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  1. Yeah Graham, I've gathered that already. However, I think the promise of a six month completion for 250k is BS
  2. Think you're right there Mike... Out of some of the quotes received back so far, I doubt a couple are even qualified lawyers! One quoting 250k for six months completion, because she, the 'lawyer' is "close to the judge"!
  3. Thanks for the info, much appreciated ..... Yeah despite the mental & physical abuse she had to endure, we've discounted, realistically using that. Going in favour of the usual mental incapacity route. Yeah, I've factored in paying more than 30k mate! ... Found a few lawyers so far. Just want to build up a selection to review. Some responses so far, have been within the realms of fantasy! Cheers Nick
  4. Hi Graham, fair point & I totally get why you suggest that However, I've been in this relationship for a while now, and we get on with each other really well & I can't be arsed with the dating game again Cheers
  5. Hi to all, hope all's well & staying safe, Bit of a long shot, but was wondering if anybody could please recommend a decent annulment lawyer in the Quezon City area or nearby.... Or even advise on any lawyers to avoid! Not planning on starting the process soon for my GF, waiting till next year pending lifting of travel restrictions... but just want to put some feelers out to understand the process, costs & estimated timescales. Many thanks in advance, for any advice or info Nick
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