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  1. As I said I've had similar experiences in my own culture and thanks for sharing your experiences
  2. I was also, but in the 60's they were what was happening locally in southern Ontario.
  3. Ronnie Hawkins [still alive today at 85]was considered the Canadian Elvis and band members Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson went on to become major players in 'The Band" And Smith and the Power were also big in southern Ontario during that time
  4. You look a little younger than me, but do you remember Ronnie Hawkins and Grant Smith and the Powers
  5. Ya, I got you. When I look in the mirror I ask, who the hell is that. Still love hotrods and old music. My home town is London, Ontario. When you say near Toronto, where?
  6. Sorry, if your feathers got ruffled by me, for just having a little fun with 1 of your countrymen. As a Canadian growing up in the 50's and 60's, I never used the term, EH! or Takeoff! and yet you see it used all the time in movies and tv. And now, whenever I'm talking to a Canuck, I use it and other phrases I never used before and they think I never left Canada. Go figure
  7. GeoffH, Where's the translator button on this page, EH! ..Went to an expats gathering this afternoon here in CDO, at the Kingston Lodge in the uptown area. Danny the owner is an Aussie also.. Had to be at least 6 Aussies there, telling tails and fixing what's wrong with the world. And I had some really good fish & chips [Aussie, English, Canadian style]
  8. You disguise your Australian accent very well. You never once said mate or gday or cooey or Sheila or put a shrimp on the barbie.. LOL. ..I've pretty much lost my Canadian accent, except if I'm around fellow Canucks and I fall right back into it, Eh!!
  9. I'm just the opposite, GeoffH. Never lived in a town smaller than 200,000, but I like to keep my distance from the inner city, it's way too hectic. On Nat'l Hwy during peek traffic, it can take close to an hr. to go 5 km... Even though uptown CDO is getting more crowded than it was 10 yrs ago, when we 1st tried to retire here, it's still much better than downtown.
  10. GeoffH, I hope I'm not being too nosy to ask, when you say uptown is the other side of the city to you, where is the area of your home?
  11. Nat'l Hwy in Kauswagan, by SaveMore people were waist deep. Uptown is by SM and Xavier Estates etc. and the roads didn't have any standing water
  12. GeoffH, The pic I showed was on Nat'l Hwy in front of Giasano and Ayala mall in downtown CDO. You can't get anymore downtown than that.
  13. Freebie, I wanted to go the taxi route, when we 1st got here. I figured we could take a taxi once a day for 10 yrs, before it would equal the cost of a new car. Decided against it, just because of the virus. We were carrying a bottle of alcohol everywhere, afraid that someone with covid was in the car before us. As for the cops, or RTC here in CDO that booted my car at the hospital, I found that the colorful paper I carry in my pocket, solved the problem nicely.
  14. If you don't learn to be aggressive, you'll find yourself waiting for an invitation, that never comes.
  15. Freebie, are you saying those are the things that you do, or that it's what you see others do
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