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  1. the "red flag" about flying thru Taiwan is probably wise ? KOREA is probably a better choice. PAL is OK, my big ? there is about getting seats when we need them ( maybe early November ) We might have to choose from what is available ? from any airline ? That was why I was seeking a recommend on a air ticket broker / consolidator ? I was hoping to get them further than the west coast, without having to "switch" airlines. I think some "connect" directly on to Atlanta or perhaps Orlando ? after stopping in LA ? ALL advice welcome. RD
  2. My brother who lives in Houston, and works for IBM He flies direct from Houston to Taiwan, and then flies evergreen to MNL That would work for us also. Houston to FLL would be the final leg
  3. Any such agencies or brokers in the south florida area ? We don't really care which airline, or which "hub" we use ( Taiwan, S Korea etc )
  4. you are about 90% right. It is definitely the fastest way around all the World Court B.S. concerning adoptions, etc But the whole F-1 application process is $$$$ The largest expense of course (besides air fares ) would be that you can NOT send them to public school. Must be PRIVATE (tuition) + it must be SEVIS accredited As concerns the adoption part ? that depends more on individual circumstances ie: safety and well-fare of the children. And that would need to be a very carefully thought out, and legally assisted application ( as we will do ). In any case this would b
  5. My wife ( filipina / US citizen )is going to need to travel to Manila on short notice. We are is the final stages of sponsoring / hosting a young niece on a F-1 visa. My wife will need RT Ft. Laud to MNL and a child's ticket on the return. The dates are unknown ? but will be this year. Please advise on any travel agencies ? or ticket brokers ? that might be able to assist me Thank You, RDD1955
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