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  1. so i am new here. i thought this would be valuable information that some or all of the members might appreciate. obviously not you. is there anotehr place i should post it? or is there someone else i should ask? are you always this nice to new members or am i an exception?
  2. so i am new here. i thought this might be valuable information and/or new information that some or all of the members here might enjoy, but not sure where to post it. obviously not with you
  3. hello hk, well by my actively using the system am i perpetuating it? so the philppines is about 130 million people who have been an independent sovereign nation for something like 70 years, right? so if you go to the "corruptions percepton index" on wikipedia, you will see they rank the philippines as number 113 worst corruption out of a total of 179 countries listed. the phils has gone down 4 points in the rankings in the last five years. the US is number 23 and has gone down 5 points. i would tell you what the country of your birth has done except i cannto find your flag listed among
  4. well i just came from the immigration office in dumaguete city today wednesday and they do not plan to do the stickers again and also do not plan to do the rubber stamps. just your paper receipt showing you paid for certain dates. makes the philippines look so inept, hard to believe
  5. ok mr g, i have done my homework and have some update for visa issues et cet the company next door to immigration here in dumaguete also operates an office in jcenter mall but outside the mall proper, and they also have services on siquijor island. the are an accredited service provider. they proide tourist visa extension, emigration clearan certificate, PRD ID renewal, SRVvisa application, 9g workign visa and 13 a spousal visa phone 09959572959 for more info the benefit i see for dumaguete so far is no waiting. plus doing the emmigation clearance here would save a lot fo time
  6. may i ask please, if they have eliminated the stickers in your passport, have they reverted to the rubber stamps? its the full size pages they have been stapling in my passport that will make using it in another country almost impossible!
  7. hi shady, well i did not see that movie but hope i understand the sentiment! for me this is really a big topic. for starters, i am a guest in the phils. as such i feel it is my responsibility to learn how to live within the system and not try to force the system to operate to my expectations. secondly, all the "research" i have done says the phils corruption index is well above average for world countries, and corrupt on the order of middle african nations and middle east nations. which is to say, very corrupt. next, i will ask "what is your definition of fixer" if it is som
  8. well i have been here almost seven years now and for me there would be a blurred line between fixers and agents and helpers et cet. i think i said elsewhere i will investigate further this "satillite office" for immigration two doors down. they have to be operating with the knowledge and help of the official office. i can say in the last year, without identifying specifics, that i have variously given johnny walker (times four), jose cuervo, case of san mig (times two) 300 pesos (times about five), donuts (ten plus) other bakery products (more times than donuts), and various other tips
  9. its ok for me. so i really do not need to do anything and it will happen in due time. i understand the need to prove i am not a robot or pervert (i can prove i am not a robot). so willing to wait. i think i do see my posts being commented on so i am functional, just under increased surveillance like an old guy caught coughing on the bus. i can do this. thanks mr g!
  10. i'm not tommy either, lol. but i would like to comment. this is a different culture of course, and how scammers/fixers/agents function may not meet the definitions we are used to. and in some cases you cannot avoid them. pre covid it was not possible in dumaguete to get an appointment at the passport (philippine) office because "scammers?" filled all the appointments. you had to go through one of them to get an appointment. now my thinking is that perhaps travel agents were behind that scam since you could go to a travel agent anytime and get your passport done by them including an app
  11. so someone somewhere, i have asked about the need to approve my posts. last time was two days ago, maybe three. how do i get off the newby list? do i need to get a fixer! (joke)
  12. hey! well its certainly not my intent to operate outside the law. this outlet is two doors down from the official immigration office and corresponds daily with them. the official office validates all of their work. are you sure its illegal? i will go there this week and see what i can get in response to that and report back!
  13. have to ask, is the "donner" reference a tongue in cheek nod to the donner party?
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