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  1. I think that statement needs treating with the contempt it deserves Saying anything stronger would be inappropriate on this site even by my standards
  2. Who's a clever boy then Go to the head of the class Teachers got you a lollipop
  3. I'm having trouble coming to terms with the fact that just about every single respected authority in the world are giving positive feedback with regard to the Vaccines and you are unable to recognise these facts. Rather you trawl every obscure part of the internet to find the smallest amount of negativity you possibly can Can you not just give us the positive spin on your opinions rather than trying to belittle the statements of every legitimate authority on the subject
  4. The point I'm making JJ is it'll allow UK citizens to holiday in select countries depending on their covid rates. Likewise for visitors to the UK
  5. The international travel they are referring to is not so much allowing tourists in. I suppose that will be on a country by country basis Currently we are not allowed to leave the UK that's the easing they are referring to
  6. Just announced today Here in the UK there's a government study in progress about how to implement a vaccine passport. It is to be added onto the NHS app we all use now for track and trace International travel is supposed to be reopened 17th May for tourists Bit sketchy about timings yet but to run alongside easing of restrictions which are due to be lifted totally in June Seems like everything could be in place by then for our end. Need Philippines to get in gear now I can hear the negatively arriving and agreed in advance. They may let us in. Stranger
  7. Fortunately I'm not getting the duff stuff next Saturday. Let's see how this one develops . Or doesn't
  8. Two things to look at there. The first case was with sinopharm a vaccine few are accepting because of insufficient data The second is has only had one jab of the pfizer Vaccine so could not have been fully covered
  9. After these recent posts I think the "bad guy" has been rumbled. Or is it a petulant child who can't get his own way. Perhaps you'd better gather up your toys and put them back in your pram While you are at it find yourself a facemask and a PCR test and tootle off to Costa coffee or wherever it is you're going
  10. I think you might find we are a much more densely populated country than yours by far Grab yourself a few more graphs with the results in your cities
  11. Unless local governments say-so I presume
  12. How could "in case of a pandemic" be written into your constitution. I would think the vast majority of Americans have the sense to realise the gravity of the situation and adjust appropriately. You will have the minority of idiots like everywhere else that don't conform.
  13. Yes you are the "bad guys" the USA had the highest infection rate in the world and still has. That's due to not putting safety protocols in place in the first place by your government and now they are being introduced there are too many ignoring them. In addition many refusing vaccination doesn't help either If Costa Rica allows you entry with a PCR test that's their decision Why should another country allow you to freely travel there or indeed you be allowed on a plane without proving you're not contagious What HK is referring to is a local decision or even national decision du
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