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  1. You say something there. If you are seriously ill, go home .. Then you go back.
  2. I'm still in Norway. but will enjoy myself one day. Stil have to grind, to live my dreams.
  3. I am from a small town in Norway called Drammen. Small town with big salmon river. Only 90,000 people in the city. I am looking for a smaller place in the Philippines and have seen a lot of Talibon in bohol. Thinking it will be where I move. But am curious if there are other nice places I do not know about.i am singel. And want to get marige.
  4. Recommendations I have received that are safe places are cebu dumaguete bohol. Are there other recommendations that are safe and nice place.
  5. And traveling to the Philippines for me is living the life I want. Freedom and without a boss. Self-funded. In a tropical country. Where time stands still. And it's cheap. That's why I'm leaving my country.
  6. Thinking about going to the Philippines and retiring early. I am 45 years old and do not drink and do not smoke. buy local food make a lot at home, rent small apartment in the country. Go to a local church. Live calmly and find friends. Then I wonder if $ 170,000 can hold as the budget. And how many years that sum can last
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