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  1. Hands down the most creative birthday balloons I have ever seen, Sir! Enjoy your bday! When a man has a Filipina in his life, he has everything he will ever need to be happy. We are lucky men indeed.
  2. Yes, the Unionbank app allows what they call scheduled transfers. You can set up the amount, the frequency or day it will be executed.
  3. Bank transfers on a standing order (automatic execution every month) are actually possible. Even without automation, at least half of the Philippine banks including mine (Unionbank) have mobile apps that allow to make payments to other banks via at least two major payment gateways (see screen below). I guess the postdated cheques is yet another one of those ancient traditions that stick around because people are more familiar with it, they have been doing it for ages. A paper cheque is something one can hold, as opposed to a future bank transaction which may magically appear...or not
  4. That's true in Manila, too. I had initially proposed my tenant a 6-month contract but he wouldn't accept. He said he wanted to make a home out of his new place and he did have a point. In a normal situation, a tenant of that kind (nice guy, works as an IT Manager at ADB) would be someone one would want to keep for years. Being a Filipino and on a maximum budget of 30K, I knew I would never be able to get the full value of the unit (55/60k) until the pandemic is over. Now I have to hope that, by next November, this whole thing will be over and Ortigas will be teeming with Koreans, Chinese
  5. Postdated cheques are the norm here but have little more than symbolic value, as they can always bounce. When renting in Davao, the landlord was a friend of mine (from a prominent Filipino family) and I would transfer money to his bank account every month. When renting in Makati, I was in a position to pay 6 months or 12 months cash in advance, so I could negotiate a discount. I have recently rented my first investment property here in Ortigas and I have received the usual 11 postdated cheques from my first tenant. However my guarantee is not the cheques, it's the fact that he has a stabl
  6. Fantastic explanation @GeoffH, now I finally know why
  7. Oh I see. For residential usage I think your setup is pretty good!
  8. 2000 PHP or about 45 USD a month for a 25 Mbps connection is quite expensive by European standards. It kind of confirms that Internet is relatively expensive down under (Telstra a monopoly?)
  9. What's "fiber hybrid"? Fiber on download and ADSL on upload? I agree, P6000 a month just for the Internet connection is something no household should need or afford. I am basically using it as a business connection, since I work from my home office all the time. I probably don't need 300 Mbit all the time but if there were problems on average once a week, like I used to have with Globe when I was in Davao, I would be in trouble with my clients.
  10. By the way, Philippine companies often fail to provide basic service but credit should be given when it's due. Since I moved here to this place in Ortigas, with fiber in the building, and subscribed to the PLDT Home Fibr, I had virtually zero trouble with my Internet connection, both in speed and reliability. I sometimes hear problems from my colleagues and friends in the UK and Italy who are largely working from home and wonder about the real state of residential Internet connectivity. It has always been blazing fast when downloading large files, very smooth and responsive connectin
  11. You are right. Actually, PLDT changes the offering once or twice a year. When I signed up for my plan, Home Fibr 6099 was called if memory serves me, the Google Mesh were included. I told them I didn't need them but they came for free, so didn't have much of a choice. They might have made them optional on some of the mid-to-high range packages. As an IT person, for those who are building a new house, I would strongly recommend investing a few thousand extra pesos in having Ethernet Cat 6A running into the walls. It's much superior than WiFi and ideal for those who work from home from
  12. I get the full speed of the connection, which right now is around 300 Mbps download/upload. The only way I can get close to that speed on WiFi is if I connect to the 5G hotspot of my router and I no farther than 3 meters apart from the antennas. I tried the Google mesh but it doesn't support 5 GHz, only standard 2.4. The maximum speed I observed was between 90 and 100 Mbps, so I disconnected them shortly after.
  13. I also had the 3 x Google mesh repeaters as part of my package (Home Fibr 250 Mbit/s, which I use to work everyday). I live in a small condo and my work PC is connected to a LAN cable, to get the maximum speed possible all the time. They are a decent solution for moderate speeds (50-80 Mbit/s) but they tend to be a bit location-dependent. However PLDT offers them for free so...good idea to use them
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