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  1. ...a hair cut is out of the question.....if you have it flaunt it...
  2. Thank you all as I have learnt a few things given I live in a totally different environment to the Philippines. I have travelled to other Asian countries and experienced some of the interesting scammers etc. I am now in a situation where I am retiring early due to good financial investments, am healthy, grounded, reasonably wise and seeking new adventures. I believe that the Philippines will give me the opportunity to live in a warm and hospitable environment and find a long term relationship with a woman. I have tethered my expectations and will be wary and thoughtful of my surroundings and experiences.
  3. Thank you for the welcome greetings and information. As freebie alluded to, one of my goals is to find a nice Filipino woman. That in it self is exciting but I am also aware that it is a mine field to travel through to find the right one for me. I have looked at other sites about dating Filipino women and am wary of the issues other expats have en counted. Any tips of dating would be appreciated.
  4. Hi Everyone I have just joined but have been interested in living in the Philippines for a few years ( I am single). I am planning to spend a few months travelling around the Philippines early next year before making a permanent move - if the virus allows it. I prefer the Philippines to other Asian countries as I like the culture, they can speak English and its a beautiful place to live. However, other than Thailand I have limited travels to Asian countries like Vietnam or Cambodia. My question is for those who have lived in other Asian countries why did you settle on the Philippines - what advantages or disadvantages did you find? Thanks Neil
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