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  1. I have succesfully used coins.ph several times (bitcoins to peso), but they do take quite an exchange fee. Edrigo Salvadore
  2. You are right in everything you say. So many people are suffering right now, and it gets worse very quickly. I want to help this family, because, I have been their friend for more than 10 years, and it is very easy for me to send them help directly, and making sure everything go to them. I am also certain that they would use the support wisely. They are very good people, and I hate to see them desperate, barely being able to help their sick child.
  3. Hello everyone I am friend with a family in Manila, who has an infant child, and the mother has lost her work a few months ago because of the pandemic. Her husband works very hard, but still earns only about $350 USD each month. The child is sick and is coughing a lot. They have seen a doctor, and bought antibiotics, but they have no more money. I have created a fundraiser, and would like help to share it. It would be great if you can send them a dollar or two, and I will make sure 100% will go towards helping their child. Thanks a lot. Link to the fundraiser
  4. That´s possible, but if Swedish politicians would have closed of Sweden, restricted us to stay inside, waiting for a vaccine that might take years, I would probably end up in prison.
  5. I always believed that it´s likely that everyone will be exposed to this virus eventually, and Sweden just took the hit sooner than everyone else. In a few years most countries will have similar numbers.
  6. I compare how we handled the virus compared to Philippines or Thailand, and I am really happy I live in Sweden at the moment. People are getting arrested for standing outside their houses. Crazy facist states, show their true colours now. For me that is insanity, how they dare to tell people to not go outside at all. I would revolt.
  7. Sounds awesome, but P3000 is far outside my idea for a budget. P300 more like it.
  8. I am really proud of my country and how it has handled the virus. We never closed our borders, we never closed any gyms, I have never seen anyone with a face mask when shopping or anything, and everyone I know has been healthy (even most of my family already tested positive for the virus). Everything has been business as usual where I live, but they have let us work from home if we want, which makes lifes even easier. This year has been my favorite, while living in Sweden.
  9. Interesting story. You are brave who did it. I read it and it seems you always stayed in hotels, but did you ever consider to sleep in the car or in a tent? :) I would love to see your pictures of the trip.
  10. I would like to do a trip on my motorcycle and don´t have to plan ahead too much, but I guess I have to do some homework first and find some places to stay, perhaps I could ask around a bit for cheap hotels. In Thailand I sometimes ask around for a "thai room", which is only $3-5 a night, but very basic. Is there something similar here? I think you guys would not know about it.
  11. I have actually been in the Philippines first time 2006, and later 2008, I lived for almost one year in Manila. I did not have a driving licence, and spent most of my time in Ortigas, Makati and The fort, and only went on vacations to Boracay and Puerto Galera. I always wanted to explore more. I have been in Cebu, Davao, CDO, Palawan, Tagaytay, Alabang, and Palawan, but just for a few days each. Two years ago I visited Angeles City, Pampanga, got my shoes stolen and my phone almost pickpocketed, so I understand there are bad shameless people there.
  12. This thread sure did give me a reality check. Thanks everyone. I have been watching youtubers such as Harald Baldr who has been around a lot in rural areas, in India, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc. and had a lot of adventures exploring the nature. I have never seen anyone sleep in a tent alone in SEA though. It is fun to go around on google maps, and dream about visiting different places in the middle of nowhere.
  13. I found some sources saying it is illegal for land owners to the block beach access to the six meter closest to the water. Is this usually upheld or not? I know that high end hotels in boracay block of their beaches, but I assume that is probably because of a lot of money.
  14. We should go camping together in the most remote main land beach we can find. It sounds like a real adventure. Where can we find the claymore mines?
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