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  1. Thanks, it will be a deciding factor to get that solved first for sure,since its a lifetime treatment. There is other options i can use, but at least now i know where to focus my research! Its Covid after all, so i have lots of time to figure things out
  2. The one meds im mostly nervous about is Nebido (its an anabolic steroid, so it might not be common in PH at all) I do have prescription on it here in Norway, but here i pay about PHP6500 every 2 months
  3. Don't get me wrong, i take any input into account, there is how ever many reasons for one to have PTSD My therapist agrees that a complete change of scenery / simplifying of my life will probably do me good
  4. Im really looking to simplify things, so far the idea is to get a decent 1B apartment / studio. As for food, chicken and rice home cooked is my favorite. Im not much of a drinker and don't party, a couple of beers and im good. Phone and internet is of course something i would like to keep, so i can stay in touch with the life back home
  5. PTSD, so there is some medicine, but it's not a big expense (but for all i know, it might be in PH?)
  6. Regarding the financials, i imagine i would get more pr $ than i do here in Norway anyway 😂 The health situation requires very little to no medical care, so any expenses there would be if i break an arm or something similar 😂
  7. Hmm, this is a valid point. As a Norwegian its easy to forget that a stay at a hospital costs money
  8. Thanks for the reply, so far the idea is to make use of something like airbnb for a few months, to see if i like it there or not. And selling my house and possessions i have no use for should give me some savings that i plan to have as a backup /emergency
  9. Hey all. Im currently looking to relocate to a new Country (well, atleast when this covid situation is more under control) . Quick backstory: im a 36 years old male from Norway, living on disability money from the state (roughly $2000 a month) Im a modest man that doesn't require luxury, but a decent lifestyle in western eyes would be preferable. So far my research has set my eye on philippines due to a warmer climate and cheaper living. Cebu seems like a viable option, would my budget be enough (again, roughly $2000 usd) Any and all information or tips is very much welc
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