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  1. Considering the size of China's economy, I wouldn't doubt it. Don't know what that has to do with the quality of the information. Also, I don't understand what you would have against World organizations except that their views might not match those of some US political organizations. Considering the current political climate in the US, I'd much rather trust information from one of those 'world' organizations than anything coming out of the States. I'm in the Philippines, and one big reason for that is American politics. And this just makes me scratch my head. Sure, Berkley is a liberal college and it has been since....forever. How could that possibly impact the quality of, say, the Berkley Research Department (which they are famous for), Math, or Technology departments? unless, once again, this has to do with a political position. Berkley is one of the oldest research colleges in the western states if not in the entire USA and is ranked #30 for colleges across the globe. If my daughter got a free ticket to study there, I'd be buying her a plane ticket in a heartbeat. No, your observations were about the USA, as is evidenced by your specific referral to deaths in the USA. And your implication in that statement was that the average age of death from Covid in the US and the general average of death are the same, so why worry. The reality is that out of the 203,043 deaths directly attributable to Covid 19 infection in the US through Oct 14, 2020, 69,394 were people aged 45 to 64. Thats more than a third.
  2. The National Academy of Sciences has an article on Covid mortality that the poster and any readers who are curious about the true mortality impacts might consider interesting. https://www.pnas.org/content/117/36/22035 Also regarding worldwide poverty levels...Worldbank.org has some really good data. https://blogs.worldbank.org/opendata/updated-estimates-impact-covid-19-global-poverty-effect-new-data I think that after doing some research, even if you don't like my links, you will find that the posters claims are slightly exaggerated.
  3. BTW, BP is 110/80 although they sometimes comment on the strange brown color when they draw for testing...
  4. I have a good burr grinder and a good coffee maker so I could grind beans if needed. I like espresso, but mainly what I want is some fresh but already ground beans that aren't flavored - and I'd really like something from the Philippines. I could have my daughter send me Stumptown Hairbender if it came to it. Barako huh? OK I'll look for that - thanks! Rob, that's only 1.5 gallons? That's the size of my cup...my coffee pot needs to be a little larger...
  5. The Philippines is a coffee producing country, so why is it that when I go to the grocery store, no only are there no coffee filters, but the only 'coffee' available is instant??!! BLEH Anyone have any suggestions for some decent, local, real-not-instant coffee? (Please dont say buy it at Starbucks ) - I'm in Ormoc City and thanks for the ideas
  6. The people saying the end result will be the same are the people who would make it that way. Of course it's going to be the same if people forget or ignore their protections. Masks, distancing, lockdown suck, and they suck more when your neighbors ignore them and spread things around because they think they are clean of infection. Two active cases in Ormoc right now and one is a police officer who ignored his protections and brought it in from Tacloban where he wasn't supposed to be. Point is, the measures we use to protect against the pandemic take everyone working together to be effective. This is, unfortunately, not the state of things.
  7. The process for controlling a pandemic including masks, social distancing, and lockdown is nothing new. Any time I read something like this, especially in the politically charged world in which many of us live, I just review in my mind what happened in 1919 with the Spanish flu- the 'original' H1N1 virus. There's so much fake news out there that id rather trust history than any news outlets that post stuff like this - especially when the other content they display with it makes it obvious the message is a political one.
  8. Washington state is great, but if you park yourself in Vancouver Wa, you'll get the low income tax advantage and can also drive 10 minutes into Oregon for the no sales tax advantage. Moderate weather year round, no poisonous anything, lots of great outdoor activities, great home prices. I've lived all over the states, and haven't found better
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