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  1. Fauci? Is that the plural for faucet I think we call them taps over here We drink water from them
  2. If they're handing the cash out I'll have some. I was having the jab anyway. Would have been a win win situation for me
  3. Pity they didn't bribe me for taking the jab. I would have accepted it. Never mind will have to console myself with the fact I'm not going to catch covid
  4. Perhaps not but there has been no need for any study as to the immediate effect of not bothering with a vaccine at all
  5. Might be more effective to give the fatties an extra jab rather than putting them on crash diets, force feeding them pills and compulsory route marches
  6. Was going to pop my head round the door and let you know the results of the EMA recommendations regarding the Astra Zeneca vaccine but it seems Mike beat me to it
  7. I'm fed up with quoting the findings of medical science by the world's appointed bodies As far as I'm concerned the monkeys on here can run the zoo
  8. Perhaps it's because there is little or no infection within the barangays so no need for masks Quarantine is probably to stop infection being imported There will be alternative opinions as to why it's happening but to me that seems the most logical
  9. Looks like there's a new prejudice arising shall we call it fatism
  10. You're wasting your time and effort HK MHRA, JCVI, here in the UK, EMA the European regulator and the WHO in addition to a study by Astra Zeneca themselves (nonprofit Vaccine) have publicly made it known there is no link between blood clots and the Vaccine Haven't seen a single mention of this on here.
  11. Then perhaps we should let all the fat buggers die it's their own fault for not exercising and eating junk food. I'm okay I'm not fat and been vaccinated Just a dummy that's all
  12. Talking out of my arse Seems to be popular lately Thought I'd join in
  13. As I said before. The more they become marginalised the louder they become. The natural reaction would be to use the I told you ace card now against the doubters but they are probably more to be pitied than scorned
  14. Not this old turkey AGAIN!!!! This was dismissed as b,,,,,,it months ago
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