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  1. I have just got back to the UK so for anyone else that needs to know. I needed barangay permission , a health certificate from the municipal which I got stating I have had a medical check up and deemed fit to travel though in reality nobody did anything, I just had to collect and pass a paper around to several people and sign the book as usual then done. Then to the police for a travel pass which is issued within 24 hours. I just gave them my Barnegay and health cert, they didn't even check my passport or id. Then to immigration for my ECC/A which cost 1,200p. All of these docs must be date
  2. Cheers mate , I knew about the exit clearance. Any idea if you can stay in Manila a night or two before international flight ? Going the same day is tight. I did email the embassy but just got a standard reply with links to things I already know. Thanks for your reply mate
  3. Does anyone know what documents I need to leave and fly home ? Various people have said , Baringay permit to travel , health clearance from the municipality, police clearance, i will be flying from Legazpi to Manila then Manila to London. Its getting so complicated it feels like I'm in Hotel California, " you can check out any time you need but you can never leave " Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  4. Thanks Eddie much appreciated thats very helpful
  5. Thanks Mike , been trying for ages to get through , hopeless, just wondering if anyone knew somebody that left.
  6. I have to return to UK by the end of this month. I am in Legazpi. Does anyone know if I need a covid test to fly to Manila then London with Philippine Airlines ? Do I need one just to use the airport even ?
  7. Thanks Scott, I appreciate your help. I will find out. Cheers
  8. Thanks Gas. Where would I get this authority if I did have an international ticket ?
  9. I want to get to Manila so it's easier to leave the Philippines at last minute when the time comes. I am in Legazpi. Can I fly to Manila and stay there a while or will they make me quarantine. Thanks guys
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