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  1. There is also a fascination of taking photos of the dead at funerals or the dead waiting for processing by a funeral home. There was a kano who died a few years ago. His grief stricken partner took photos of him after death in the emergency room and plastered them on facebook and youtube. I told the boss if she did that to me I would haunt her for the rest of her life))
  2. All my banks have email as an option for 2FA except the one where I have the most funds. Ughh. I have 10 months until I retire. Time enough to consolidate. Using SMS for 2FA is bonkers.
  3. I read somewhere that they are trying to pay off creditors with unfinished properties.
  4. A lot of teachers are probably mid level leaders in the various pyramid schemes/"wealth" opportunities that plague the Philippines. It is a national scourge.
  5. That's why when we are out and about in the Philippines my wife is the "Queen of the Little Peso." That is all she carries in her purse--small bills. I am the one to carry carry any sizable peso bills zipped in my front cargo short pockets. If there is any sale shopping to be done she goes it alone will I sit in the courtyard or food court sipping coffee or San Miguel)))
  6. No one is going to have their mind changed as a result of this thread.
  7. I tried to type it and it kept changing to President President. Thought I was losing my mind for a second)))
  8. My best man at my first wedding and high school best friend is an assistant vice president for actuarial services at one of the world's largest financial firms. He fell in with a group that believes that the election was fake and the real President (he who shall not be mentioned) was actually still running the country from a secret military base. This was right after the election. Some of his school mates were pleading with him to come back to reality. When I mentioned I was getting the vaccine in March he pleaded with me not to get the vaccine as it was destroying women's menstrual cycles. Even if true I really don't know what that had to do with me))) All this was coming from one of the most rational people I have ever known. Sad and a little bit scary.
  9. It is a catchy acronym))) Mutual self help can be a positive thing. I would probably check it out if there was a group close to where we'll be living.
  10. My wife is playing the long con))))
  11. We gave him some good advice STT. Now if he listens is another thing)) I told him to expect a dying caribou any day...
  12. It seems I get the final say in just about everything but this. The boss is steadfastly against cremation. I really don't care one way or the other. If I die in the US I will be buried in a Vet Cemetery. If in the Philippines I'm sure we will have private plots. Do they make coffins for 6'3" Kanos?))
  13. Yep. I think the money lost is relative as it sound like he absorbed the loss with little difficulty. Some guys get duped out of their entire retirement stash and get kicked to the curb. I personally would have had to let her go after I found out but her having a child changes everything. She has the hooks in good. Her family coached her well.
  14. Yep, for 250,000 +/- you can get a multicab. Which for me is much more preferable.
  15. Hilarious)))) "Do we have better needles here in the Philippines or something." My favorite.
  16. My wife and I are fully vaccinated. I know I will not be going back until ALL of the Philippines is quarantine free.
  17. I tried explaining this to my wife. Judging from the look she gave me I might as well have been trying to explain the Theory of Relativity))))
  18. My wife said. "Look the crown doesn't even fit her head." She was not a fan of Miss Mexico))). We both felt Miss Peru or Miss India should have won. Usually I don't have in interest in such things but when you are married to a Filipina your options are limited.)))
  19. In my limited experience the only peace and quiet I had in the Philippines was when we stayed in a high rise condo. Whenever we stayed in a house, either in the province or the city, the environment was always noisy. I am struggling with this decision when we move there. I know my wife would rather live in a house in the province but I like the pre-covid convenience of condo living. Particularly I like to swim and exercise and it is much more convenient in a condo environment. Noise pollution is the biggest negative for me about living in the Philippines full time.
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