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  1. I asked them to change it to housewife but they were reluctant . My tax reporting is still in Ireland . The postal service in the Phil to the provinces is not reliable and I always use registered post . The reason I am giving a postal address in Ireland .
  2. I forgot to tick a box as to the beneficiary of the account . I stated my wife was a store owner and they wanted proof of this with receipts. I had to explain that it was just a table outside her house with some vegetables . I sent a photo of her selling vegetables and said she no longer had the store due to covid and no receipts are available . I also had a mailing address in Ireland and had to explain that the post in the Phil was not reliable . At present very little post is getting there some say since May .
  3. I thought so too after completing 2 applications in the past 2 years . When I added my Filipina wife to the account it took 1 year to complete . New accounts cannot be opened with both JP Morgan and Fidelity Luxembourg ! I think they don't want retail customers only Institutional Investors . What bank did you use in the UK ?
  4. The Bank I hold the account with the Philippine address has looked for a lot of proof and locked the account over 6 months .I have sent all required details but they still say they are reviewing the account . They blame the Luxembourg tax authorities . I think its likely the bank is under investigation for offshore accounts .I even have a letter from the Irish tax authorities that I don't owe any tax on the account .
  5. Any Europeans declaring non resident in the their home country to avoid tax on investment interest .In Ireland you can declare non resident if out of the country for 183 days each year for 3 years . I am a bit skeptical as to how this works in practice .
  6. I know a Filipina who is married to a Filipino OFW , he sends her 20k per week and she has another man on the side !! The problem is filipinos when together discuss what the foreign man is giving and they get jealous and expect the same .I dont want to spoil my wife . At present she gets half my pension . I live for 6 months away from the Philippines where the standard of living is higher .
  7. We are still together for 6 months each year , I also have a house in my home country .
  8. Hi , What is the typical allowance that you send to your Filipina wife or GF ? I started with 10k to my wife and her 22 year old girl which was ok for a few years . Then she asked for 15K per month a year ago she is now looking for 20K per month with no real expaination . When we live together there the average spend is 8k per month apart from building costs . I feel she is getting demanding and greedy .
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