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  1. Dear all, - Anyone knows why i can't contact the Admin? - How do i stop a member from following me? Is this possible?
  2. Yes. Members started expanding on things and providing useful info, that you probably seen dozens of times already. Yes please; topic can be closed.
  3. The island thing is just to be away from confusion until i settle so i got the info i need. Thanks for pointing Starlink. It could as you mentioned make it possible to work in the middle of a nice beachfront or a mangrove forest
  4. Hi Howie, That depends if their work is dependent on fast internet access or not... My work relies on good internet connection! Without it i cannot earn my living to be able to live in the Philippines!
  5. Dear HK, I spoke to a filipino friend and recall saying dumaguete was one of the biggest cities but not as crowded and thought lloilo was smaller. Need to do my research better... Will def consider Globe, and start with smaller plan, and increase to 500mpbs if needed. Hope they are in plenty of neighborhoods in dumaguete or mindanao.
  6. For a city not as crowded or developed as dumaguete (correct me if i'm wrong) that's actually quite impressive. And like i said, if PLTD exist in your area, with a fiber business plan you can go up to 500mbps.
  7. I realized i need to be very careful about the Filipino connections i make. One house agent i spoke with a few times said opening a bank account is no problem. Even if its not possible "i have a backup plan with my local bank for that", where i can get very low interest rates to withdraw money anytime i need. I have it all figured out! If visa extension does not provide me with all things i need, my plan is to apply (in the future) for a Retirement Visa. And even if things don't work out etc i can always return back home. The light skin cream analogy you gave was funny! I know
  8. Oh, that would be impossible to do any work me :) Where are you located if it's OK to ask?
  9. Yes boracay is super nice! I am looking at Dumaguete, Mindanao, Pampanga. And i will be able to get decent speed there. Probably a good idea to live in a foreigner neighborhood. That was a very good point actual. Glad you mentioned it. Thanks! :)
  10. I know what you're saying! I am thinking about Dumaguete, Mindanao, or Pampanga. The idea for the island 1st is not to pay two rents, cos when i'm in either city i will rent, so an escape for an island will be pure holiday getaway for some weeks and then return. For now i just want suggestions for a nice island to visit with internet. Nothing else! Maybe i'll just stick with Siquijor or El Nido.
  11. In a major cities in some areas where you get https://pldthome.com/ you can have a business plan and up to 300mbps fiber. This is true as i have a contact who confirmed.
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