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  1. Try this... SHYLLE ECHIPARE SRRV Application related concerns: Pending and Pre-processing etc. 0918-6731414 [email protected]
  2. I was always taught that if you earn it, OWN IT. The Philippines earned it. The education here is atrocious. But as usual they don't want to own up to anything. Its never their fault and they are never responsible. And now top it off with 2 years of module B******t I don't think I can stay here knowing my kids will never get educated.
  3. Texas, no state income tax. SMART!!!!!!!!!
  4. I will have to start looking for a service in Florida where there is no state tax. I do remember ready stories of some states hounding people who moved to new states to pay up. You can't have ANYTHING in the old state that still shows residency including your drivers license. What state are you moving to On My Way?
  5. Can you use the addresses these services provide to show residency? I would be interested in that to avoid state income taxes on Social Security once I start collecting. There could be a big savings as Florida has no state income tax. I would think changing all mail to a service in Florida along with my drivers license would be good enough to show residency.
  6. https://www.philstar.com/business/2021/04/05/2088867/economic-outlook-turns-bad-worse?fbclid=IwAR0vtv7GrmQQgQoFULuiOf6Ca6uqw8QeAGzEm1MgImpvhIK9uWLtuMFxS6Y
  7. Yes, too many zeros. They borrowed 10 BILLION dollars last year once the virus arrived. That is 485,535,000,000.00 pesos. My family never did get our bag of rice and can of sardines. Na Saan ang pera?
  8. The Philippine government in the last year has borrowed 500,000,000,000,000 pesos. You would think they could buy some PPE equipment for the frontliners with it. Where is the money?
  9. Thanks, Looking at the online form, I don't see any reason why she is not eligible for the N-600K. As I see it, we just use our permanent mailing address back home and all mail will go there. No need for the embassy to get involved as we have a visa already. Thanks
  10. Adopted daughter is 10. Adoption dated over 2 years ago. She has a Philippine passport with our last name. Passport has a 10 year multiple entry visa to the states. We were all in the states last year. I am a US citizen. Wife is a dual citizen. We live in Zambalas. Wife lived in the states for 10 years. I am starting to fill out the N-600K paperwork. Does any paperwork get sent to the embassy here from the states? We already have a visa so I don't know what the process is. Has anyone been thru this before? Thanks, Jack.
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