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  1. My wife was supposed to travel back to the Philippines last April on PAL booked through an online travel site. We were one of the lucky ones to get a refund relatively quickly (30 days) but it took hours on hold and more time talking to people with no power to do anything.
  2. I don't see SRRV on there only SIRV. The "investor" visa. It appears Balikbayan is back. I would hate to have to convince an airline that that was ok without an actual visa though I'm sure it can be done.
  3. Does anyone use Google Fi? It's a little pricey but it would be good for the times that you need a US number that is actually tied to your phone when you are in the Philippines.
  4. Her shadow falls down a set of stairs me thinks...When she shakes he tailfeathers over to the side you can see the whole thing...
  5. Ah, leave it up. It breaks the monotony of TerryP replies to TerryP's topic in the Activity tab ;-)
  6. I know. I looked at the price of a Hiace. Don't think I'll be throwing some ox dung in the back))))
  7. Has anyone had any experience with a Multi Cab in the Philippines? My wife is an avid gardener so when we move there in 1-2 years we would like to have something fitting for light agricultural duty. It wouldn't probably be used for any long distance driving just putzing around and carrying lightish loads.
  8. My wife keeps a large vegetable and flower garden here in the States. She is a pro. I am just the soil, seed and fertilizer carrier)) Her only lament is that the growing season is too short here.
  9. Fiance visa. She arrived 03-2019. Absolutely smooth process. No problems. Now with Covid the process is a mess.
  10. If I was starting now living in country I would probably use a mixture of online and personal meetings.
  11. Plus, I had specific requirements that would have taken forever to sort out cold in country. Age in the low 30's, no children and didn't want to have children.
  12. I just don't think two or three weeks is enough time to find a partner in country starting cold with out communicating first. My wife and I communicated on the site for one day and quickly transferred to messenger. I visited a total of 4 times--two or three weeks at a time before she came here. Haven't sent her back and she hasn't run away yet))))
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