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  1. Don't matter Jack. They've approved the use based on the British regulators decision I think emergency is a term that's been used throughout for the rapid development and approvalof the vaccine
  2. That's the one Jack It's all over radio and TV now
  3. Just announced on the BBC Pfizer vaccine approved here in the UK. Vaccination programme starts next week
  4. Just a thought. For the guys in this situation. Can you not meet with your spouse in say Taipei and travel together into the Philippines that way. It's a ballache I know but is it feasible for the really fed up Just a thought
  5. I hope they all don't get paid the same day. Didn't ask. He'd done my head in by then
  6. Nico is no2 son working in Norway. Kent is No1 son running the business at home Nico likes to keep me informed about what's going on N:- Kent is planning to sell roasted chickens. His sister in law has a booming roasted chicken. They are now branching out Me:- wow!! KFC look out N:- People are flocking Me:- What? Even now N:- people are rushing to buy Me:- I thought people had no money N:- It's in the media. People has a lot of money there Me:- Where?? N:- in the Philippines. The government give cash assistance every month. Every time it arrive
  7. I was barking up the wrong tree there gator my apologies. I'd read the latest bulletin which has repeated what you said happened in August but appeared to be new legislation It didn't register with the limited grey matter in August because I'm single status
  8. I'm not aware of any circumstances under which foreign spouses up till now have been able to return to the Philippines Like you probably have I've been following developments closely
  9. Check it out gator. I think you may find only ofw and Filipino nationals have been able to return to the Philippines with the exception of essential foreign workers, diplomats etc
  10. There's an item in the Philippines press today about revoking the 30 day visa waiver for chinese citizens and linking it to the awareness of their illegal activities and the recent bribary issue with some BI officials
  11. I certainly hope not Jack that's me screwed and quite a few others too I suspect
  12. It would appear that anyone who is married to a Filipina can now gain access after December 7 That excludes me for now as I'm not married. I don't know what your status is Geoff
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