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  1. Shol, Is the letter you posted the letter from the Filipina spouse to the B.I. commisioner requesting a 13A for her husband or is that letter something new because of the no interview ruling? Also, the top of that letter is hard to read. What does it say after both of legal age and Filipino.... Thank You
  2. Frank, As I mentioned in an earlier post, A Filipina I know very well here met a guy from America online July 2020. Late August 2021 they married online, I attended the zoom wedding, he arrived here in the Philippines last week on a 9a visa (married to a Filipina). Less than 2 months from wedding till he arrived here. The 2 lovebirds are VERY happy. It can be done.
  3. My friends husband arrived in the Philippines today on a 9a visa. He has 6 nights in quarantine and then he can finally meet his bride of 2 months.
  4. Commenting on what I think of the Australian government since Covid would get me permanently banned.
  5. Interesting stuff, thanks. I have been living in the Philippines full time for 10 years using my sisters house in NY to get mail. The house is sold and she is moving out of state so I guess I am "moving" too. I will most likely end up with a Florida or N. Carolina address and drivers license. Will I be considered a resident of my new address if I am living in the Philippines? Can NY still consider me a resident and try to collect taxes from me if I have no address and don't really reside there? All interesting questions that I guess need to be answered.
  6. Control the people. Control Control Control. Almost as bad as Australia.
  7. Correct, they have never met because of Covid. Every flight he had was cancelled. I was married in the states. We filed the marriage with the consulate in NY so we are registered in the Philippines as married and have legal PSA stamped marriage certificates. As is stands now, a foreigner needs a PSA marriage cert or a PSA birth cert for a child with his name as the father sent to a Philippine consulate in America to get a 9a tourist visa to come be with his family. And as far as I am concerned NO ONE should be able to offload someone who has paid for their flight, paid for their hotel and has money in their pocket and is on their way to a vacation they earned. The officials could care less about trafficking, they just say you cant go because they can. It is what you see here all the time...NO NO NO. It is about control. That's the way it works here. Control the people.
  8. If you have good internet then you can buy an IPTV box and have more channels than u know what to do with.
  9. 100% Pilot Error but they need to blame the aircraft because, well, it's the Philippines.
  10. I have a friend in this situation now. Filipina, here in the Philippines met an American online. They married using the Utah online wedding and are trying to meet. Right now she could legally travel to Israel or Maldives. Both countries are accepting vaccinated tourists and no visa is needed. Many people don't know that Filipinos can travel to Israel with no visa. There is no Balikbayan visas now from what I understand. As with everything here, the rules mean nothing and the foreigner who comes here trying to get in is at the mercy of the immigration officer they hand their passport to. As we all know, the other issue is the Filipina being offloaded when they try to leave. It is ILLEGAL but rules mean nothing when a jealous official tells a citizen if I can't go you can't go. This REALLY pisses me off. I told her to get a copy of the marriage certificate and register it here with the PSA. Then get a copy of the PSA marriage certificate and send it to the husband where he can apply at the consulate for a visa to enter the Philippines since he is married to a Filipina. We are trying to get a 7 day Christian tour in Israel set up and paid for and a letter from her church that this is a pilgrimage. Maybe she won't get offloaded. This covid crap is a lot of B.S. It is all about control now but thats for another thread.
  11. Try this... SHYLLE ECHIPARE SRRV Application related concerns: Pending and Pre-processing etc. 0918-6731414 [email protected]
  12. I was always taught that if you earn it, OWN IT. The Philippines earned it. The education here is atrocious. But as usual they don't want to own up to anything. Its never their fault and they are never responsible. And now top it off with 2 years of module B******t I don't think I can stay here knowing my kids will never get educated.
  13. Texas, no state income tax. SMART!!!!!!!!!
  14. I will have to start looking for a service in Florida where there is no state tax. I do remember ready stories of some states hounding people who moved to new states to pay up. You can't have ANYTHING in the old state that still shows residency including your drivers license. What state are you moving to On My Way?
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