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  1. Thanks. I wasn't sure on the policy of new threads vs using older/existing threads, though I did think it might not get noticed there, so I appreciate this. You mean you asked for regular processing for an upcoming expiry/extension but they refused and only offered express? I was wondering whether that was going to be normal policy now (express only) since they may prefer people are in and out on the same day and not showing up randomly later for pickup. (And it gives them a reason/excuse to charge everyone the fee again, like they used to.) Thanks for your answer.
  2. Can anyone (on tourist visa) who's paid their expired visas this month tell me, are they charging regular price or adding express (+1000) visa fees? And if express and you had two missed extensions, was it PHP1000 extra on each visa (PHP2000 more in total) or just once for all the processing (PHP1000 more in total)? While I'm posting, does anyone know the correct price of a visa waiver (first 29 days)? A few years back I was charged 3140 + 1000 express, but on the BI site [link] (dated 2014) it says 3030 including express fee, and this Tripadvisor post [link] says the price is 3030-3140 depending on the office used, which seems unlikely, but anything is possible in PH.
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