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  1. ONJ was my idea of the perfect woman when I was a teenager. Xanaduuuuuuu......RIP.
  2. I remember when I was searching on line when I met my wife. You had to ghost some women. They were relentless and emotional when you tried to let them down rationally and easily. One of the things I really like about my wife is she just doesn't get tampo...thank goodness.
  3. People fall out of love all of the time. Do the right thing if you don't want to be married any more for F's sake.
  4. Good man. They'll have you riding a Honda Click in no time! ;-)
  5. I lived in the Seattle area from 1984-1989 (Silverdale). I loved it there but it seems the political environment has changed so much now.
  6. Money and land....and a 50% business deal with a Filipina. What could go wrong?
  7. baronapart

    Hey Joe

    I kind of take it as a compliment. For all the GI's that passed through during WWII. My father in law talks about how the rural schools had GIs teaching English after the war. Apparently he had some extensive contact with the American military in Mindanao. He shocked the family by busting out some pretty good English while talking to me.
  8. I told my wife if a ferry goes down she would make a perfect floatation device for me. She was only semi-amused.
  9. I wanted to reply with both a laughing and crying emoticon....
  10. My wife showed me a story this morning from Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte about a truck whose brakes failed and crashed head on into an ambulance carrying a pregnant woman and a midwife. All people in both vehicles were killed.
  11. When I am with her family they almost always wait until I take the first bite of any meal to start eating. Also, they usually ask me if I want the last piece of whatever we are eating. It seems to make them happy...
  12. Cherry Blossoms 2017. Made 8 trips to the Philippines 2017-2019. She is from Zamboanga del Norte, Mindanao. We met in Manila on my first trip. Then subsequent trips to Cebu, Dipolog, Dapitan and the coastal areas of ZDN. Married April 2019. My life has been so much better since I met her.
  13. Please let us know how this goes. I am contemplating the same...
  14. Excellent advise here. Especially about foreigners in her FB. That was always an auto-next for me. Really, that is key...never be afraid to just walk away if something doesn't feel right. No matter how much time or money you may have put in.
  15. When I met my wife she and her friends were still dabbing baby powder on their faces to look whiter :-/
  16. He's just a guy that ended up in the wrong forum. There are better places for him to ask his questions. I think we have all bumped into guys trying to do some variation of what the OP wants to do.
  17. Thanks, it always helps to be reminded of impending disaster))
  18. I agree. I have never been asked for it at immigration. They always seem completely indifferent. But I did see a guy get skewered by the airlines and denied boarding. You think they would want someone to come for a defined 60 day vacation. **shrugs**
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