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  1. Thanks Mike J, yep. Im glad that i've got learn this site. You all are being helpful in my inquiries.
  2. so that really won't cost that much when sending it to LBC. Guess it is time for me inquire to any outlet branch of LBC not here in my place because it isn't reliable. Maraming salamat po! yep I am concerned of my peanuts getting spoil and rancid. yeah why not! Sta. Rosa is very near so it is for sure the pili can be ship out there in no time well, maybe i can send it to you for free for some of those for now , you just pay for the shipping cost then maybe later you can order lol . and when im already sure or can find a shipper to ship my items to US then i will prepare new freshed and
  3. one more thing, just wanted to know can a 6kg of parcel can they really cost like 11 thousand? Im thanking all for the response. I appreciate it a lot
  4. so that means LBC do shipped to US, just wondering why staff of LBC here in my place rejected my items to be shipped? i was only told US is so strict in receiving parcel. Sorry it is not really a BB boxes, it is an order stuff from me and that includes the pili nuts. Unfortunately until now i can't get a shipper to send my items. it is stock here for 5 days already and if i can't still ship it in time im worried it will get broken or tasteless or something when the client receives the item because for sure on its way it will take time depends on the shipping method. anyways, thanks
  5. wow! thanks for appreciating our products:) only in the philippines preferably bicol. anyways, yep im sending cooked nuts with different flavors together with plastic plants container that is personalized by me so im hoping those kind of items are allowed to ship?
  6. sorry to misinterpret it, its not plants.. its a personalized plants container made of used bottled together with pili nuts if you know that thing :) yep i understand the rules but i guess my item is not dangerous and not a liquid or anything that is prohibited?
  7. Thanks Mike, it is my first time hehe so im trying to figure out how it works so that is why i even joined to a forum :). yep hopefully someone would give an idea :) coz im sending a pili nuts.
  8. also wondering what kind od probihited items that are being restricted?
  9. yeah i have tried to ask LBC if they ship kind of item but they just refused it so now i go to phlpost and ask about me they said yes and do some calculations but i was very surprised about the shipping total cost, it is more then half times i charge the customer for the actual item so i think it is not ideal i will spent more than the profit, doesn;'t make any sense i guess. Selling online and shipped to other country is way harder than i thought. anyways thanks scott for the feedback :)
  10. hey guys, anyone here knows how the shipping works, anyone who had experience to ship a balikbayan box back to their country, if that so hope comeone can help me or suggest me where can i ship my parcel from the philippines to the US? cheaper and reliable way of shipping it. I am planning to send a planters to my client but i was told by the courier staff that they don't allow such things to ship international because they are strict about receiving any parcel. Don;t really have any idea about so i hope someone can help me. Thanks.
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