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  1. Yep, for 250,000 +/- you can get a multicab. Which for me is much more preferable.
  2. Hilarious)))) "Do we have better needles here in the Philippines or something." My favorite.
  3. My wife and I are fully vaccinated. I know I will not be going back until ALL of the Philippines is quarantine free.
  4. I tried explaining this to my wife. Judging from the look she gave me I might as well have been trying to explain the Theory of Relativity))))
  5. My wife said. "Look the crown doesn't even fit her head." She was not a fan of Miss Mexico))). We both felt Miss Peru or Miss India should have won. Usually I don't have in interest in such things but when you are married to a Filipina your options are limited.)))
  6. In my limited experience the only peace and quiet I had in the Philippines was when we stayed in a high rise condo. Whenever we stayed in a house, either in the province or the city, the environment was always noisy. I am struggling with this decision when we move there. I know my wife would rather live in a house in the province but I like the pre-covid convenience of condo living. Particularly I like to swim and exercise and it is much more convenient in a condo environment. Noise pollution is the biggest negative for me about living in the Philippines full time.
  7. The boss is the designated long line stander. She seems to like it) I just go find a place to sit down and people watch.
  8. I had planned on using the SRRV when I retire. But with this debacle it looks like it is the 13A for me.
  9. Definitely "Still on Patrol." Too deep as Yeochief said.
  10. When we are at her family home in the province my wife will gather the neighborhood girls together and play Chinese Garter (kind of a high jump-jump rope combo). My wife is in excellent shape for 33 so it provides motivation for me to stay in shape, too. I follow mostly a keto diet and it has a big positive effect on how I feel.
  11. I feel really sorry for the students he is giving a lecture to in the photo on his FB page. ))
  12. In the Philippines I think you could find a 20x20 meter island with one palm tree on it and think you have found paradise. By the next morning at 6am someone will have set up a sari sari store blasting Karaoke. My wife is from western Mindanao where some of the Abu Sayyaf related abductions took place. I never felt unsafe there but there are some basic precautions one should take. Have you been to the Philippines before?
  13. I have been in the middle of the jungle in Mindanao and there are always people popping up out of nowhere. The most privacy and peace I have had in the Philippines were in high rises in Manila and Cebu. I don't know where you are from in the EU but I think I could find a private and peaceful place there easier than I could in the Philippines.
  14. Not taxable. Just think of it as an extra refund.
  15. My favorite is the guy who actually gets crucified...I don't believe in anything that much))
  16. "Hot Pursuit." Someone has been watching too many Western movies))))
  17. The boss and I received the third stimulus deposit on 03-16-21. Getting married in 2019 was one of the best decisions I have made. Without my wife I would not have been eligible for the stimulus at all))))
  18. Yep, everything we ship is a "book" or "clothes" )))))
  19. Is this the guy who made the policeman cry? He needed a good rogering with a nightstick.
  20. Yep, I used to build PCs with my sons and for myself as a hobby. It has been a few years since I built one. Decided last month to build a new Ryzen system. Sweat was dripping off my forehead, my hands were shaking and I was swearing like a sailor (wait I was a sailor :-) ). When I swear my wife says that I am speaking German)))) System runs fine but it was not an enjoyable experience like it used to be. I think I will retire as a system builder and just buy Thinkpads from now on.
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