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  1. Up until last month, I never had a problem with my bank in the US. Than, last month they disabled my card "due to suspicious activity.", Which they couldn't fully explain. And last night I received and alert for an activity that said I should contact the bank if the so called activity was an unauthorised one. Since I recognised the activity, I did not call. Then, when my wife went to the market, she could not withdraw funds because the account had been frozen. I'm changing banks.
  2. Recently, I've been having trouble with my US BANK blocking my account for so called "suspicious activity". My check is deposited in the bank. But when my wife went to get money for groceries, we found there was a hold on the account. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get around this issue?
  3. Just tried to do some trading on Binance using 3commas. No can do. To trade, Binance requires id verification. After jumping through the hoops of verifying my ID, Binance finally notifies me that they cannot verify people living in the Philippines. It's definitely time to go!
  4. That sounds like a plan. I want to leave. My Filipino wife wants to leave as well. My bank in the US wants to know when I'm returning to the US. Until COVID-19 , this was a decent place to live. But, t this problem does not lend itself to the big hammer approach many governments are taking. I have some ideas about how to deal with this issue without shutting everything down, but big governments don't listen.
  5. I'm in Guadeloupe under ECQ restrictions. To get to the airport would require the ability to leave the Guadeloupe. I have been unable to receive packages. My order from Iherb has been stuck in customs in Cebu City since June 20)I cannot travel without a pass. (There is only 1 for the apartment complex).
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