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  1. I just found out that my FEHB Blue Cross/Blue Shield pays in the Philippines. It seems to be a well established setup. That's a great thing for my retirement.
  2. Yep, I am starting to like these color coded releases. Nice and simple.
  3. Yep, I don't want to have to spend 14 days sitting in my underwear in the provincial high school waiting to clear quarantine)))) The requirements vary so much from place to place.
  4. I'll be testing this out after the first of the year. We were in the process of getting our documents together for the 9a. Thank goodness we won't have to do that now.
  5. Thanks for the answers. Yes, I have noticed that rent prices have come down a lot. The problem is that they have made it more difficult to open a bank account in the Philippines on a tourist visa. I guess I can have my wife open one until I have my ducks in a row and can open an account myself. You would think that in the Capital area you would have some forward thinking landlords who would use more modern methods for rent collection. Sorry, just made myself chuckle.))
  6. I guess my question is has anybody given postdated checks from a US bank?
  7. I see this requirement on most rentals in the Capitol Region. Is that applicable for foreigners, too? Are there options to get around it? I am open to paying a years rent in advance but only for a reduction in the monthly rent. What are other's experience with this?
  8. Welcome Paul. Relatively new member and Navy vet here. Looking forward to your insights. My wife is from Salug, ZDN. Directly west from you.
  9. What is your avg speed through the ethernet connection? Do you get full speed?
  10. Yep, zero chance of this happening in my wife's coastal jungle baranguy in ZDN.
  11. Bought a couple of these "towels of opportunity" walking around Cebu from a woman. Always good to wipe off the sweat. At least she was trying.
  12. I tried having the end of life discussions with my wife. She gets upset and will not even talk about it. I am only 56 but I do feel my superpowers weakening every year)))) We do not plan on having children together so that simplifies things a little.
  13. I think they will open the SRRV up again. They will raise the age limits and maybe put a percentage limit per country. Raising the age to 45 or 50 would cut back on the Chinese casino group. "As of Dec. 31, 2019, the PRA recorded a total of 70,520 retirees in the Philippines. Of which, around 26,969 are Chinese nationals who are also holders of SRRV including principal retirees as well as their spouses and dependents. On the other hand, of the total active principal retirees, around 40% or 10,813 are Chinese with 54% of them in the 35 to 49 age group. The Chinese nationals
  14. I only eat two meals here in the States-lunch and supper. When I'm in the Philippines I eat three meals a day but much, much less at each sitting. I'm also much more physically active there than at home. I always lose weight.
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