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  1. Not sure if this it the right area, but here it goes. I am part owner of a 2 story house in Malasiqui. It has a metal roof with wood truss. There are a few leaky spots in the roof, possibly some rot. Wife concerned about it holding up to a typhoon as well as how it will potentially leak into the house and cause more damage. Any ballpark idea on what it would cost to get a roof repaired or replaced? About 1000 sq ft. I mean, like somewhere between $1,000 and $10,000? I have no idea.
  2. I bought a Globe pre-paid SIM from ebay. I got AT&T to unlock the IPhone using the original AT&T SIM and the online process. I wiped the phone, installed Globe SIM, set APN as required. Rebooted. After 15 minutes or so, it came up T-Mobile with a Philippines phone number. Using that number, I was able to download and setup GCash and register it. So I have a Phil activated phone here in Texas. Will try loading it here in a while. As Globe basic account I can not add payment methods so I will use a recharge site as someone was helpful enough to mention earlier. So there are 2 ways I wanted to try this, I wish I had understood more about how Globe works. I registered the SIM and setup Globe in wife's father name, not realizing there had to be an ID check to get the account fully verified on Globe App to add credit card etc. I was going to add our Paypal or a pre-paid credit card so they in turn could get the Globe debit card and use it. However, once activated in his name, I can not change profile information unless fully verified, and trying to verify as my wife with his profile was rejected by Globe. As a note, nothing on the Globe app says you have to be a citizen of Philippines. The other option would be to get another Phil Globe pre-paid SIM, register it as my wife, verify using her ID, get the debit card, ship it all. Seems risky on a lot of levels. I am going to keep it simple and ship it as is with basic Globe acct, they can verify it later and we can add payment methods. I will ship it DHL with insurance, that way if it gets stolen en-route I can get my money back (probably more that if I sold it on ebay). They live in downtown Malasiqui, both parents and her brother and sister-in-law, not a lot of coming and going, someone is always their, they both have iPhones anyway.
  3. Wife has lived here 23 years and did not have a cell in Philippines ever. So you load the phone with an amount of money, then use that load to purchase data and/or minutes?
  4. Yep, looks like it will work. One more question, when recharging, what is the difference between 'data' and 'phone credit'?
  5. Yeah, I was wondering. But while researching, I read a lot of people buy Globe pre-paid sims at Manila airport when they arrive and use them, no one mentioned issues with carrier frequencies?
  6. Yeah, I just happen to always have iPhone and we have a spare since wife upgrades so I would be most familiar with that. I found someone on ebay that sells Philippines sims, so technically I guess I could get that, put it in phone, then they could activate and I could load it from here. May be making things hard on myself that way :) Wife did mention Lazada, we use them sometimes. So, I could buy a phone on say globe from Lazada, then use recharge dot com to charge it when needed. Either way, the missing piece was the recharge site, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ds
  7. Hi, Wife and I live in US (just celebrated our 23rd anniversary!). Her parents are in Pangasinan in North Luzon. Figured I would start here with a cell phone question as I am sure many of you are familiar with how they work in the Philippines. Wire's parents are older and we want to get them a smart phone so they can do Facebook messenger, etc. I personally like iPhones, so that is the direction we are leaning. They DO have internet, so it would be possible to just send them a used iPhone I have and use that, but electric is unreliable and of course they keep turning it off to save electricity. My wife does not trust their maid to help them setup a cell phone as that would involve the maid handling their money and information for purchase and billing etc, as they do not get out much. I would LIKE to get a pre-paid plan, but have us pay the bill, not the parents. Pre-paid also may be an option, but either way I would like to have it setup where the bill gets paid automatically thru some acct. is there a way to get a cellphone setup and pay from US? What are the other options? thanks, ds
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