarantine fiasco. We have a house in Angeles City and wanted to get back to it, so that added some incentive for us that you might not share. Meanwhile...once you get through all the quarantine stuff at entry, Angeles City is pretty much as open as Seattle, in terms of daily living. I'm 72 years old and getting by pretty well here.
  5. Yeah...but when you're on one side of the immigration booth trying to get to the other side...best to be on your best behavior. Some tense moments there.
  6. By the way...a little off topic for this post, but speaking of weather - what the heck is going on here? I've been traveling back and forth to the Philippines off and on for over 30 years. I've never seen weather this cool. It's been in the 70s at night and in the low 80s during the day and very low humidity. Filipinos are wearing coats in the morning and my maid has been complaining about how cold it is. It's more like an early summer day in Seattle. It's kinda weird. Well...I spent 3 weeks in snow in Spokane, so I'm not complaining, but I've never seen this in the Philippines.
  7. So...I'm baaack...but it had its moments getting here. Wanted to provide one person's trip experience engaging the COVID entry rules as of the Jan 22 guidance, to wit: the part that Philippine citizens can once again enter with their spouses and dependent children. Near as I can tell, I may one of the first few to pull it off, and, as I'll explain later, might be the very first to enter via Clark. Along the way, some lessons learned dancing around the various COVID restrictions in various touch points and reconciling them with immigration and travel rules. First...wanna mention that my
  8. I'm kinda thinking much the same. My read on the sudden restrictions: up pops a new strain of COVID and very little is known about it. Best immediate action is a simple sweeping shut down until more is understood, especially considering the underlying fact that it wouldn't take much to totally overwhelm the Philippine medical infrastructure. My main hope is that, having gained 30 days to really understand the situation, common sense will start to rear its ugly head. Main disconnect in logic I am experiencing is that my Filipina wife can now fly to the Philippines and go through the ext
  9. Amen to the perspective that it is a good long term solution. Certainly not flawless, but at least as good as current restrictions on moderating the infection spread, with the badly needed relief for the economy thrown in. My problem, as noted by others, is that it is a LONG term solution. I'm in the US, having come back to ship my household goods to my nice one year leased house in Angeles City and see my kids for the holidays. Three days before my return, the door slammed shut...supposedly until Jan 15 - which is today Manila time. And still stone cold silence from the BI on what's
  10. "BI Commissioner Jaime Morente shared that following an order from Malacanang, foreign passengers coming from the United States of America have been included in the list of those restricted entry in the country." Hey, Old55...thanks for the confirmation info. I had told my wife I treat everything as rumor or moving target unless it comes from one of two sources: the airlines or the Ex-Pat Forum. I can always count on the general populace here to be on top of things. So...as noted...sitting tight and reacting as the situation develops. Been doing this on one topic or another since
  11. Well, folks....anyone up to date on an announcement that travelers from the US are now denied entry until January 15? I'm being advised of it from various sources, including a government official interview video - and JAL has called us and advised our flight back won't be allowed as it originates in the US. Also have heard transit transfers in Japan are being denied entry. But as usual, I can find nothing up to date on the BI webites. They're usually out of date on a good day - and the holiday intrusion has probably left them dormant until next week. What I THINK I know: the new COVI
  12. Test came back negative on Friday...flew to the states on Saturday. At least for a few golden moments I could revel in the fact that, for one, am disease free. We'll see if I can keep it that way as I had to lay over in LAX. Airports were pretty empty, and my wife and are anomalies - we're used to wearing face shields so we just kept wearing them.
  13. I actually told the BI Interviewer I was trying to get my 13A launched because I was trying to leave for three weeks to go home for Christmas. She didn't blink or advise against it. I think you ARE supposed to stay put while the background check is being done by the NBI. Got the 13A done (submitted) on Monday morning and went to Manila that afternoon for my flight. That night had some weird flu like symptoms - which overlap with COVID symptoms. Decided I did not want to be traveling (had a real dread of being stopped in Narita with a thermal check and ending up in quarantine). Took
  14. Well, you do bring up something...but I may be OK. Originally I was reading their requirement for the BI and noting that it says "6 months from first entry" into the country. Since I entered (this time) on Oct 5, and was working this the first time on Oct 28th, didn't think I needed a BI. But it turned out, "first entry" means the first time you were ever here. For me that meant, February, 1987. So I had to get the BI. One of those little details that don't jump out at you the way things are written. With that in mind, I think my BI will still be good if I'm not successful in subm
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