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  1. Historical backround on Morong: Morong is the site of the last Cavalry charge of the U.S. Army (and U.S. military). The charge was by the U.S. Army 26th Cavalry (Philippine Scouts). It pushed advancing Japanese back across the Morong river. At the outbreak of the war, the cavalry of the 26th was the elite unit. The charge was led by Lt. Ramsey (who went on to become a prominent guerilla leader after the fall of Bataan). I had been in Morong many times "back in the day". In fact I got my jeep stuck in the middle of the Morong River on my first visit. I only recently learned of the historical significance of the site after reading "The Twilight Riders" by Peter F. Stevens.
  2. He redeemed himself on the remark about "the branded phone."!
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