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  1. Hi everyone... Can I pick your brains please? .... When we are allowed to return, I am wondering which visa I may be able to get... I have been here twice before on visa on arrival.... I know I have to apply here in London in any case but I am wanting to stay as ;long as I can (Minimum three months) I have much to find out re health insurance etc etc. as at my age (74) I cannot afford full health insurance so having to rely on trip insurance that covers me for the three months. I need to check out the requirements for retirement ... I have no lump sum at the bank but have around £2,000 a month coming in (in the UK) Which I might only be able to substantiate with 'Room for rent' contracts plus pension.... Would I need to show that going into a Filipino bank or would a online bank card suffice ... I use 'Starling Bank' which is not a high street one....Hmmmm am I complex or what ha ha ha ....I will be grateful for any good advice please, Thank you...
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