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  1. Unfortunately not - all my docs are at BI Intramuros and they want to issue the ACR iCard from there also - ideally I visit, submit biometrics, then leave with Passport and visa while awaiting the ACR iCard
  2. Yes, it's quite erratic and was the decision of the local Philippines Ambassador. I'm waiting on my 13A which I'm told has been approved but as BI Manila is in lockdown I can't go there to complete the fingerprinting / biometrics etc. I wouldn't consider leaving currently without this in place as you're at the mercy of an appointed official as to whether you can come home or not.
  3. If you have a valid Passport and ACR iCard you are permitted to open an account - but the reality is it will vary from branch to branch. I've been living here since 1997 on a Tourist Visa - only now (two weeks ago I believe) did my 13A get approved in BI Manila as the lockdown gave me no choice but to apply for a 13A (married since 2013) I had accounts here with HSBC (Peso, HKD and GPB) and UnionBank (Peso Debitcard) in 2017 when BDO Angeles approved my loan for a new Toyota 4x4 Hilux - on a Tourist Visa. The vehicle was PHP1.52 million on 25% deposit so the loan was about PHP1.1 mi
  4. Got Dengue in 2017 and bounced back but be aware if you get it a second time it's much more serious. So when you recover, beef up on your mozzie security and if that means relocating (because your neighbours have stagnant pools of water you cannot remove) then do so. Life's too short - get well soon. :-)
  5. The wording of the ruling only mentions proof of your marriage - but for a chap I know trying to fly in the local Philippines Embassy prioritised seats to OFWs and returning citizens (and spouses), then 13A holders, then those with proof of marriage - and there were never enough seats - so be aware that you may qualify but there can be a pecking order?
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    I shop at S&R Dau and they have the same policy. They also bar those over 60 from entering - I turned 60 in May - so when I enter and the guard asks me I tell him "55" and keep walking. I keep fit and take a zillion supplements and don't look 60 which helps but it's annoying. Biggest problem is they limit entry and have a long queue seated outside - so my wife and I go there less now and early Monday morning. I only go because they have a great selection of Aussie red wine and hard to get scotch whisky like Auchentoshan. The Aussie beef is good and they have Fever Tree Indian Toni
  7. My own preference is to avoid addictive and harmful drugs that some doctors prescribe like candy. My experience is with a family member needing counselling for serious anxiety attacks and related issues and for this we were advised that the best in the country is the Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychological Services at Ateneo University de Manila: https://ateneobulataocenter.com/ It took over a month of wait to get the appointment and we drove from Concepcion, Tarlac They were fantastic - spending almost an hour with the 18yo patient - then 30 minutes with the mother - then
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