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  1. I'm worried about the 3" casing. What kind of deep well pump with good capacity fits in a 3" casing? I see 2" submersible pumps on Lazada but 1/2 hp is the largest one of those I could find. I would like a 1 hp pump for 2 houses. There is a plumber among the crew so I'll have my father in law ask him. Anyone have a 3" well?
  2. We found a guy who will drill a 100' deep well and install a 3" casing for P115K. We will be responsible for the pump and pressure tank. The 3" casing somewhat limits the type of submersible pump we can install but for the time being I'll go with a jet pump. That is my options so far, a 70' deep well with 6" PVC casing and pump for P200K or a 100' deep well with 3" galvanized iron casing and no pump for P115K. I had my mother in law talk to the second guy so he doesn't know there is an American involved. Biliran is known for its "sweet water" and the water should be potable at that dept b
  3. Thanks everyone for the excellent responses. After talking it over with my wife I think I will go with a drilled well. She told me that when they draw water from the municipal water line sediment settles to the bottom of the container and on rare occasions there may be a small fish spilling out of the pipe. I'm told the water comes from a nearby waterfall basin. Focusing on a drilled well has opened a new can of worms. I spoke with a Biliran well driller yesterday. He estimated P200K to drill a 21 meter well, install a jet pump and connect electric and piping. A pressure tank was not inc
  4. The house in Biliran is under construction with good progress. We built a simple house on the property in 2013 for the family after Yolanda so we are aware that the water situation is less than ideal. The property is near the end of the line for the city water supply and there are times during heavier usage that the pressure drops to zero. Now we are building a two story house and need to do something. Here are the options as I see them. A 1,000 litre or so stainless steel tank on level control that will fill up with city water when the pressure is good. Add a pump and a pressure tank tak
  5. I was talking to my sister in law last evening who grew up on Biliran and I asked her where the language divide was. She said it just varied by brgy and named off a string of brgys and which language was spoken at that particular one. She mostly spoke Cebuano at home but the kids at her school spoke Waray so she quickly learned that dialect. My wife and her other siblings grew up near Tanauan, Leyte where both dialects are also spoken. She told me once that it was a toss up which language the nieces and nephews would use as their primary language when they learned to speak. It's all good
  6. Is Waray spoken in the north? I've been from Naval to Caibiran on the circumferential rd and crossed the middle of the island on the Naval Caibiran road checking out the water falls. I'll check out the northern half and Maripipi after the house is finished and we are settled in, but that also depends on the virus. In Cabucgayan they speak mostly Cebuano according to my wife. I never know what they're speaking myself. The family is fluent in both. In all the years I've been visiting the property there has been one arrest I know of and that was for selling shabu. Here in the little Mayberry
  7. Thanks for that tip, I was planning to show her old Philippine passport also.
  8. You are accurate. Biliran is connected to Leyte by a single bridge, same as Samar. Naval has everything we need but it is amazing how much we have locally. A lot of the building supplies come from Cabucgayan which is about 1 km. The fancy gates and grills for the fence were made right in Bunga. We built a cheap house on the back of the property for her parents after Yolanda blew them off Leyte and I've recently did some upgrades to that house including sliding glass windows which were made locally. We may have to travel to Leyte when furnishing the house but other than that, we're good. Thanks
  9. I've been there plenty of times and have seen a lot of change. When we bought the property near Cabucgayan years ago it was dirt roads all the way and no internet or phone. The Circumferential Road continues to be improved and it is smooth sailing now and the internet is working OK, we can watch the progress on the house live every day. Thanks
  10. Thanks. We would have to travel from south Georgia to Washington DC for the dual citizenship and I was hoping not to have to do that. Can she get her dual citizenship in the Philippines? If so is would that require travel to Manila? I read that she can still own up to 5,000 sq. meters of land as a foreign citizen. The property she owns is only 1,700 sp. meters so we are OK there. If I enter the country with her I can get a 1 year visa each time.
  11. Yes, of course I've been there. My wife's parents were both born there and the barangay where our house is being built is full of uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews. Biliran didn't get much damage from Yolanda, at least not in our area. It is somewhat protected by the mountain range on Samar. In the years my inlaws have lived on our property we lost one rickety cottage and the tin on the roof of the hog pen. My wife's grandparents have lived in a two story, unpainted, wood frame house a few yards from the shore for 50 years and that house is still standing. I've had mu
  12. Hello, My wife and I will relocate from Georgia to Biliran Island, eastern Visayas as soon as our house is finished and I was thinking about applying for a permanent resident visa. My wife was born in the Philippines but is now a US citizen. Will she have to have duel citizenship in order for me to qualify for permanent residence? Thanks, Jovy & David
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