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  1. January and also March had something very similar, I thought just chest infections but the one in March took so long to get rid of the cough, was definitely different to any other chest infection I've had before.
  2. Not sure, but I'm not going anywhere near any quarantine facility, Harry can call it a vacation as much as he likes but it isn't to me haha. Having said that, I've effectively been quarantined since the middle of March, I remember being in the office and the message came out that everybody had to be out within 30 minutes - that was the most hectic 30 minutes of my life, I quite like just chilling at home now lol
  3. Haven't read the whole topic but I'll add my two pesos anyway We've seen over the last week or so that the cases are sky rocketing here, but you have to ask why? It must be attributed to the testing and more specifically the areas that they are testing in. When you look at the pattern of the deaths, they simply aren't rising at a comparable rate, so either the virus is weakening but still extremely infectious, or the medical staff have worked out how to handle it. I think if you could see a really pinpointed map of exactly where the infections were coming f
  4. Hello chaps, new guy here (forum not Philippines) so be gentle. In my limited experience, I've noticed the three most heard words have been these "eat na mahal" But I don't complain, I know she just cares about me in the ways that she is comfortable with :)
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